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“Chin up, chest out!” – An exceptional debut video from up ‘n coming Cape Town hip hop crew Purple Hearts. Now can you imagine how good they’re gonna be when they stop rapping with those fong kong American accents?

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  1. mega-douche says:

    they’re soldiers!? fuck my ass redraw! Jesus, what is it with hip-hop and all the hard-man posturing. Look forward to some original thought/work from these copasetic young’uns y’all, know-whadd-im-saying.

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  2. Andy says:

    Still it’s a great single shot music video… dem yoots!

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  3. mega-douche says:

    @ Andy, tru da yo! Now if they’da done the one-shot backwards, I’d be givin’ props to da max, ya hear! Either way, cool that the kids are getting it done. respect.

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  4. ingamla yasekapa says:

    That’s actually a flipping cool video, and track – nice one dudes!!

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  5. isikhokho says:

    frikken amazing video!!!! really well done!

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  6. JM Koet$ee says:

    Song’s a bit meh, but yeah, props to the video.

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  7. Phumlani says:

    almost cool video, really really really shitty song!

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  8. Buchu says:

    Great video, the rappers almost succeed in totally ruining it.
    Would’ve been great to see a more talented/mature group teaming up
    with these talented filmmakers.

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  9. ES says:

    Its funny how the shittiest “artists” seem to push hardest to find the means to get their shit out. The truly talented often seem to be sitting around waiting to be recognised.

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  10. fuckhaters.com says:

    why ya’ll hating?? DANG!

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  11. 'stock kid says:

    yeh these younguns certainly got something going here
    I dont think they quite aimin at the mahala crowd anyways so doubt they really care if you think its kak. lots of people are gonna dig this.
    It may not be at all edgy and totally original but its totally catchy and I can hear them playin it on Goodhope and it makin these boys popular with other younguns.

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  12. Sam says:

    The reason hip hop is dead.

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  13. Nigga please says:

    Reason hip hop is dead…lol

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