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Do you work in PR or marketing? Bill Hicks has a message for you.

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  1. tumi.j says:

    This would be funnier if there wasn’t a Nike banner ad befouling the site like a stream of corporate piss…Nike Revolutionaries, yeah right. I’m sure those Malaysian kids stapling soles for ten cents a day in stewing basements chained to workbenches really appreciate the solidarity Mahala….hypocrites.

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  2. Carol Reed says:

    Tumi J has just opened it right up.

    I wonder if the trees and air appreciate your solidarity to the environment while your continue to use electricity and petrol to befoul the air. And that cheap Chinese t-shirt you wear?

    I think we should all pay a subscription to Mahala so that it can continue to be free.

    We are all complicit.

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  3. djf says:

    Very eloquent Carol, but how about rather sticking with that sponsorship and readers continuing to bombard the site with anti-corporate and anti-exploitation viewpoints? Andy can stick to the Old Mutual bashing as well. There’s something quite poetic about the corporate world sponsoring their own persecution and transformation, no?

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  4. Phalafala says:

    No one can begrudge Mahala for making money. Selling ads is the business model and as long as the content remains unrestricted and honest, I don’t see it as a problem. just a necessity

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  5. Carol Reed says:

    Hey, I don’t give a fuck really, as long as the corporate isn’t into dodgy shit, make them pay.

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