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Jaak Paarl, who?


Riding high on the back of you know who, we’re going to see a lot of fresh new original Fletse stuff like this…

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  1. Tomas says:

    This dude collaborates with “you know who” on the track Wie maak i jol vol? C’mon

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  2. Tomas says:

    He kills it

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  3. Don Dada says:

    Jaak is one of the Sickest Fletse Rappers out there right now – kak funy and kak talented and his shit is REAL, he’s from the hok huisies in Paarl, not from Randburg pretending to be from Rugby.

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  4. Dylan says:

    this is a good look for Jaak

    as dude says above^^ nice to see something without gimmick

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  5. IS JA says:

    How can you say Riding high on the back of you know who, if Jaaks been rapping in Afrikaans for kak long now be4 you know who, was evan thinking of rapping in Afrikaans

    Go look up CY Cowboys then youll see where Jack and “you know who” came from

    Cats like Jaak, Knoffel bruin, Skally wag, Isaac Newton Been doing it since 2000
    Look up Parlement or K.A.K

    Just cause one person has made it doesnt mean he was the first
    He just had the money and the backing to make him

    If I had 20 000 000 to spend on lacal Rappers DAM we will take over the world
    Don Dada he knows

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  6. Abraham Esau says:

    I knew this was coming. You’d invent history.

    First Waddy parades playing a Cape Flats gangster in a bad BBC documentary, then Nyanga is not on the Cape Flats, now Jaak–who’s been rapping for how long–is riding Waddy. You’re kidding.

    Where do you think Waddy hangs when he is not playing a gangster:


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  7. Abraham Esau says:

    Oh, and the Boland is the Cape Flats now. I see they’re all coloured.

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  8. Andy says:

    That’s a mighty big chip on your shoulder Abraham…

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  9. Hardman says:

    Ik vind die nieuwe track van Jaak kankerhard. Mooie melancholie, fijne beat, prachtige beelden, en sterk gerapt. Houdt het straat vriend! Rotterdam.


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  10. Misuerr Watertenk says:

    Jakesonion Blutoniam flyin MC………………………..WELL DONE BRU.Straight from the hood and really knows what is swakry.Duidelik masekind slat hom DAKHOEG

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