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Ho ho ho


some Xmas Electro. A cerebral stocking stuffer.

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  1. forest whitaker's lazy eye says:

    Oh God. This is dull and dismal.

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  2. Ivan says:

    This video kicks ass.

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  3. 666 says:

    Where is the unwatch button?

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Both these guys use to be in heavy screamo bands, which is why it’s weird seeing them in this emo outfit. The animations and floating doodles look awesome, but this guys vocals are still not that good. I don’t understand how nobody else has realized this!!. The music isn’t bad – ethereal wails with some melodic synth – but one can’t help feel that it’s going nowhere slowly.

    I agree with forest whitaker’s lazy eye, it is pretty dull. Rather lose the vocals, get someone else to sing or just make it instrumental. And the drum banging…come on dudes, why bring the Arcade Fire into this. God I wish they would just get heavy again, there was so much more material and talent – what a waste – I guess it’s not lucrative enough.
    The video does look good. Kudos to shotopop.

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  5. Constructive Criticism says:

    It starts slow…..starts to pick up… layers layers layers….random but actually, like, quite insightful lyrics if you think about it….. ….going faster now……throw in some emotional ooohs and aaahhhs…….and…. BOOM…..an explosion of epic fast and jumpy rhythms…. go go go go…………hit the brakes….slowing down now…..done

    Yawn, where’s the remote, lets see what else is on.

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  6. hellocomputer says:

    It’s good to see bands doing something other than what we are accustomed to.I’m sick of so many local bands trying to sounds like their favourite international act-I wouldn’t say that these guys fall into that category unlike so many other local acts.The video is done really cleverly…I’m not so sure how one could possibly classify this music as emo though?Is anything that evokes something regarded as emo these days?…seems that as soon as something is relatively heartfelt it gets the emo stamp…ahwell-each to his/her own i guess.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    If you want a party, listen to 5fm. This video is the best video I’ve seen come from a local band in ages!

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