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Get Well Soon, Crackgrinder!


So Jeb Corliss is the dude who crashed his wingsuit into the side of Table Mountain the other day and survived. This video will show you a few things about the man.

The crash on Table Mountain was not the first time he nearly killed himself on South African soil. Back in 1999 he did a BASE jump off the Howick Falls in KZN and only half his parachute opened spinning him directly into the waterfall, which invariably sent him crashing down into the pool below. He was OK.

Back in 2006 he was on a Discovery TV show called Stunt Junkies but got fired after getting arrested trying to do a jump off the Empire State Building.

Apparently Table Mountain National Park intend to fine Corliss and may even press charges after he failed to get permission for the failed jump. Permission, Table Mountain National Park spokesperson Merle Collins, admits in the Cape Times, he wouldn’t have received.
“The danger associated with base jumping does not allow us to issue permits.”

After watching this dude in action, all we have to say is, “he don’t need your stinking permission.” Heal up, Crackgrinder!

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