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Fresh Umthombo Spot


This is the new Vuka Ad for the Umthombo Project, who rehabilitate Durban’s street kids through surfing and other positive activities and support. The Mahala Surf Co. regularly support Umthombo with surfboard and wetsuit donations.

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  1. Lúz Uko says:

    I’ll tell you why I don’t like the video:

    Somehow it give off the false hope that surfing will liberate the black kid from poverty… Not really, since surfing is predominantly a white sport, and the whites think & behave like they own it.

    And Let’s stop Trivializing & romanticizing poverty because these black street kids’ll go back on the streets hungry, still!

    While these so called philanthropists go back to their soft and cosy apartments & say “Oh Gosh! poor souls”


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  2. K says:


    In case you didn’t know, one of the co-founders of Umthombo is a former ‘Black street kid’, the street outreach team is also mainly former ‘Black street kids’ so these once ‘starving Black street kids’ are now the youth care workers promoting a ‘predominantly White sport’ to help these Black kids get off the streets and ‘behave like they own’ the oceans. I’d suggest you checkout Umthombo.org and read-up on the projects they’re involved in.

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  3. Andy says:

    Luz do you know about the work that Umthombo does? Because, frankly, you’re coming across like a fucking idiot.

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  4. Lúz Uko says:

    Andy, what umthombo does is really a no-brainer.

    At first I thought to myself when I read the article “Oh No! not another one of these organisations trying to “help eradicate poverty in poor Africa”

    and sure indeed, when I went to the site, what do I see: “Umthombo believes that Durban is fast becoming the “Rio” of this decade, when…” blah! blah! blah!

    Listern, Its all good and well to say some few moving words, stir up a few emotions… maybe get some few donors (& Listern, it really doesn’t matter who begun the org. whether it was the victim or some “so-called Philanthropist”)

    It still it gives off the false impression that surfing will liberate the black kid from poverty… why cant you understand this?

    Why cant you understand that this Trivializes the real problem : “Blacks are the face of poverty in South Africa” and no amount of surfing will solve that!

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  5. Andy says:

    Luz Uko go and spend some time working with Umthombo in Durban and you’ll see what they do is meaningful. Your argument is hollow and misinformed. Surfing is used as a tool to engage and rehabilitate some of the toughest street kids, who would otherwise be living on the street, addicted to drugs and doing crime with the gangs. Lately the Umthombo surf program has taken off. Last year alone Umthombo returned 70+ kids off the street and back into society, attending school and living back at home or in foster care… as functional members of our society. This is not about impressions or stirring up emotion, it’s about a program that works. A program that needs support.

    I just wonder why you have such a negative reaction to it. These people are out there doing something positive for our society and you have some vague objection to the idea that “surfing won’t liberate black people from poverty”. No one ever said it would. But in the context of Durban street kids, it’s a great tool for rehabilitation and transformation.

    All that other shit is your baggage and you brought it.

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