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Fok Julle Naaiers


Aaaaaand it’s back up. But we’re not going to talk about that because we refuse to play into Ninja’s marketing strategy. Die Antwoord have dropped a new video. Let the pointless arguments about artistic and cultural appropriation begin.

UPDATE: The official video in back up on Vimeo. Download the track HERE for freeeee.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    well, that was short-lived…

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  2. Jerusha says:

    Great. Its been removed again. What about free fucking speech?!

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  3. Anonymous says:

    “Aaaaaand it’s back up. But we’re not going to talk about that because we refuse to play into Ninja’s marketing strategy. Check out DIE ANTWOORD’s video for Fok Julle Naaiers.”

    Only from the Mahala high-horse can one post about a topic twice, find a mirror to make sure it gets seen and try scoop some early click through views, while also high-wiring it across the fence and claiming objectivity. Not playing the game hey, you fokken pawns (typo intended).

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  4. Vra says:

    Is there more to say about this than that it’s totally kak? It was ‘new’ and interesting for a very, very short while and there haven’t been any new ideas since. So well done on becoming a caricature of a caricature of gangster culture. Now bring on the fart scented perfume – the logical next step in your cultural devolution.

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  5. Roger Young says:


    OMG!!! You totes caught us out!

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  6. mr bile says:

    So tired. Next….

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  7. Old fan says:

    Disappointed… not so catchy not so crazy…

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  8. Bob says:

    I’m not even going to bother watching the video, the comments will be more entertaining.

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  9. Al says:

    What a load of crap!

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  10. argento says:

    just awful. please go away.

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  11. danno says:

    it makes me feel icky inside. which would be okay if it was good art. but it isn’t. its just icky.

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  12. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s a good response after the hype.
    It puts them back into the shade so to speak. It remoulds some elements of the initial allure that quickly became novelty.

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  13. Jeff Goldblum says:

    Isn’t the definition of “good art” the ability of it to make you feel icky?

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  14. Dplanet says:

    “Gangster rap parody art”

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  15. Hmm says:

    Ok so I hated it at first, but now after the 5th listen I quite like it!

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  16. n.x.n says:

    Nice moths, but that’s about it.

    Holding out for this kak phase of a heavily talented artist to pass.

    Move along, nothing to see here…

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  17. FOKJULLE* says:

    Why are you guys such haters, these peeps are making sa proud by showing how diverse we are. If two peeps from the flats can make it in hollywood then we all have hope. There stuff is original, and never been seen before, it’ll stay cool forever.

    So fok julle!!

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  18. Chinless Fake Titted Ho says:

    i see they’ve parted with Interscope too over ‘creative differences’… now that’s the Wad … err Ninja we know and love

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  19. Chinless Fake Titted Ho says:

    @FOKJULLE … almost vommed i laughed so hard at your “from the flats” comment…

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  20. Chinless Fake Titted Ho from the Townhouse says:

    fuck i’m still laughing … the flats … fucking crack me up!

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  21. monster dong says:

    hey FOKJULLE, you really have no clue do you?

    they. are. fake

    what a load of piss this band is. i bet you waddy wears crocs at home.

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  22. Die Vra Bra says:

    I’ll even give Die Antwoord the lyrics to their next song + music video idea for free:

    [Image of Ninja frowning. Image of Yolandie frowning. Image of leprosy sufferer eating spaghetti off a public toilet floor.]

    [Some heavy bass beats]

    Yolandi Visser: Fok cunt fuck shit fuck cunt fuck fuck you fuck shit fuck cunt se ma se poes!

    Ninja: I was a Satan shit fuck cunt fuck shit fuck you up ekse se ma se poes.

    [Cue shot of Ninja eating a used tampon]

    Yolandi in transparent catsuit: Fuck shit up?

    Ninja, frowns so hard his forehead splits down the middle, horns burst out head, sticks inverted crucifix up his ass: fuck fuck fuck cock suck it poes.

    [The end]

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  23. Jurie Jassas says:

    The new song is a bit shit though Waddy is by a million miles the most talented rapper In South Africa. They are arguably the most exportable musical act in the country at the moment if not ever.

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  24. ball bag says:

    @Jurie Jassas: that’s what makes this all so sad. Although I don’t agree with the “ever” part.
    They’re a disgrace and waddy is a fucking tool

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  25. zimmer says:

    Could it be that all of you oes that are hating on DA, are the Naaiers mentioned in the video? Makes sense actually…

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  26. Dplanet says:

    “Waddy is by a million miles the most talented rapper In South Africa.”

    He might be in the top 10 but definitely not the most talented ‘by a million miles’. The most marketable, self-evidently.

    I watched the ‘Faggot’ video. I found it odd that Ninja felt the need to make such a video, saying, ‘some of my best friends are gay’ and ‘we’re not homophobic’. The issue seemed to be more about glamourising male rape than homophobia, but it felt weird and out of character. Quite a strange concession to possible public outcry. Maybe he’s worried about getting banned from Australian festivals like Odd Future?

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  27. FOKJULLE* says:

    What the fuck oes.. you don’t get a slamse accent like that from growing up in the good part of town. That’s the real flats taal. You all can be haters, but Ninja and Yolandi will be foking shit up for a long time. We’re the real fans, so if you’re not then why hate us appreciating them?

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  28. beyond a salmon of a doubt says:

    @ zimmer
    Ever wonder why people frown and look away when you talk? It might be because you are a fucking idiot. Yes and “Enter the Ninja” was a national call for land reform.

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  29. ball bag says:

    actually, FOKJULLE, assuming you’re not just joking here, watkin grew up in the leafy Northern ‘burbs of Jozi, went to good schools and even had a little ‘hippy’ phase. Yolandi went to Pro Arte, a private art school, and comes from wealthy parents. These idiots don’t ‘represent’ your shit, they mock it, to your face. Go and look on youtube for all of the incarnations little waddy has had. He’s more fake than a cheap chinese Rolex. It staggers me that people bought into this guy’s bullshit. Bunch of mislead fools. It took a guy like waddy to spot the gap in the market I guess though, and instead of bitching about the ‘struggle’ and whatnot, he made something out of YOUR stories.

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  30. Onan the ambidextrous says:

    Well, fuck me up the anus if this ain’t the cutest little lullaby I’ve heard in a long while. Doesn’t seem to have much intellectual content, though. I mean, is there a hidden message, or something? No, I don’t suppose there is. That would detract from the cuteness, which is what makes these artists so refreshing. It’s a pity there’s nothing equivalent to this in South African fiction, an area of expression that is so stifled by bourgeois morality it’s unable to break with the boring old conventions.

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  31. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone else recognise the reference to Mike Tyson’s “fuck you till you love me” press conference tirade?

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  32. Mick says:

    Waddy’s the bomb INSIDE the bomb. Inside your cranium.

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  33. Joe Moore says:


    If you want some homegrown literary entertainment I suggest checking out Kikaffir: a Black Comedy – it’s full of decapitations, crucifixions, cannibalism and lots of other funny moments. What can Die Antwoord answer to that?

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  34. james says:

    its a bit new agey for me

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  35. FOKJULLE* says:

    Do you guys not have jobs or anythhing? just sit around being dicks and making shit up about them…If you can’t handle there music, carry on listening to your crap indie bands. I’ve been a fan of Ninjas from the start, when no one even really new about DA, and I can count ninja as one of my bros. So i guess you guys are just looking from the outside in.

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  36. ball bag says:

    @FJ: “I can count ninja as one of my bros”…I bet you can’t.

    It’s not about liking “crap indie bands” here. It’s about people who have bought into this pseudo-art trashy wank. It’s about watkin and co milking this idea, being a fake. Actually, since you don’t understand this guy, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpXZrcqPs18
    Derek was waddy’s most cringeworthy character. I remember feeling so sorry for his parents at one point. Anyway, whatever.

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  37. Die Vra Bra says:

    Sounds like ‘Yolandie’ has a nasty helium habit.

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  38. FOKJULLE* says:

    @ Ball bag: It takes time to find onesself. Some of my chommies are still stuck with the “flats mentality” and won’t let go of their gam rootz. And Wadz tunes make it easier, they’re not fake and neither is he. He’s struggled as much as us coloureds have. And yeah he’s a real good friend of mine. We’ve been bros for 3 years now, we braaied at my fokken house the night before he went on tour.

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  39. ball bag says:

    haha, I doubt he’s struggled as much at all. The fact that you see this venture of his as anything but a parody means you’ve too fallen into the great big waddy bullshit trap. While your ‘chommies’ were going to sub rate schools, eating shit food brought home by overworked, underpaid marginalised parents, he was living a padded life in the leafy suburbs listening to Cypress hill. The closest he likely came to the ‘struggle’ was struggling to find weed. Don’t for a second think you’ve not been conned. But hey, it’s your view that it’s different, so be it. You must know, you’ve braaid together.

    Anyway, this is diverting the conversation about this pointless video and shit, pretentious crap excuse for music. It takes a small mind to be entertained by swearing. It’s pointless. The video, while beautifully shot, is pointless.

    Still, I predict you’ll see that I’m right. Their appeal will wear out eventually, but by then they’ll have made their money. I’ll bet they won’t be spending it on a house in the flats though. You’ll get to have braais in Oranjezicht though. Lekka.

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  40. Pam says:

    My mom likes Die Antwoord.

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  41. FOKJULLE* says:

    “Ninja skop befokte rof taal
    Rough rhymes, tough times
    Met fokkol kos, skraal
    Till I hit triple seven at the ATM
    Straight famine or feast,”

    These Ninja Lyrics say it all.

    Oh and fok jou for saying i grew up kuk coz i’m coloured. I never said i went to a sub rate school or ate shit.

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  42. Michael says:

    Sorry. Not feeling it. Saw DA in Chicago, and they blew the roof off. This just feels contrived. Here’s a bit of sweary rapping that actually works…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjayrv8HSP4

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  43. Respek says:

    Ninja’s rap style here reminds me a LOT of his older self titled albums

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  44. Jurie Jassas says:

    All the hateration on here just smacks of jealousy sense and ties in with the fact that most of the local okes Waddy has collaborated with haven’t accomplished an inch of what he has. I hope that one day Waddy will skip these pseudo self help comedy rap tracks he is making and produce the timeless and classic rap album he is capable of making. He might be a tool and a fucken nutjob but he makes up for it in talent and sheer genius.

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  45. react says:

    What the fuck is the problem if they aren’t real members of the 26’s or that they come from suburban backgrounds? They are an act and so what, its theatre, with dope sleaze rhymes… haters >>> fokjoupoes.

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  46. crazy fool says:

    Don’t call any of this shit art then. It’s entertainment, no better than Parlotones.

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  47. react says:

    why is it shit?
    Parlotones are mediocre, catch them now on a kfc box near you and then poster boys for the carbon free campaign … you can’t compare

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  48. latent says:

    @ball bag et al
    real fake whatever. you think other artists are their persona’s? reality? please.
    All the ‘we know who you are’ comments just come across as petty, jealous whining from the suburban peanut gallery. People that don’t become famous are more real -almost by definition. Just boringly so.
    DA are great live, very south african and different enough to get world wide attention. will they last? who knows. but kudos all the same.

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