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Donkey Rattle


In a time before dubstep and kak like Skrillex, there was a little label called African Dope and a bedroom producer known as Felix Laband who blew the lid off this shit years back. Now turn up those tinny speakers and jump around your desk like a bell-end.

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  1. 7 says:

    Ja! Anyone know what’s happening with Deaf Safari?!

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  2. 8 says:

    Only he.

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  3. Zambiru Rosenkrantzensteinberg says:

    Strictly speaking – and at risk of being a genre-bore in a post-genre age (christ, I already sound boring) – Donkey Rattle isn’t dubstep, or for that matter sonically within the sprawling dub ballpark. It’s kwaito, and not because it predates that (it doesn’t, it came out smack bang in the middle of kwaito’s golden age) but rather because of tempo, structure and use of frequencies. And of course, it’s as Zafrikan as fuck, and inevitably creates pandemonium when played at loud volume.

    It remains the absolute fucking all-time heavyweight dancefloor shiznit. Which may explain why every single goddamn original copy I ever owned was nicked by those I played it to.

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  4. Andy says:

    straight up… but you got to see the comparisons with dubstub wub and that bass

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  5. creepy steve says:

    remember when it was used in that “anti-teenage drinking” ad on the tv

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  6. creepy steve says:

    when was this released 2002 ? is this track over 10years old? my how we are aging well

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  7. Travis says:

    @Creep – yebo baba, I do. Played this on Saturday night, Camps Bay type tunes me ‘Hey boet, jeez ay, this is that tune from the Metro FM ads, eh!’ I was like…uh…ja.

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