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Is Francois Van Coke becoming South Africa’s answer to Thom Yorke? Is Oorlog Frankenstein gonna be the biggest thing since aKing? Ons weet nie just fokken fokken dans.

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  1. no bromide says:

    You’re joking, right? Comparing this bloke to Radiohead’s frontman is surely nothing more than a bit of readership-baiting, dunderheaded, dumb-assed rock ‘n roll would-be juxtaposition? Like you meant to end the sentence with a “….. not!” but in a move of postmodern nonchelance just somehow didn’t get round to it?

    And if you’re not joking you have some serious fucking explaining to do.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    I have to agree with no bromide. There is no justifiable way that anyone could say that Francois Van Coke is SA’s answer to Thom Yorke. And if this is the case I am leaving SA.

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  3. okay then, go says:

    no bromide (aka scott tenorman) must die

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  4. no bromide says:

    When they’re incapable of arguing with you they resort to insults.

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  5. Andy says:

    Ja sorry about the rank and file Mahala commentators… friendly bunch. But really I do think Francois is onto something with the whole electro cross-over and experimentation with Oorlog Frankenstein. The taking of serious subject matter and mixing it up with trivial and light dance beats and hooks. It’s a new space. It’s also kak, lazy journalism to compare two artists like this. Because really they have nothing to do with each other, whatsoever. But hey we had to say something. And in the heat of that deadline moment, simplistic comparisons rule…

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  6. Brian Green says:

    OMG! LOL!

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  7. tara says:


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  8. Jason says:

    nah boet – this is just kak.

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  9. Brian Green says:

    Run, fatboy, run!

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  10. SFD says:

    Really not as shitty as I expected. Lol @ Brian Green

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  11. BM. says:

    Cool!!! another tune with Francois saying ‘vok’!!!!! RAD!! another g-grinding elecktrou remix from Haezer that sounds net soos his last one!!! awesome!!!! more journalistic rimjobs from Mahala.KOM!!!!

    jissis you ous are fokken light years ahead!

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  12. Andy says:

    for every lover there’s a hater… thanks for venting BM. Why don’t you send us your album so we can have a listen?

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  13. Swartskaap says:


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  14. Swartskaap says:

    Nuwe rigting wat Frans vat my sy musiek.Nie van sy beste nie ,maar nog steeds goed en nogals catchy!

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  15. Rumble Tumble says:

    What is fatty running from? He must’ve chundered his lungs out after that run.

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  16. Whatever says:

    This is south africa, our president is a polygamous pig and we the anc’s “zanu-fication”, I guess, is almost complete so why the fuck could that be the reason to leave no bromide or are you just ignorant to the rest. Honestly he is a cool oke and brilliant live no matter what he is doing, and that is the best of the S.A. rock scene (specifically the afrikaans) so what is your problem aren’t you up for the good in S.A.

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  17. ROACH says:

    This is one brilliant piece of art! We’ve clearly entered a revolution in south african music, art and culture. It’s the most awesome way to get a message out there!

    @ Brain and Rumble Tumble- I must take my hat off to the two of you for so willingly exposing your much noticed lower level of intelligence out on the WORLD WIDE web. It takes a different kind of stupid to actually just sit and waste your own time by just mocking your way into conversations. But hey… Atleast you seem to be on a roll!

    Big Up Oorlog Frankenstein!

    Nou gaan ek fokkin dans!

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  18. yes but says:

    kak video, kak music. that stomping “industrial techno” thing with the filter-swept grinding syth swoops is at least 15 years out of date. cringeworthy teen-angsty lyrics delivered with the subtlety of a SARS tax return don’t help either. so this is what mahala thinks is a great leap forward in south african music – really? would you like to change your answer, maybe phone a friend?

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  19. poeswoes says:

    Gaan slaap al die outoppies dan kan ons ons musiek geniet!

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  20. kontkrapper says:

    dans lyrics is pis cool

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  21. Bandysnatch says:

    Hey Brian

    How about refraining from snorting any more of your old Popshop videos your stash under your bed? It’s 2010 man ffs!

    Do you have have an issue with VC because he’s S African or because he is afrikaans. Ease up on the xenophobia… if you don’ t like it, simply move on to what you do like. This music aint taking anything away from you.

    Your bitter and cynical comments wont make any difference. You cant keep a good man down. If he fails, he fails. If he succeeds, he succeeds. But he.s giving it an honest effort, and I appreciate that. Why do S Africans always assume only great things are from europe or america? SA are currently producing better more original music and film than ever in it’s history.

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  22. Bandysnatch says:

    your = you

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  23. Timmin says:

    Awsome!!! If I hear this I just want to drink and FOKKEN DANS!

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  24. Lerato says:

    well, i’m not Afrikaans, or white. heard this songs while browsing the kak music channels on tv. Tv came to MK, and this song was playing. I think it’s cool. i noticed that there are 2 vids of it? 1 is with the always funny Jack Parrow, where they’re in de desert. Wel i lyk de other version, where the vid had sum FS Golf car spinning. Actually there are a number of cool White Afrikaans songs in general. And i’m only whispering this to y’all, a girl gotta hv sum secrets…lyk watching MK least 1hr ich day 😉

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  25. damn says:

    he has such poor form
    what the hell do they teach in PE class XD

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  26. psyko says:

    As jullle (no bromide) kan verstaan wat hy sing dan praat ons weer. hy’t al 3 bands…. van coke kartel, fokofpolisiekar, oorlog frankenstein wat almal ‘n moerse sukses is… die was ‘n experiment wat hy en peach mee begin het. dis die fun deel van hulle kant af… die is suid afrika en ten minste is dit original… kom biekie die kant toe dan wys ons julle hoe hard word julle geblixem deur die afrikaners… so praat afrikaans of hou jou bek!!!

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  27. Deathbringer says:

    Fokof if you want wee dont need you is SA YOU MOFO

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