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Wrestlerish use their fans to produce a rather unique music video. But can a novel music video concept save us from their faggy falsetto emo soft cock pop folk?

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  1. Max says:

    I’m not sure the ‘faggy falsetto emo soft cock pop folk’ description fits the band at all.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m in this vid!!!hahaaa yay tings!

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  3. Andy says:

    I dunno max… it kinda fits – chuck in “5fm adult contemporary” and you got it nailed.

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  4. Andre says:

    I’d like to see Andy say that to Werner in person…

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  5. Andy says:

    Andre you must know I’d be willing to. And what I know of Werner is that he’d probably take it graciously and say something like, “well, that’s just your opinion man.”

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  6. Andre says:

    hehehe then you obviously dont know the big guy at all! good luck…

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  7. Andy sucks cock says:

    Andy is seker n persoon wat nog altyd in n band wou wees maar net te kak in als in sy lewe is. Ons almal hou nie van sekere bands nie maar ons gaan praat nie kak van hulle ens nie. get a life dude.

    I personally think they have a unigue, groovy and catchy sound, and this coming from a guy who’s into more heavier music , but i appreciate all their work and their album rocks!!

    ek wens sommer Werner PK die kak uit jou uit want ek wil ook !!!!!!!

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  8. Andy says:

    ag it was just a reaction. i’m so tired of this album, these songs. They’re well produced, well written folk-pop ditties – no doubt – Wrestlerish is a tight band – made up of great musicians – but it’s straight up made-for-hit-radio pop. Once you’ve heard the album twice and seen the band play the songs live (exactly as they recorded them on the album – yawn), it all sort of wears thin. And then you hear it on 5FM and it’s sommer better to flip to 702 because I start to feel queasy. So yes all of this informed the term “faggy falsetto emo soft cock pop”. I expect more from a band with such obvious talent. Vat so!

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  9. Roger Young says:

    It was a dick move and now you’re painting yourself into a corner.

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  10. Andy says:

    to Roger and the rest of the Wrestlerish supporters club out there… the only dick move was making those comments about the band in a random shit post – a short snippety thing meant to highlight a new video – and not producing it as a fully fledged article. I still stand by my opinions on the muzak.

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Andy… HAHA! Tool!

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  12. Andy sucks cock says:

    Andy … HAH! Poes!

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  13. Andre says:

    Andy what is wrong with being successful? or writing good songs? can’t generalize like that just because it doesn’t meet up to your personal taste?

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  14. Andre says:

    and if its highlighting a new video there is no need to ad additional comments about their music…

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  15. Dan says:

    I think Andy is right – I like the band, really enjoyed the album but you have to admit that is is made for radio. Thing is there is nothing wrong with that…. having said that I have seen them live once and it felt much less “made for radio” possibly it was the vibe and intimate space but it does lead onto something else Andy pointed out – SA bands really need to start working on their live acts, mix it up a bit… in my mind its ok if you write an album for radio but please make sure you have something a little more when we pay to see you live…..

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  16. Notme says:

    Shit, just watched the video. Epic. The music is so crap I don’t even know what to say.

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  17. Andy says:

    Andre dude, there’s nothing wrong with writing good music and being successful. I’m just bored of it. And I’ve seriously listened to the album about 3 times in entirety. I’m done. Never want to hear it again. Over it.

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  18. The Box says:

    I love it when people have such uninformed opinions about shit.

    If you had any idea how and what happened prior to this album and how it came about all your stupid comments would be swallowed with a fist from the big man himself.

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  19. Anonymous says:

    ‘m pretty suire the guys in Wrestlerish dont expect their songs to be the end-all to our stagnant music scene. I’m pretty sure they’re aware of the fact that they target a mainstream and commercial market.
    And I’m convinced they’re aware of the fact that this requires compromises.
    If Wrestlerish is Werners personal benchmark for creative expression over commercial success then he’s not the man I thought he was.

    So I think Andy is fully entitled to this description. And I think the guys from Wrestlerish know it. It’s just that this is SA so the outlet for more critical review is much smaller, and Wrestlerish are probably used to EVERYONE choking the penis down by now. But they cant have the good without the bad. The mainstream appeal and success doesn’t get sold with a bonus helping of integrity.

    If the band wanted to be judged on that first and foremost they would not be producing such easily accesible mainstream music that sounds nice, but doesn’t challenge or push any boundaires.

    I’m a fan cause it sounds nice enough. It’s harmless.

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  20. Dan says:

    @ The Box,

    I have to tell you that your comment is a bit naive – the problem is that we don’t have “any idea how and what happened prior to this album and how it came about” so we are going to make a judgment on what we know.

    Perception is reality – if the band does not bother to “tell us how and what happened prior to this album and how it came about” then how can you ever hope for us to frame our opinion in the same way that you do? If there is no attempt by the band to try and tell a story in a particular way -especially if that how they would like work to be viewed – they you cant complain when someone frames the music as “made for radio pop” – THAT is the perceived reality for some people and you cant get pissed off at them for seeing it that way…. if you want the perception to change then do something about. Don’t just bitch about it….

    For example I didn’t see you offering a scrap of context around “how and what happened prior to this album and how it came about” My perceived reality remains – Wrestlerish are a good band, I like their music but it does fall into the made for radio category for sure and there is nothing wrong with that. If the band or their fans want to change my perception then do something, stop complaining like 5 year old kids

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  21. Anonymous says:

    Hey Guys did you ever think that maybe they just write songs that they enjoy,and dont keep all the sue do metal heads in mind?people always say that they have great taste and that nobody gets the bands they like..well if nobody gets it then maybe its just kak?Wrestlerish paid their dues, they were all in bands for years playing all the shit you think is new and fresh now.so cut them some slack for finally doing something they enjoy (you might also when you get a little older)

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  22. Andy says:

    I’m with Anonymous… the thing is Wrestlerish’s music is not offensive at all. It’s very nice. Patently nice. But it hardly elicits any emotion in me, doesn’t get me going. Doesn’t make me swell with that feeling of beauty and power that causes me to punch the roof of my car and sing along with a lump in my throat. I don’t need to interrogate the lyrics, or put it on repeat. I’m just like that was nice, what’s next.

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