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by Morrel Shilenge / 31.10.2014 / Come Easter time, all roads lead to Moria… Zion city. The R71 is blocked with buses on their way to Boyne, just outside Polokwane in Limpopo. Millions make the Easter pilgrimage to the headquarters of the two sects of the Zion Christian Church (ZCC). The men stand in serried ranks – a sea of ZCC hats, khaki suits and white shoes. They dance umkhukhu (the shack is burning) all night and make the ground shake and the dust rise.
by Jacques Smit / 30.10.2014 / Tomy rockers in the mother city, Thursday afternoon, springtime…
by Samora Chapman / Images by Bryan Little / 30.10.2014 / A series of creatures, seemingly painted with light, recently appeared on Rhodes Drive in Newlands, Cape Town. As you drive the winding road from Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens towards Hout Bay by night, the words “once upon a time” light up a sturdy old tree, illuminated in the headlights. And so the journey begins…
by Matt Vend / 29.10.2014 / October is a strange moody time in Durban town. The rain is relentless. Spring is a dreary interlude before the unbearable heat of the Durban summer hits. It’s also a time when some of Africa and the world’s best poets descend on our town, slipping into the melancholy of October and reciting their words to the hum of raindrops on rooftops.
by Tommaso Fiscaletti / 28.10.2014 / If you imagine something and then you’re able to give it form, you’re bringing into existence that which you cannot see but which already has a certain texture. Spirituality has a form, it’s not pure fantasy. Mambakwedza Mutasa, a Zimbabwean spiritual man and artist breathes life into every sculpture he creates.


by Alastair Laird / 27.10.2014
All the cool kids were quick to fuel the Dookoom fire... because it was edgy, exciting, evocative. But was the hype just a storm in a teacup? Al Laird hints
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by Malini Mohana / 24.10.2014
What happens when you live in a world where ideas appear only as powerful as the people who endorse them? Welcome to the 21st century of the Celebrity Ambassador. Lest
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by Samora Chapman / 23.10.2014
Durban is a truly African city. It’s hot. It throbs. It smells like it’s alive. I seldom walk it these days, but walking is really the only way to experience
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Multi-talented artist Lazi ‘Greiispaces’ Mathebula has been announced the guest designer for STR.CRD 2014, the festival of African urban street culture. His work is inspired by South African township life
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by Sean O'Toole / Images by Jonx Pillimer / 21.10.2014
What do you do when you’re on the sunset side of 35 and still fancy checking out live music? One option is to grow a hipster beard, put on your
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by Paul Blom / 20.10.2014
Paul Blom interviews Jérôme Salle, the French director of City of Violence / Zulu, a cop thriller set in Cape Town that has had many local critics seething at it's
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by Kavish Chetty / 17.10.2014
The logic goes like this: if Cape Town is politically restless and prone to bloody outburst, then we have the perfect excuse to stage a whole carnival of gunfights and
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by Tseliso Monaheng / 16.10.2014
Zu, the funky lady from Zuko Collective, knows the city well. She's lived in it, she practices her art in it, and when her hands feel itchy and she needs
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Dookoom Furore

by Rob Cockcroft / 16.10.2014
We talk to Dookoom about the furore surrounding their song 'Larney Jou Poes', a revolutionary anthem that calls for farm workers to revolt against exploitation. "The whole world must fucking
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by Francois Badenhorst / Images by Swishyboy / 15.10.2014
We live in a world where babies use iPads and almost everyone in the world is famous (on Facebook). The technological convenience afforded by software has been bittersweet for me
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