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by Matt Vend / 21.11.2014 / Durban muso and sea-dog, Matt Vend, drifts around LA playing shows and getting lost. He’s swept along with a little folk/punk movement made up of misfits and madmen on a mission to revive the true (filthy) spirit of punk. Revolt!
by Tseliso Monaheng / 20.11.2014 / I’m on a road trip with three other friends… destination Cape Town. It’s been four nights of sleeping in tents and trying our best to not freeze at night. On this particular morning, a Friday, we’ll be having a fancy breakfast at a suave establishment in Swellendam. We score the deal through a well-connected mate; it’s a welcome change from our questionable diet over the past few days.
by Mahala High Five Brigade / 19.11.2014 / Every year, the creative kids look forward to Interpret Durban like it’s their birthday. It’s an opportunity to shine, to kick down the office door and go exploring the sticky city and hopefully come back with some gold. Photographers go walking, filmmakers crunch ideas and artists and designers hit the drawing board with fresh energy. It’s a chance to exhibit alongside the city’s best creatives and be rewarded for a unique perspective. An incentive to go make art.
by Jesse David / Images by Chris Preyser / 19.11.2014 / One-night only parties have taken Jo’burg by storm in recent years and the White Lies gig in City Deep was no exception. The exclusive ticket, the secret location, the mystery of the lineup… all add to the allure, the excitement of the experience.
by George Kirkinis

 / Images by CRNKYFRNK / 18.11.2014 / A group of young artists from Durban and Cape Town recently took up residency in Clarens, a quaint little town in the Freestate with a strong art heritage. They spent a week splashing paint liberally upon shebeens, Jojo tanks and walls alike, ending the renaissance with a gallery show. The crew’s called Ism Skism, and it’s coming to a town near you!


by Christopher Clark / 17.11.2014
Chris Clark returns from an epic 8 000 kilometre road trip through Zambia, where tourists are promised the 'real' African experience. He realises that this 'realness' is a construct of
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by Samora Chapman / 14.11.2014
Sbu ran away from home when he was seven years old. He caught a ride with a truck to a city. He drifted around that city for a while, until
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by Matt Vend / 13.11.2014
We arrive in Jozi like a couple of coastal country mice, salt water still fresh in the ears, eager for the big city and slightly oblivious to the fact that
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by Tseliso Monaheng / 12.11.2014
The rain comes down in the afternoon on Saturday, just after I arrive. The first droplets hit as I sit on top of a knee-high concrete slab to collect my
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by Robyn Perros / 11.11.2014
A lot of musicians seem to go missing in this country. Somehow they slip between the strings of the scene. Somehow we only recognise their greatness when their hands are
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by Tjobolo Khahliso / 10.11.2014
In a world of disposable digital files, and utilitarian CDs (that just end up getting ripped anyway), a vinyl record is becoming a more and more beautiful object to collect.
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by Alastair Laird / 08.11.2014
Durban's Ebola patient walks free. Forget it, let's get nasty...
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by Paul Blom / 07.11.2014
Chicago punk rockers, Rise Against, have played sold out shows and festivals around the world (including RSA) and released seven albums since they formed in '99. Their new album The
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by Tseliso Monaheng / 06.11.2014
Ruby Dambe has got stories for days! It's evident from the five minutes we've been hanging out. I bumped into her at UCT Radio where she co-hosts a deep house
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by Hugh Upsher / 06.11.2014
It wasn't my idea, but I found myself car barring outside Assembly on Friday, the eve of Halloween. Drunk is the only way to handle the Assembly environment… to overcome
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