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by Luca Barausse / 21.08.2014 / The Miners Shot Down documentary about the brutal Marikana massacre screened at Live The Venue in Durban at the weekend. The story I witnessed left me heart broken, compelled to join the cause of building awareness and supporting the families of the murdered. It’s time to wake up and pay attention to perhaps the greatest atrocity since Sharpeville.
by Paul Blom / 21.08.2014 / We love to compartmentalise ourselves in factions. It’s that tribal instinct. Besides the obvious religious and ideological divides, there are far less deadly ways by which we identify our tribes using social and cultural references; fashion, art, and of course music.
by Paul Hjul / Illustration by Trevor Paul / 20.08.2014 / How should an obituary for a comic be written? Do we bury the comedian? Or praise him? Does the notion that tragedy and comedy are different only in timing compel us to speak of comics with dripping irony?
by Karl Kemp / Images by Jaco du Plessis / 19.08.2014 / We’re winding through the Hex River Valley, into De Doorns. The landscape rolls by like an oil painting. We pass some beaming youngsters selling grapes; the kind of guys that don’t seem to change, no matter how many times you travel these roads…
by Faith 47 / 18.08.2014 / Faith 47′s murals in the Durban inner-city are complete. “I’m exploring the notion of the informal economy,” says Faith of the subject matter she chose. “I was struck by the potent energy of this area. The portraits of some of the traders in the area are a tribute to the everyday man on the street.”


by Tseliso Monaheng / 18.08.2014
Seated a metre or so from me is Africa's biggest star, Davido. In-between us, various brands of bottled liquor decorate a table made of transparent glass. My humble contribution to
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The River | Oppi 2014

by Milton Schorr / Images by Chris Preyser / 15.08.2014
Oppikoppi is a river running through the bushveld, swirling in a circle. In the river are souls, each topped by a pair of eyes, marveling at the sights as they
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Rolling Stoned

by Jon Monsoon / 14.08.2014
It’s something when accomplished international artists tell you that they are honoured to be part of a great line-up, and to know that they actually mean it. Kudos then to
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The strange alchemy of life and lens

by Joshua Maserow / 13.08.2014
Deep within the aisles of Benoni Discount Stores, the chipped steps of a staircase descend into the heavy gloom of the stockroom. Narrow paths scythe through piles and piles of
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by Karl Kemp / Images by Alice Inggs / 12.08.2014
The Good Hope Centre is a concrete dome of dread, and Oppikoppi is fizzing away in Northam waiting for the acts we see here tonight. The advantage though, is the
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The Funeral: What The Silence is for

by Hugh Upsher / 11.08.2014
I like my theatre like I like my music. Dark, raw and economical. As a bonus this play also happened to be quick to the point, clocking in at around
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by Alastair Laird / 09.08.2014
The Mzansi giraffe tragedy (#Hangover3). Life's like a movie...
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If House was a Nation: Part I

by Morrel Shilenge / 08.08.2014
With South Africa celebrating 20 years of democracy, it’s a time to reflect on where we are as a society and where we are going. One of the areas that
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Tik in the Platteland: Part III

by Karl Kemp / Images by Jaco du Plessis / 07.08.2014
In part three of his exploration into the underbelly of the platteland drug scene, Karl Kemp finds a dealer on the outskirts of Robertson, where a lollie gets klapped and
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This time we get it

by Hagen Engler / 06.08.2014
Okay, this is more like it. At last year’s Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards we had no idea what the fuck was going on. Maybe we weren’t supposed to be here?
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