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by Hugh Upsher / 02.09.2014 / Night of 1000 Drawings is a great concept for a great cause. Over the course of the year, drawing stations were set up to collect as many original A5 doodles done by everyday humans as was possible. They were then collected up and put on display for sale in a once-off event.
by Paul Blom / 01.09.2014 / So here I sit in the dark on a mid-week morning watching a movie that, at its face value, can be seen as a mere semi-mainstream exploitation flick, but very soon reminds me how indiscriminate violence, bloodshed and murder is a far more visceral symptom…
by Tseliso Monaheng / 29.08.2014 / Tseliso Monaheng remembers a night spent in a Cape Town loft with the cats from Beatenberg, as they pieced together one of the songs for their new album… music to fall in love to, or go cycling in a warm breeze on a sunny Saturday.
by Mooketsi Nthite / 28.08.2014 / The Red Bull X-Fighters was held at the foot of the Union Buildings in PTA last Saturday. Us reporters had the ‘best’ seats in the khaya, nearest to the motocross track. Unfortunately this also meant we were choking on the dust kicked up by the dirt bikes the entire show… sand filled my eyes and encrusting my dreadlocks to the point I resembled a desert traveler, choking on Mars-coloured dirt.
by Christopher Clark / 27.08.2014 / …the next morning I’m on the road again to Mthatha and Qunu. I see all the Mandela sights and ask Velile, my guide for the day, if we can see the grave but he says the security won’t let people anywhere near it. At Qunu, I slide down the same rock slide that Mandela used to ride as a boy. I get the technique wrong and cut my hand. Blood is spattered on the rock when we leave. Three perfectly round drops.


by Morrel Shilenge / 26.08.2014
“Arise and shine, for your light has come!” These words are spoken on the vocal hook that characterises the hit on beat master Black Coffee’s 2011 album Africa Rising; a
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Time Traveller

by Don Pinnock / Images by Arthur Elliott / 25.08.2014
Cape Town, circa 1900. Arthur Elliot worked hard and long at his obsession. With camera poised, he would wait for hours in the heat of the sun to highlight the
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Desmond Tutu uses his holy influence to transform SA Rugby, the last bastion of white might. But things don't turn out quite as planned!
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Skate For Life

Images by Jacques Smit / 22.08.2014
Jacques Smit captured these awesome images of skater kids in Gugulethu, Cape Town. The kids take part in an outreach programme run by Nebula; an NGO that seeks to inspire
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Songs For Miners Shot Down

by Luca Barausse / 21.08.2014
The Miners Shot Down documentary about the brutal Marikana massacre screened at Live The Venue in Durban at the weekend. The story I witnessed left me heart broken, compelled to
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Opening the gates

by Paul Blom / 21.08.2014
We love to compartmentalise ourselves in factions. It’s that tribal instinct. Besides the obvious religious and ideological divides, there are far less deadly ways by which we identify
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Death of a Comic

by Paul Hjul / Illustration by Trevor Paul / 20.08.2014
How should an obituary for a comic be written? Do we bury the comedian? Or praise him? Does the notion that tragedy and comedy are different only in timing compel
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by Karl Kemp / Images by Jaco du Plessis / 19.08.2014
We’re winding through the Hex River Valley, into De Doorns. The landscape rolls by like an oil painting. We pass some beaming youngsters selling grapes; the kind of guys that
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Faith in the city

by Faith 47 / 18.08.2014
Faith 47's murals in the Durban inner-city are complete. “I’m exploring the notion of the informal economy," says Faith of the subject matter she chose. "I was struck by the
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by Tseliso Monaheng / 18.08.2014
Seated a metre or so from me is Africa's biggest star, Davido. In-between us, various brands of bottled liquor decorate a table made of transparent glass. My humble contribution to
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