by Marie-Claire de Villiers / 23.07.2014 / Marie-Claire de Villiers dances herself crazy at the Cape Town World Music Festival. The sounds of Vieux Farka Touré, Los Tacos, Thandiswa Mazwai, Mix ‘n Blend and others left crowds swooning to the maestros and the sex-magic…
by Karl Kemp / Images by Jaco du Plessis / 22.07.2014 / Worcester, just beyond the Boland wine region, is two hours northeast of Cape Town. It’s the first notable dorp heading into the Klein Karoo platteland – a quiet, rural farming region, that has just recently been infiltrated by the life-crushing drug known as tik… South African speciality Methamphetamine.
by Matt Vend / 21.07.2014 / Entering the Pinetown taxi rank after dark is comparable to entering a post-apocalyptic warzone. Litter and debris is scattered throughout the streets as the last surviving humans loiter and wander through the urban ruins, searching for some kind of light within the darkness of night. However in places such as these, there are often hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. The Rainbow Restaurant is one such treasure.
by Tseliso Monaheng / 18.07.2014 / It was only a matter of time before a European label scooped Okmalukoolkat. He tested international waters with 2010s collaboration with Hyperdub’s L.V (entitled Boomslang) and always projects the image of someone set to blaze his own trail, with his own set of rules, in his own damn way!
by Kevin Goss-Ross / Images by Kevin Goss-Ross & Christoffer Rosenfeldt / 17.07.2014 / After giving Mahala the finger a few years back, I approached the Ed for tickets to Roskilde with my tail between my legs, a day before press accreditation closed, thinking to myself that the behemoth music fest would probably laugh off a tardy third world blog. But Mahala came through and so it came to be that two expat South African photographers headed off to the largest music festival in Northern Europe to bring you this fine reportage.


by Hugh Upsher / Images by Dirk Steenkamp / 16.07.2014
With the amount of sophisticated wine drinking going down, the First Thursdays art happening can now claim the title 'Phuza Thursdays For White People'. I carved out a manageable schedule
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London Lament

by Christopher Clark / Images by Samora Chapman / 15.07.2014
There’s something about London in spring. The whole place feels like it just emerged from the throes of a civil war. Everyone seems a little delirious: too happy, too hopeful;
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The Julius Effect

by Malini Mohana / 14.07.2014
Many are frightened of ol’ Juju. He’s loud and opinionated and waddles around in a red jumpsuit shouting "Revolution!" – what’s not to fear? To the affluent Constantia home-owner, he’s
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A cow, a calf and 10 wives

by Alastair Laird / 12.07.2014
The Vendas grease the National Broadcaster's palm with cattle and women, but Malema's having none of it... red berets, boners, bribery! Keep it soapie Mzansi.
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Whoonga Graf | The End?

by Samora Chapman / 11.07.2014
The whoonga nation is gone. The people were rounded up and removed in a blitzkrieg operation orchestrated by the SAPS and Metro police in association with the Forensics Division and
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Scorched Earth

by Vanessa Burger
 / 11.07.2014
Vanessa Burger was on the scene of one of Durban City’s recent (ruthless) campaigns to purge the suburbs of unwanted vagrants, addicts and homeless humans. Whoonga Park and several other
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RELEASE THE BIKINI SHARK: An introduction to zines

by Karl Kemp / Illustration by Hugh Upsher / 09.07.2014
Hugh: Hi Karl! I need your help. Karl: Always, I think you're the coolest ever Hugh Upsher! Hugh: I want to promote my new Bikini Shark zine project on Mahala.
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Talkin’ Desert Blues

by Matt Vend / 08.07.2014
Vieux Farka Touré, the Malian blues legend, will be back in South Africa next week after his sold out performances last year. He describes his latest album Mon Pays (My
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The dark shadow with sharp teeth

by Don Pinnock / 07.07.2014
I’m not afraid of dogs. They’ve been with me all my life and I’m very relaxed around them. I’ve never been bitten or even growled at. We instinctively understand each
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Progress Through Plunder

by Hugh Upsher / Images by Stephen Bester / 04.07.2014
Releasing three full length albums as a South African rock band is generally reserved for legends like Springbok Nude Girls or Fokofpolisiekar. So how did The Slashdogs get three great
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