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by Don Pinnock / 18.09.2014 / There are huge wind farms going up along the Cape west coast. Good news for sustainable energy generation, but bad news for bats… and invariably the planet.
by Samora Chapman / 17.09.2014 / So it turns out love is the gateway drug to life. Pheromone-soaked Friday night. Summer is here, time to go midnight swimming. Forget my busted psyche, the little black marks on my soul, the tar in my lungs. Forget my day, my week, my year. Feel the bass in my veins… It’s Friday, I’m in love.
by Malini Mohana / 16.09.2014 / Men’s Health recently published a superlative article called ‘What You Can Learn From Her Tatoos’. Not to be outdone, Mahala responds by exposing the truth about okes and their ink.
by Matt Vend / 15.09.2014 / It’s a typical August Monday morning in Durban – the howling winds are upon us and a whirlpool of rubbish from the weekend is circulating around the inner city, trapped by the buildings, dancing furiously to try and escape confinement.
by Mooketsi Nthite / 12.09.2014 / Yo, why the fuck do some of these American musicians come to SA and give us half-hearted, lip synced performances like we too dumb to notice? At the first I Heart Joburg music festival last weekend at Ellis Park Stadium, TPain mimed some of his greatest hits, while his DJ did all the hard work…

Slave To The Grind

by Paul Blom / 12.09.2014
Paul Blom catches up with legendary grindcore band Groinchurn, which is all set to open for Sepultura this weekend in Jozi and Cape Town. Brace yourself for the onslaught!
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by Samora Chapman / 11.09.2014
A crew of Durban’s most gifted emerging artists recently painted striking portraits down in Rivertown. Each artist painted an interesting, obscure or lauded character that creates art in the public
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by Christopher Clark / 10.09.2014
I get given a packed lunch by the hotel receptionist who is far too old to be showing the amount of boob that she is, then I set off for
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Fallen Heroes

by Lineo Segoete / 09.09.2014
Hymphatic Thabs was the first Mosotho-born emcee to make an impact on the Mzansi scene. But the multi-talented cat lost his way, leaving fans, friends and foes wondering: 'what happened'?
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by Matt Vend / 08.09.2014
Matt Vend was given the task of managing a pop-up music venue on Dr Pixley Kaseme Street, Durban. He reflects on the success of the urban rejuvenation project, and the
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As Above, So Below

by Paul Blom / 05.09.2014
Utilising the found footage / faux documentary device, the main character in it all is Scarlett; a driven, well-educated young woman trying to uncover the truth behind some ancient mythology,
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Okes With Jokes

by Jon Monsoon / 04.09.2014
It's a bit of a telling state of things when an animated talking head gets a better response from the audience to its jokes than any of the featured living
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by Karl Kemp / Images by Jaco du Plessis / 03.09.2014
Behind every addict, there is a puppeteer that put him there – a deadly mastermind looking to grow his market share in rural farming towns. Meet Zander, one of many
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by Hugh Upsher / 02.09.2014
Night of 1000 Drawings is a great concept for a great cause. Over the course of the year, drawing stations were set up to collect as many original A5 doodles
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The Purge: Anarchy

by Paul Blom / 01.09.2014
So here I sit in the dark on a mid-week morning watching a movie that, at its face value, can be seen as a mere semi-mainstream exploitation flick, but very
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