by Hugh Upsher / 24.04.2014 / Top tier art galleries pride themselves in being exclusive. This means that only a niche crowd of people have access and are exposed to what is decided to be the most important and therefore most valuable contemporary art. When I was invited to the ‘Commute with intuitive instinct’ video exhibition preview at Brundyn+, I saw a chance to re-enter this world…
by Johnny Mahala / 23.04.2014 / The 12 large paintings that successfully dominate the high ceilinged atrium-like gallery are not the usual visual fare that pleases conservative Port Elizabethan eyes. But on opening night, a large, convivial and mostly un-shocked gathering took to this twist on Afro Art Brut like herring to vinegar.
by Tseliso Monaheng / 22.04.2014 / Tseliso Monaheng brings us snapshots and commentary from the last Scrambles For Money battle in Braamfontein. Bring your punchlines yo!
by Liam Kruger / Illustration by Swishyboy / 21.04.2014 / “Would you like to move on to something a little heavier?” asks the waitress. “We’ve got the unfiltered, which is sort of, amber…” “Um. I’m sorry. I don’t really know beer talk,” I manage. I’ve been trying to avoid my usual trick of falling in love with whatever aproned undergraduate is bringing me fancy beers and artisanal whatevers for money. But this line, this opening line from a bad story about insights made from behind a café window, snares me hook and sinker.
by Alastair Laird / 19.04.2014 / This week’s Last Nub aims to gently soothe the simmering racial tensions exposed by the upcoming South African elections.

Social Revolution

by Tseliso Monaheng / 18.04.2014
Red Bull Amaphiko is a social entrepreneurship workshop that ran from 4 – 13 April. Innovative and inspiring South Africans were carefully selected to take part by a panel of
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Oscar & His Affluenza

by Malini Mohana / Illustration by Alastair Laird / 17.04.2014
Perhaps it’s a slow day at work, or perhaps you’re just enjoying your daily dose of schadenfreude. But when the channels finally go quiet, we’ll pick up our peanuts, walk
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Stop and Listen

by Matt Vend / 16.04.2014
On any given day, you can find buskers crooning through the Durban streets, strumming in the back alleys downtown, or serenading the high-steppers uptown. From Morningside to Dalton Hostel, the
     13   2

The Whoonga Economy

by Samora Chapman / 15.04.2014
I hadn’t been down to visit the whoonga nation in nearly six months, but I knew it was still there. Its existence plays at the back of my mind, when
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Just an average privileged white Capetonian in my mid-twenties

by Hugh Upsher / 14.04.2014
I think I am different and consider myself a personal brand. All my friends are really creative and talented. I am not a racist but I am accepting of my
     391   138

Captain Noah And The Love Boat

by Justin Fox / 11.04.2014
And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God saw that the
     7   1

Cycle Zen

by Don Pinnock / Images by Samora Chapman / 10.04.2014
It began with irritation at the rubbish that spooled through my mind while cycling. Conversation replay loops, situation re-runs, fantasising about stuff to buy, conquests, adventures untaken. The answer I
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Roasting Kenny Kunene & Trolling Khanyi Mbau’s Pussy

by Hagen Engler / 10.04.2014
This is the second major roast in SA and a lot of us are still coming to terms with the concept. In order for the roast to work well, each
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Forward The Sword

by Rob Cockroft / 09.04.2014
Garlic Brown has been blessing the Cape Town hip hop scene with lyrical sorcery and spellbinding stage performances since back in the early 2000s. Known to older heads as Judah
     16   1

Lesotho Hip Hop: From The Ground Up [Part II]

by Tseliso Monaheng / 08.04.2014
“Right now, it’s at the point where it’s being overrated; people are assuming to be where they aren’t," explains Papa Zee. "This [moment] should be perceived to be the beginning
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