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Your Time Is Up Mr Pres


Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh (son of Dali Mpofu – EFF’s Gauteng premier candidate) has just released this fiery rap-attack literally calling for the head of our erstwhile prez Jay Z. Sizwe aka Vice V is an Oxford grad who’s following in the footsteps of Public Enemy instead of wading through the average political channels to make a statement.

“I can see the people on the streets, calling for your head, calling for your defeat,” he spits straight to the jugular.

The track is laid on the re-worked instrumental of Tunisian rapper El General’s song ‘Rayes Le Bled’, which became an anthem of the Tunisian revolution that brought down Prime Minister Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in 2011. It also features a rather fiery Juju sample where he chants “Phansi ngoJacob Zuma phansi, phansi gombulali uZuma phansi!” – “Down with Jacob Zuma down, down with the killer Zuma, down!”

Vice V denies allegations that he’s an EFF pawn and a mouth-piece for his old man. “I want AGANG, the EFF, the DA, ordinary citizens and civil society to feel the song captures the essence of what they are fighting for,” he said. “If an uprising is what citizens eventually have to resort to, I would rather [have] that than wait another decade to see accountability and justice.” Viva to that eh!

The song itself may not become a rap classic with time, but the delivery is crystal clear and the message is straight-up revolution. Fight the power!

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