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Viva Divas: VINTAGE


V.I.N.T.A.G.E is a fusion fashion/dance crew hailing from the city of blood and gold. They’ve been featured in this fresh short doccy produced by the Jameson Indie Project, and it’s worth checking out.

VINTAGE is made up of 12 young dancers and fashionista’s looking to break out of gender stereotypes, push the envelope of creativity and challenge the status quo with everything they do. It’s not often that dancers are in the limelight. But this crew is looking to change that. They’ve been busting out on television shows, music festivals and music vids around mzansi for the last year (remember the guys in the gold pants killing it in Mafikizolo’s ‘Khona’.)

And they’re doing it by having the biggest, boldest personalities in the biz. VINTAGE design most of their crazy outfits themselves and dance in a range of styles from phantsula to ballroom. Mahala produced a feature and video on the crew last year, which you can check out here.

“People want you to be a certain way,” says Thabo Gaobuse, “but while you zig they zag. Vintage is sort of like a liberation movement.”

Peep the video the follows ‘a day in the life’ of these wild divas from Jozi!

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