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the lost carts of the karoo


Mahala contributor Tim Gabb is raising funds for a documentary on the once nomadic South African First People, The Karretjie Mense of the Great Karoo. Tim produced a series of articles on the subject, which were published on mahala in 2012.

“In 2012 I went up to Colesberg to film with what is left of the nomadic Karretjie Mense of the Karoo,” explains Tim. “I did preliminary research and interviews and found two leading characters for this film. Both characters and their families grew up on the road, and both are now sedentary. They live in bleak and desolate poverty, and pine over the days of movement when they still carried a sense of purpose and dignity as crucial facets in the wool farming industry of the Karoo.”

It is a low cost indie campaign, and it will go ahead either way – whether the funds are raised or not.  With that said, the more money raised will obviously contribute to a better looking film, as well as contribute to wages for the character’s time spent on the project,” says Tim.

Read the project proposal and contribute if you can!

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