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The End is Nigh


Animals. They know stuff. Stuff beyond our feeble human comprehension, beyond our realm of possible knowledge and reckoning. The sort of stuff that will one day leave us gawping up at the sky in horror as flaming meteorites rain down upon us from outer space, while your pet hampster smirks “I told you so!”

With that in mind, recent scenes of wild animals fleeing the Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming, USA), site of the Yellowstone Caldera (a huge magma chamber beneath the park), have got scientists and the worried more concerned than usual. They’re not sure what could be causing the unwarranted migrations of wild animals hurriedly making off to be elsewhere, anywhere, other than in close proximity to the Yellowstone supervolcano but a 4.8 magnitude earthquake that hit the area on March 30 could be a a major clue.

Do the buffalo know something we don’t? Are we about to experience some kind of geophysical magma extravaganza, of the sort that makes life on earth uncomfortable for ever after?

While the last similar-sized earthquake shook the area back in February 1980, scientists have long cast aspersions on whether or not the Yellowstone supervolcano will one day pop its lid, noting only that it will be very, very bad for all life on earth if it does and also acknowledging that every tremor and rumble could just be the one to wake the sleeping magma giant from its ancient slumber.

No one is saying what could be causing the unusual migration, but watch the vid and ask yourself: do they look relaxed?

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