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Taxi Talkin’


There’s nothing like a late night conversation as you weave through the streets of your home-town. Especially when the convo produces punchlines like: “The Internet raised us!” This episode of the Jameson Indie Project follows three different groups of proudly South African youngsters on a talkative taxi ride through the night streets of Cape Town. Topics of candid camera discussion as they ride range from what makes you a ‘hipster’ to self identity, the future of the creative industries in South Africa (“the future is whatever the youth are currently accessing now”) and the intrusion of social media on a night out with your friends (“I wanna just check my Tweets bra!”).

If you want to know what the youth are thinking, take a peek here… “Living for Likes yo!” It’s a mixture of hazey social banter and philosophical hoo-ha. Check it out!

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