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Kick off ya Monday morning with this musical/visual epic from producer/emcee DAMASCVS and visual artist Swishy Delta. The video is a totally collaborative piece, where visual and musical roles blurred and both artists worked together on the final edit. They’ve dubbed the trippy musical journey a ‘video album’.

“I wanted to make some rap shits, which I hadn’t done in ages,” says DAMSCVS. “It’s kind of like a throwback to things I dug growing up. I only started making beats cos I didn’t know anyone who made beats for me to rhyme over. I also wanted to make a collection of music that was contained in a different format to a traditional album. Kanye West’s ‘Runaway’ is an obvious influence. Captain Murphy too. I think the major idea was to do something both familiar and very foreign and to make it a bit magical. It’s basically a video for my friends.”

Swishy chips in: “For me music often resonates in a visual way, like it puts images in my mind, and it works the other way round as well – when I see images that appeal to me they seem to create a sound in my mind. I have always appreciated DAMASCVS music because I feel it has strong visual characteristics, as well as a feeling of harking towards something infinite or magical. It was definitely our main intention – to try and carry this across in the footage.”

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