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Stolen Pony


The Home Alone EP by Stolen Pony is a delicious and somewhat haunting debut offering from Eve Rakow (The Frown, Rakkie, Negative Youth). She describes it as “DIY Pillow Cry Internet POP” and it’s destined to tickle the heart-strings of a few hipsters and indie kids out there (including us!) The songs were written, recorded and produced by Rakow in the ghost town that is JHB over December 2013, whilst watching everyone else’s vacations online. The album is mixed by Rakow’s collaborator and twin Johnny Neon (Negative Youth) and features backing vocals by underground DJ personality WWLD. Home Alone is accompanied by a series of music videos for each track which will see Justin McGee (Sweatface, Studio Studio) and Rakow release a new video every two weeks. The first video single, “I’m Dating The Internet Now” is out 29 January 2014. We’re keeping our eyes and ears peeled!

Listen to Home Alone here
Free Download here

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