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“Farmers are very important” informs the press release. “And just like foundations, you hardly notice them – but if we have a strong foundation, not only can we feed Africa, but Africa can feed the world.”

Back in 1984, (Sir)  Bob Geldof and a singing flea (Midge Ure) wrote a song  called ‘Do They Know Its Christmas?’ and got a bunch of rich people together to ask for money under the auspices of ending the famine in Ethiopia. The song was the biggest selling single in the history of UK singles (until Elton John’s ‘Candle In The Wind’ snuffed the record). We’re not sure how many copies starving Ethiopians bought, but the concept was solid enough and some money was raised.

Fast forward to 2014 and people are still hungry. Surely empowering small-scale farmers to get busy seems a good thing. Some of Africa’s top recording artists think so too and so we have Femi Kuti, A.Y., Bufallo Souljah, Dama Do Bling, Diamond, Dontom, Fally Ipupa, Judith Sephuma, Juliani, Kunle Ayo, Vusi Nova, Liz Ogumbo, Nancy G, Omawumi, Rachid Taha, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Wax Dey and Victoria Kimani all together on a stirring song called ‘Cocoa Na Chocolate’ to “tell our youth that their future is literally beneath their feet.”

Sign a petition demanding that Africa’s leaders invest in agriculture and support smallholder farmers, and get the song for free.

The petition reads:

Dear African leaders,
We can grow millions of jobs, feed Africa and create a better future if you keep your promises to invest in agriculture and support smallholder farmers, especially women.




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