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Message From Motif


A few days ago this dropped in our inbox, and we’re going to share it with you, because it’s not every day you catch Tumi Molekane doing PR.

A 2014 Message from MOTIF:

Seldom does a new year actually announce a new era. The sky still hovers blue, the trees still shed green, the roads exhale grey and we still compliment a season that is but a minute new. What is the difference between 23:59 December 2013 and 0:00 January 2014?


South Africa has buried its last tallest giant, and with that mammoth, an era of legends has passed. No mahatma, no mother, no Nesta, no princess, no pop king, no Makeba, no dictator and no Pac. It would appear we are alone. Alone to seek legend, alone to be great, to be the watered seeds of an old forest. The shrubs under dead bark.

We are here to announce ourselves. As the heirs to a booed democracy, the pretenders to a crowded throne, Accra, Lagos, Nairobi, Cairo, Jozi, Dakar, Bamako, we are Motif. We make new music. We make careers out of art with childlike abandon, we break every box you put before us, we take up the mantle of great.

We claim this new era as our own, our time to bust you over the head with that raw organic, synthesized, overplayed, under-heard, thought provoking, ass shaking, music.

As you were.

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