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In The Dark

by Anya Zinn / 13.11.2013

Today sees a brand new act entering the South African music industry – p e t. p e t is the electro-pop alter-ego of Sinead De La Querra, co-founder and vocalist for indie-rock band, Fire Through The Window. Born out of the songstress’s desire to explore her creativity outside the realm of Fire Through The Window, p e t is De La Querra’s effort at a solo incarnation. We had a chat to her about starting this thing of her own.

MAHALA: After singing in Fire Through the Window for over 6 years, out you blast with with a new solo project that already has a bag full of tracks and a music video in queue. How long has the process of moving into a solo space actually been? And how have you found it?

Sinead: I started considering doing something of my own towards the end of last year. I had no idea what I wanted to do so I spent most of this year playing around with different sounds and ideas for songs until I found something that I quite liked. It’s been an interesting and challenging process. It can be daunting, moving away from a space you are comfortable in but change is good.

The project name p e t is quite alluring – how’d you come up with it? Does it mean anything?

I wanted something that firstly, had a notion of singularity but I also wanted something that was both sweet and slightly sinister. The word p e t can be used with adoration towards someone but can also sound slightly patronising. It’s a good balance.

Your single ‘In the Dark’ has more an electro-pop sound than the upbeat indie-rock songs Fire Through the Window is known for. Can we expect the same feel with future songs from p e t? Would you say this kind of sound is more true to you as a solo artist?

I’ve definitely kept the sound within the electro-pop domain but some of the tracks are more upbeat and probably do sound a little more like Fire. I think it’s different but I don’t think anyone would find the change too surprising.

Tell us about the concept of the ‘In the Dark’ music video? Was it fun to shoot?

Shooting the video for ‘In the Dark’ was probably the most surreal experience of my life. We never really had big budgets to work with for Fire so we did a lot of things ourselves. We had to cut corners where we could. Videos were a lot of the time very time consuming and demanding and exhausting. This experience was completely different. The director, Jono Hall from Boufant, organised everything. I pretty much just had to show up and do what I was told. The crew were incredible to work with. Everyone was so passionate and driven to make the video into something beautiful and it was a strange feeling being at the heart of it all.

The concept is ultimately about discovering or unpacking different aspects of a personality. I definitely think it explores similar notions to the lyrics of the song in that everyone is fighting for individuality. And the idea that you can still feel lonely, even when you are part of a group.

When will we be able to see p e t perform live?

I’m looking to put together a live act in 2014, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Where do you want this project to go?

I want it to go as far as it can… I guess that’s all that any artist can ask for. You can just hope that there are people that are willing to listen.

* ‘In the Dark’ is released today, you can download the track here.

** Image © Hanro Havenga

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