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Matthew Mole | How to Top SA's iTunes Chart

How to Top SA’s iTunes Chart


– Mahala Infographic – how to top SA’s iTunes Chart just like Matthew Mole.

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  1. Ts'eliso says:

    You guys are cruel yo! 😀

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  2. Andy says:

    Tough love dude. Someone had to say it.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Jelly sesh hey!
    Probably some failed, going nowhere, loves to show what a great guitarist he is, 10 minute solo playing guy that wrote this.

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  4. Goodcall says:

    What Andy said

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  5. Bob says:


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  6. Rebecca_isnotmyname. says:

    Come on guys, he is good at what he does. It doesn’t really matter whether people like it or not. But, that’s no reason to slam him like this. He pours his life into what he does, and regardless of what it sounds like, I think that kind of passion should be respected. Peace.

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  7. YellowElevator says:

    This says ‘SA’s iTunes Chart’ – I was under the impression that he’d topped the international iTunes chart, which is why this is newsworthy?

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  8. Mark Wright says:

    Congratulations, you’re the worst publication in the country. Even FHM has a better point than your substandard, shoddy attempt at entertainment journalism. Eat a bag of dicks

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  9. joe says:

    Hey, give him the credit he is due. He doesn’t do what he does for fame and money, he just has a passion for music. Meet him and you’ll know straight away. See him play and you’ll understand.

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  10. Gentleman Villain says:

    This music isn’t for me either, but to take a cheap shot at a young artist trying to make it and doing his thing is shameful.

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  11. Andy says:

    Mark Wright, that’s totally sexist! But you like FHM, right?

    YellowElevator – that’s right newsworthy because he’s the first local act to chart at number 1 on our local chart.

    Everyone else. I believe Matthew Mole to be a supremely talented musician, but he’s young and he’s only going to get better when he a) loses his religion or, b) takes a leaf out of Johnny Cash’s book on how to sing about god, jesus, the devil, etc.

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  12. YellowElevator says:

    Oh wow, when I saw the news yesterday all over the place I thought he had somehow beat out the competition even on the international chart. So, ‘local musician tops local chart’ = newsworthy. Wow.

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  13. Anonymous says:

    douche baggery. totally unnecessary.

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  14. Kirsty Wilde says:

    Um, is this supposed to be funny?

    Don’t hate on him and not be funny about it, thats just lame. I didn’t even crack a curve on my lip.

    Were you loved as a child?

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  15. your_website_is_cock says:

    Fuck you guys for constantly putting young musicians down.
    You people are judgemental fucktards with nothing else to do but bring other people, with amition, down to your level.
    Because, you know you are useless cuntholes, you then try and make everyone else look like a dick.
    Not everyone’s equal, we have talented young people trying to make something of South Africa, and then we have people like the shitheads who run this overlooked, crapsack of a website.
    And, call me a hypocrite for judging this website; I am. But, they fucking deserve it.
    Listen, our country will never move forward if we don’t support our local talent, instead of pulling them down, lift them up and encourage them. Because, after all they are doing more than you.

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  16. Gentleman Villain says:

    Andy, how is anything in that lumpen pie chart consistent with believing “Matthew Mole to be a supremely talented musician” and “young and only going to get better”?

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  17. Sick of mahala says:

    I am so sick of the negative cynical overly hipster material on this web-site. Who are any of you at mahala, including you Andy to continually slam young talent in this country? What credentials do you have? It is imminently infuriating to read what your juvenile and mediocre web-site considers content. If you want to be taken seriously as media platform, perhaps you should grow out of the “I am 15 and bullied by everyone – its my website and I’ll write what I want to” mentality. Seriously guys, get over your own insecurities and be able to appreciate the successes of others without somehow seeing those success as proof of your failure.

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  18. Bob says:

    Of course Matthew Mole fans don’t get humour.

    “I am so sick of the negative cynical overly hipster material on this web-site”

    Then don’t read it.

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  19. Chem Clear says:

    By all means, attack established bands if you must. But seriously, fucking with up-and-coming local talent reeks of jealousy and spite.


    Grow a pair

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  20. Kieran Frost says:

    Part of me wants to stand up for Matthew Mole. The other part remembers that he’s a chart-topping musician (and just a really good dude), and this is just a piece-of-shit online magazine. Why does he need my help, when his achievements already teabag anything this barely noticeable house of cards produces?

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  21. Hart, C.W.L. says:

    mean but true

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  22. charlotte says:

    Mahala always reminds me of that snarky bitter kid at school who constantly said inflammatory things for attention. Deep down they just want to be loved. You’re doing it wrong guys.

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  23. tash says:

    I don’t understand why people can get offended by this. I read it felt it was 100% honest.

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  24. Andy says:

    Gentleman Villain there is absolutely nothing in that pie chart that consistent with believing that Matthew Mole is talented and that he will get better. It’s merely an infographic that aims to explain why he gets so much love on the local music scene.

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  25. John says:

    Haters gonna hate the haters.

    Guys, relax its just music……. each to their own. If Mahala don’t like his music they don’t like it… and I agree with them; to me it’s pretty shit, overly twee , wet and sappy. Just try and enjoy the humour for what it is: humour. South Africans: taking themselves so fucking seriously since … forever. But please peeps stop being so goddamn sanctimonious and self-frikking-righteous. ‘Fer Chrisssakes.

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  26. Alastair says:

    Ballpoint pen my bru.

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  27. Anonymous says:

    I’m more concerned by the fact that whoever made this infographic can’t spell harmless.

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  28. […] talking of course about the reaction Mahala got to their How To Top SA’s iTunes Chart infographic. Mahala made a funny infographic poking fun at Matthew Mole’s largely Christian fan base and […]

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  29. Richard says:

    Come on guys. You took time out of your life to criticize and bring someone down who is doing what he loves. He’s not harming anybody and all it can do is benefit SA music. I don’t like Matthew Mole’s music personally, but well done to him. This is exactly why SA has a weak music culture. Hi five dudes

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  30. Anonymous says:

    Fuck South Africa and all your opinions. Why not criticize? This is not the ANC. SA has a weak musical culture because it has weak minds – and one of the facets of a weak mind is when it shits its self when someone criticizes it. This is not the Springboks, its music – it has no national identity. So what if a South African topped some chart – it means nothing. “Ag shame guys, give the oke some credit”. Screw that idea. This is not a pity parade – music must be criticized with the sharpest of knives.
    And by the way – MM makes atrocious music. Do you really want him to represent SA, so people around the world say, “Oh god, so this is SA music. What a shame”, you fucking chauvinists.

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  31. IHeartSAMusic says:

    Surprise, surprise Mahala tears down South African Artists yet again. Even bigger surprise they tear down The Arrows. It’s almost bordering on a 5 year old boy/girl school yard crush. Mahala love the Arrows so much they need to throw sand in their face. Just get over it, you may as well be humping their legs.

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  32. Andy says:

    what the hell are you saying about the Arrows? This was all about Matthew Mole. All that nationalism has addled your mind, boy!

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  33. Adin Walls says:

    Guys, I’m all for the libelous banter online to get attention, sure Matthew is your typical Cape Town Christian hipster with some attributes that may come across slightly generic, but he’s honest, open and authentic. Which is what we’re all looking for. I can only put this crappy info graphic down to jealousy and some sort of vendetta against people with spiritual depth. http://www.adinwalls.com

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  34. Fuzz Burrow (fellow musician) says:

    You guys suck! honestly! tuning someone like Matthew… Who is the nicest most humble person i know… Shame on you… Matt’s music is magic and he sings each lyric and plays every chord with a passion that can’t be faked! So give the guy a break, he is just doing what God intended for him to do…

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  35. Andy says:

    Did you just wake up to this Fuzz Burrow (fellow musician)? There’s a certain truth to what we’re saying and it has very little to do with Matthew Mole and his obvious talent. Now go practice your progressions and send us your album to review.

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  36. Fried says:

    I thought everyone knew this. Is it just me, or is the infographic trying to appear as if it is presenting something new?

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  37. Darrion says:

    And then so what if he sang Christian songs? They aren’t praise and worship songs, and that’s literally the only type of Christian music people buy (and those are only the people who are really passionate about God) so your instant national fan base theory goes down the drain; He looks cool, so who cares what he’s wearing; being a one-man-band isn’t being clever, its being talented; again, what’s wrong with folk? Are you guys waiting for a south African top artist that turns out to be a Lady Gaga demon meat child that only sings to the computer and not the guitar? Stupid pop cultured people. You should list this cartoon under ‘KAK’ ‘cos whoever thought of this obviously doesn’t know real music is supposed to sound like.

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  38. Robert says:

    I agree guys. Whoever put this post up there has no sense of dignity. We all need a break in this life – so let’s celebrate that a South African made it to the top for a change – and quit the jealousy. Whoever posted this cartoon up there id either so jealous or just a twisted idiot.

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  39. Anonymous says:

    The Christians I know actually examine the content, not just the claims.

    So what do you have against Mumford and Sons, teddy bears, Jeremy Loops and The Arrows?

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  40. Shorn Knell says:

    Mahala, you have just lost a reader. Fuck you for being douchebags.

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  41. so funny says:

    When I first heard his songs I didn’t even know they were relating to religion. I just love the music- Mumford & Sons vibe which is true. If you don’t like it, that’s OK. But I don’t think it’s necessary to tell the whole of the 40 people who read this page about how terrible you think it is. Ironically I was actually researching “matthew mole & religion” and stumbled on this. Like a year after hearing him for the first time. So Thank you Matthew for filling my ears with happy tunes, religious or not, if you like the music go ahead and buy his album, he’s really very sublte about religion in his songs. And that’s now what I love most about his music:) Thank you mahala very funny that you think most of the country is Christian? That’s not the only religion you know, do the math.

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