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Gold Plated Frequencies


It’s been more than a year since Haezer released his last EP. But he has finally offered us a worthy follow up: Gold Plated Frequencies. After his release ‘The Wrong Kid Died’ in 2012, his status has been rising, and he is now one of the top exports of the SA electronic dance scene.

MAHALA: You latest album sounds pretty futuristic. Where do you get your inspiration for your tracks?

HAEZER: I try to not listen to similar artists while in production as to not get influenced in my creative process. My inspiration comes mostly from my environment, traveling a lot and absorbing the moods of different cities and their subcultures. I also get ideas for songs from very mundane activities like watching movies, playing games and sleeping.

How do you go about creating an album? Do you start with an idea of the kind of sound you want to make? Or does it just evolve organically?

Most of my songs start on a six hour train ride, waiting for my plane or chilling at my hotel while on tour. When I get back from tour and hit the studio I choose which tracks to work on and finish them up. With this EP I took one week off just recording melodies and 20 second samples of each note in an octave for synths and bass on my little phatty blofeld and limited myself to that for the EP. I also spent time just recording samples and sourcing samples for the EP. That way the EP has a uniform sound, but still is very versatile. When I have a sound in mind that I didn’t record, I’d rather try and warp and manipulate the sounds I’ve recorded to get to the sound I want, because I find working that way I create something different and unique to me.

In the last couple of years you’ve toured all over Europe and Australia, is there a particular city that stands out and why?

Kufstein in Austria definitely stands out for me. It has a population of 17 000 people, yet every show I’ve done there has been sold out with about 700 kids raving their faces off!

You’ve worked with some incredible artists, from a variety of different music genres, like Francois van Coke and Hunter Kennedy of Fokofpolisiekar. How do you choose which artists you collaborate with? And who was best to work with?

Yes, my previous EP was quite vocal driven. The songs felt like it needed a more personal, vocal, element and with so many talented vocalists in South Africa it was easy to choose. I’ve always admired Tumi’s MC style and vocal qualities and I think he was the most inspiring artist to work with. He wrote the lyrics in 20 minutes and laid down all the vocals in one take. What a genius.

I also loved working with Francois. I know him personally and it was just great fun working with him and Hunter in studio. With Gold Plated Frequencies I spent much more time on the sound design and technical aspect of the tracks and it just felt like the music spoke louder than vocals would and that’s why I chose to not include vocals on the tracks.

Music can be an incredible tool for spreading a message and uniting people, and high profile artists such as yourself can have a lot of power and influence over their fans. Is there a particular motive or message to your music? Or is it pure and simple just to let go and enjoy yourself?

My only message is for people to treat everyone as equal and to exercise individuality. In my music I always try to not fall into the trap of making music for the masses and keep my sound unique. At live shows I make a point of not making myself inaccessible to audiences and enjoy interacting with my fans and I will never act different around a big international artist than the warm up DJ. If the headliner is a good friend, it’s obviously different.

We see you’re in Cape Town for a while now, and then back to Australia early next year, but where next for you, both in terms of your geography and musical direction?

I want to release more singles and just keep writing tracks as not to get stagnant. My main goal concerning my musical direction is to strife towards timeless tracks and not make songs that’s just trendy now.

I’m playing Sydney’s Wet ‘n Wild Waterpark with Yolanda Be Cool, Will Sparks and my good friends, Gtronic, F.O.O.L and Tom Deluxx. Next year I’m touring Europe again for three months to promote Gold Plated Frequencies and we’re working hard to get me into North and South America and also the Asian territory.

‘Gold Plated Frequencies is available for download here.

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