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Clash Wall Colours Up Jozi


Banksy said it: “Speak softly but carry a big can of paint.” It’s in this very tradition that makers of the world’s sexiest sneaker – Converse – are taking their very big can of paint to a very big wall in Jozi in celebration of the release of the new Converse All Star Chuck ’70s range. They’re inviting a local street art legend to come along and give form to the tweeted desires of fans.

If you’ve been following the concept as it tours the country right here, you’ll know that it’s all very art-meets-media in a culture clash aptly titled the ‘Converse Clash Wall.’

With the paint having barely dried on the Cape Town piece painted by SKUBALISTO (peep the wall at the top of this post), the Converse Clash Wall stormed into JHB where, it literally hit a wall, and a storm, and is on hold until the present downpour lets up so we can all, literally, go and watch the paint dry.

While we wait, we thought we’d instead take this unforeseen down-time to profile the Wall’s appointed JHB graf artist Rasty.

Finding graffiti through the medium of hip hop culture sometime back in ’99, Rasty recalls the exact moment he knew he wanted to become a graffiti artist. He remembers a nightclub somewhere in downtown Johannesburg, watching South African graffiti legends Gogga, Mak1one and Falko burning big murals on the walls. He recalls his mind spinning at the infinite possibilities that graffiti presented and how it sent his natural creative streak into overdrive. The sheer boldness of the art form (both in size and colour) as well as the freedom that painting walls in the street promised, captured him in a way that no other art form had done and he has dedicated his life to its pursuit ever since.

A childhood fascination with cartoon and comic illustrations naturally seeped into his graffiti and has lead to the development of his quirky, unmistakeable signature style down the years.

His latest style favours photo-realism and he brings the two together in an eye-popping, jaw dropping riot of colour and humour that any wall anywhere would be proud to bare.


If all goes well and the sun comes out again, Rasty will be putting his paint to the plaster on March 14th in Jozi (giving you more time to get your concepts in!)


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