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Brave Confusion


Nakhane Toure is an openly gay, Xhosa musician from a remote corner of the Eastern Cape. His new video ‘In The Dark Room’, directed by Mark Middlewick, was filmed in a former prison cell in Constitutional Hill. The video is dramatic, deeply homo-erotic and visually claustrophobic. The vocals are haunting and soulful and the instrumental has strong African roots.

“I might be free in Jozi, but I am not free in my hometown of Alice,” commented Toure in a recent interview. His debut album, Brave Confusion, is out now.

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  1. Thato Tsotetsi says:

    Just about every interview, write up or report on the brave Nakhane hardly ever addresses the lyrical content of this exact song, In The Dark Rooms…could it possibly be because in as much as his candid handling of his sexuality accompanied by echoes of the same in his music aren’t all that brave because, the concept of these spaces, hereto, Dark Rooms, remain one of those things that remind the masses, artistry aside, of the perverse smut that makes multitudes disdain homosexual men in the first place?!

    Perhaps I’m being overly ambitious here. I mean, it’s obviously much easier for me to be not just frank and candid, but brutally honest in my stories about the gore and filth surrounding gay sub culture in urban settings…because it isn’t like it jumps out at the public the way music does on TV, Radio etc…,whereas with literature or flash fiction on any medium, people can just skim over the story and decide from the onset in their own privacy, their bravery and/or curiousity becoming, whether or not they want to read on…hmm…two steps forward and five back it seems…anyway, amazing musician…love him to bits!!

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