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Art As Freedom


“I didn’t ever really like the idea of being told what to do…”

Our kind of free-thinker! Meet Paul Senyol, if he wasn’t wielding a paint brush, a skateboard or a sketch pad, he’d be in a punk band. But the kind of band that believes in the shit they sing and live the life, off stage.

Street-art illustrator and painter, Capetonian Paul is anti-formal education in the arts and pro any form of free expression that involves you making up your own mind about something, whether it’s a piece of art, music, or a skateboarding trick.

In this vid currently airing as part of the Jameson Indie Project series, Paul extols on the idea of not really needing to be taught how to do something, but just doing it. It was this very way of thinking that opened the doors to all of  his artistic ventures beyond the mainstream so far.

Struggling to get taken seriously as an artist by the “established art scene” and finding nothing but closed doors at every art gallery he tried to get some space in,  he opted instead for “taking the gallery to the people” and taking his art to the street, where it found a more than willing and appreciative audience.

“Once you’ve ridden a skateboard down a set of stairs, you never ever ever ever ever look at a flight of stairs the same way again… it changes your whole view of the world around you…”

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