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You Missed It

by Ashleigh-Jane Denton / 14.12.2010

The Revelators have a garage rock band feel. They have an almost vintage sound, with raw, edgy vocals that has most recently been compared to the likes of The White Stripes or The Gun Club respectively. And yes, while it’s quite a derivative sound, their passion for performing live makes me want to jump around like an intoxicated teenager. At least that’s how I felt at Hectic on Hope when they launched their latest music video for the track “You Missed It”, off their debut album We’ll Make Them Like New.

The night started to get rowdy when Johnny Tex, frontman for the Revelators, broke into their first song. He’s got a voice on him. Chilling, with obvious blues-influences, it flooded the small venue. Add to that the effervescent appeal of Heino’s bass. Fans gathered around the stage and soon devolved into a moshpit. Drinks flew, were hit out of hands and smashed on the floor. And then all of a sudden, like trained rats, the crowd, packed tightly up against each other, all stared up at the big screen to watch the video.

The Revelators shot their music video at the Purple Turtle roughly 2 months ago, using stop motion photographs with the help of photographers Thomas Pepler and Mark Rietz, who also compiled the video together. It’s a uniquely lo-fi take, exemplifying their music. It’s hard not to appreciate The Revelators’ no mess, no fuss approach to music. And it’s obvious they enjoy what they’re doing.

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