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Wrestling Deer

Wrestling Deer

by Brett Allen White / 28.09.2009

Ahem. Chapter 1: The Friday that will forever be known as, “that rad session at Deer Park Cafe on that Friday when Werner and them came down again.”

I once had a girlfriend, surprisingly, who allowed me to sleep over at her flat in Vredehoek a couple of times. Well, loads of times, but who’s counting? Anyway, up the road from her flat was this nice looking place where the mothers living in the area would go for coffee or brunch and take their children, dogs, or a combination of both to play on the swings and jungle gym. It was called Deer Park Cafe. Which is weird because I didn’t see any deer.

So, about a year and a half later, I was quite stoked to hear that the boys from Wrestlerish would be doing a live evening set their with our mutual homies the Lottery Tickets, four rather handsome young men from Stellenbosch and Somerset West.

After spending the afternoon at the beach with Wernerish, shouting at foreign peddlars of beads and imitation sunglasses, and drinking the smallest pint of beer on the planet, charged at an astonishing R18.50, we decided to head off to Deer Park for sound check.

Beardos compare tattoos

Beardos compare tattoos

The venue is set up like a well sized cafe / deli, with an outside area that would be perfect for a braai, and it opens up onto some little green hills that end in a jungle gym, swings, two round abouts and a slide. Most of the pre performance drinking and celebrating was spent on the round abouts, where Paul Melis of Yes Sir! Mister Machine, Dylan Blake, a rock scientist, and I spun around until we couldn’t walk. Three bearded men in their twenties. Good times.

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the strange “indie” people who swarmed the venue, but we kept it real, sticking to the suburban code of politeness and humility. And real personalities. That said, there were also a lot of close friends at the show, both mine and the bands, and the general atmosphere was really laid back and fun.

First up were the Lottery Tickets, who played a good set with new material after their brief hiatus. The bands influences seem to range from indie, punk and surf rock, but there is something else which I can’t quite place.. it could be pop. Their choruses and vocal lines are incredibly catchy, like New Kids on the Block, but without earrings. My only criticism is that James Acker, guitarist and vocalist, should stop wearing the same hoodies as me, it’s getting weird dude.

Beardos share love and man hugs

Beardos share love and man hugs

Wrestlerish got electrocuted by their microphones before their set began, which I’m sure is just from the static they brought down from Gauteng, but it didn’t stop them from getting the crowd up and dancing by their first song. Country, folk and Brand New inspired mood rock didn’t seem to frighten off the indie kids, and the rest of the show was all good fun. The band also gave out a bottle of Tassies signed by Jack Parow, but I don’t think I saw him there. That was odd. I saw someone drinking it neat. Everyone knows Tassies is best when mixed with Coca Cola, a “katemba.”

All in all a good night, and I’ll be heading back to Deer Park for breakfast just as soon as I can convince a girl to bear my child and put up with my nonsense.

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  1. djf says:

    “…influences seem to range from indie, punk and surf rock, but there is something else which I can’t quite place.. it could be pop.”

    a bit like saying “there’s some strange seasoning in this food which I can’t quite place… it could be salt”

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  2. duff paddy says:

    And the point of this is….music was made, some girls are nice enough to endorse sleepovers and the tired played out freak folk beard (see Davendra, Grizzly Bear & Fleet Foxes) look has reached these shores big time! Man the quality of this site is plummeting faster than a plane on fire. I’ll go back to reading SL magazine, losers!

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  3. Carol Reed says:

    I totally agree with you duff. Totes! But I don’t think it’s plummeting, I think it’s always been this bad, I come back here daily to see how bad it is and comment on it. Daily! I tell you these people must be stopped from having fun and telling us about it. Lets hate on all appropriated trends. I think we should start at money, those Greeks are just trying to control us! No fun! No talking about fun! No nothing anyone else has used ever!

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  4. duff paddy says:

    …speaking of things ‘everyone’ else has used, carol, hon, stick your wafer thin sarcasm in a wrap and eat it beeyatch!

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  5. Carol Reed says:

    I am British.
    Over here, Carol is a man’s name.
    Now who’s the beyatch?
    Bend Mo Fo. Bend.

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