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Wide Open!

by Karl Kemp / 12.11.2012

Sometimes it all comes together. The money is there, the gap in the schedule, and the amazing coincidence of most everyone you know being in the same boat. You just need something suitably amazing to do during such a holy confluence. So thanks, Synergy 2012, for spreading your legs and being that something we can all get into. The Prodigy is headlining of course. I’m picturing something like the shout-it-from-the-rooftops scene after the 1994 elections; except instead of apartheid being buried it’s the Prodigy announcement, and instead of burying 400 years of animosity between whites and blacks we have hipsters and the average ous all just hugging and crying in a fountain of beer and mutual appreciation, joy and tequila.

This isn’t their first sojourn to the Rainbow Nation. Apparently The Prodigy came to these shores supporting a little known dance act called Faithless in 1999, and an even less known local act, Battery 9, most deservedly served as the Saffa talent. Despite being only vaguely able to remember my escape from the womb around that time, I think it’s safe to say that in those days, so soon after the ‘new dispensation’, music festivals of a non-revolutionary nature had yet to take root here and the country was a Sandy sized shit storm. It’s good then, that Keith and company won’t feel too unfamiliar upon their grand return in 2012, because at least we’ve sorted the festival bit.

Despite shifting over to the new venue at Theewaterskloof, a name that will remain unpronounceable to our international guests, the line-up for Synergy looks promising as ever. Beyond that the gig promises a dam, beer and class local acts on tap. That’s sold most of us already, but if you need more convincing, consider the 45 minute drive from Cape Town, the reasonable price-tag on the ticket and the fact that it’s not Linkin Park or Lady fucking Gaga.

I’d like to maintain poise for image’s sake but at some point you have to shed that shit and admit that this is going to be fun. See you on the water. And check back here next week for our reviews.

From Friday 30th November to Sunday 2nd December, expect to be blown away. Other headliners include Prime Circle, Van Coke Kartel, Jack Parrow and The Narrow. Cost R430-R520 for a full weekend pass.

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