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Violence Revisited

by Zoe Henry / 22.06.2009

Rough and real, Taxi Violence have cut themselves a rep as bastions of indie rock. It’s been said they’re the best thing to happen to SA since The Springbok Nude Girls. On Saturday night they re-birthed their debut album, Untie Yourself, at the Assembly. A strange phenomenon, since it was first released back in 2006. With the launch of their much anticipated follow-up album happening in August this year, perhaps they felt the need for a dress rehearsal. Whatever their reasons, it was the perfect excuse to get out and give that grey matter a rattle. And despite being anatomically challenged, I rocked out with my cock out.

Just like strong tequila, support act The Uncut had to be taken with a pinch of salt. An ambiguous blend of screamo and groovalicious funk, they got the crowd warmed up, continually touting Taxi with their bumbling stage banter. By the time George and the boys were ready to rock the stage, the venue was still quite empty. Perhaps people didn’t feel duty bound to brave the winter chill for the re-launch. If that’s the case – well, you pussies missed out. Old news or not, these dudes are head-banging inducing madmen that will find the one dude in the audience who’s not getting off and make him get off. They played all the old faves, like the funkadelic “Hold ‘em or Fold em” and a beautifully acoustified “Waking Up”, and a couple I didn’t recognise but loved all the same. Bingo wasn’t there, so the event was devoid of flying sparks and outlandish outfits. Although there was one woman in the crowd clad completely in leather. But the band’s infectious energy generated plenty of heat without the angle-grinder wielding cowboy.

Despite the numbers being thinner than expected, there were plenty of industry faces showing their support. Rus Nerwich – tall and jazzy looking. Paul Snodgrass – lurking near the back, doing random miming acts for his buddies’ amusement. And after seeing a note advertising “toasties” at the bar, Colin Moss and I debated about what the hell a “toastie” may be. He didn’t know, so he went off to find one, but never returned. Star-studded and Bingo free, the evening was a joy to be part of. So next time you see their poster up on the wall, don’t stay at home.

*Pic – Adriaan Louw

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