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So here’s the Friday afternoon hook up! Tumi (from the Volume) and Zubz spent 3 days making this all original Kwaito tribute mixtape. And we got it for you to download for FREE! Mahala-style. Just click click and enjoy! Do it now, before the link expires.

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  1. Thixo says:

    Praise be to jesus that was free.I want that hour of my life back….what a crock of self indulgent shit.

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  2. Andy says:

    Eish some people… act like they’re owed their own happiness by the universe. Go choke on some Skrillex you little bitch.

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  3. Sonwabo says:

    I beg to differ, Thixo. This was a great little nostalgia trip to Kwaito’s heyday from two of the most respected emcees in SA hip hop. So big ups to Zubz and Tumi for taking the time and effort to do this for us, for free.

    I think what we can conclude from this, is that Thixo is white, likes rock and was born in the late 80s. If I’m wrong, and you really want to engage, instead of just being a dick on the internet, why don’t you hit us with your own 10 track kwaito/hip hop playlist that you think would improve on this? We’ll let you off the remixing, writing and dropping your own original rhymes over the top…

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  4. Dylan says:

    A great tribute to Kwaito – good times – super nostalgic even for me as more of a hip hop kid.

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  5. Monatifela says:

    thanks for putting it out there. Would be a shame if this was just left in the studio

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  6. Thixo says:

    @ Sonwabo – the phrase “two most respected emcees in SA hip hop” just places an emphasis on what an insular cunt you are.Bet that auto-tuned track “Egoli_Egoli” is your favourite.

    I love kwaito and have been listening to it since the 90’s and that’s exactly why listening to a load of whack raps toasted over it is such an excruciating experience.

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  7. Thandie says:

    wait, this came out Friday? wow, cool bananas. cant wait to hear.

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  8. Nkuli says:

    Thixo I guess the concept of a mixtape is lost on you. A free one at that!! No need to be a dick about it.

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  9. Bones says:

    Awesome stuff – more mixtapes Mahala!

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