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5 Gum - Opening Image

Two Doors, Social Media and some Gum

by Andrei Van Wyk / Images by Charlie Sperring / 06.03.2012

When the announcement of Two Door Cinema Club coming to South Africa was made, there was pandemonium on Facebook. A free show can make you wonder. With over 8000 responses for tickets one should ask, do Two Door Cinema Club actually have 8000 fans in South Africa or was it just a bunch of cool-hungry people ready to snatch free tickets to an international gig? And with all the hype surrounding the gig, was the band brought here based on their popularity or amazing talent? And would they have achieved the same amount of numbers in attendance if the tickets cost R362 each?

The bus ride from the airport to the secret venue can only be described as ‘painful’. The drunks shouting at the back and conversations running back and forth. An atmosphere filled with hot air. A couple of girls in the front. One: “What is a 5 Gum?”. The other: “It’s an event planning company… I think?”. With many curious as to what kind of music Two Door Cinema Club play, others were more curious about 5 Gum. The bus drove around the airport and down a desolate road. It runs through poverty stricken townships and leads up to an old mining area with shiny obtrusive projections running up and down the silos. The sandy area is covered in wife-beater wearing drunks and high heeled cosmos tripping over wood chips and buying overpriced drinks.

5 Gum - Bus Ride

I walk past the bar and into the roofless warehouse, which houses a wide stage and a vast crowd. The Plastics play their brand of generic indie pop. ‘They stand’ is the best description that can be made about their live performance. Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Pascal Righini has a strange way of captivating a crowd with his simplistic, almost childlike, voice and lyrics. It’s a beautiful introduction into what could be a ‘wild night’. Karl Rolhoff’s bass is surprisingly care-free and flows with no real effort but is effective in its partnership with the equally light-hearted drumming, which expresses a post-punk influence with straight forward beats and rhythms. Though everything is executed beautifully, with a pop precision, the simplicity runs too far, leaving them and the set largely forgotten. Singles ‘Caves’ and ‘Caroline’ receiving a truthfully positive reception. Everyone in the crowd does the generic cheer after each song, which has turned into a ritual rather than a true expression of appreciation. Everyone holds onto their overpriced Black Labels and chew on the complimentary gum to ease their minds into the acts to come.

Ashtray Electric are a band who have made a name for themselves in the South African music scene, with a balanced mixture of pop and underground international influences. They begin their display of slow, laid-back rock mixed with delicate and well timed melodies. The crowd know and love them, their blend of echoed lingering guitars and hard drums setting a serious and highly ethereal tone. Their sound is built on constant layering of soft and gentle tones with Andre Gideon Montgomery Pienaar’s vocals the simple, driving force in the music. Crowd-pleasers like ‘When Sex Becomes A Sport’ and ‘Quite Overstared’ draw a glowing response. But Andre’s voice, filled with that pseudo-sincerity, does more in irritating than impressing. But the crowd shouting along makes it worthwhile as they overpower him and mute him out completely.

5 Gum - Warehouse Life

But Two Door Cinema Club is who everyone wants to see, just to kill the curiosity. The Irish trio burst on stage with great force as the guitars glide across in a rhythmic shock. The perfect sound engineering and precise instrumentation makes their performance technically amazing. They move up and down the stage as they own the crowd, who dance and guess the choruses, only getting the last hook of each song right. Kevin Baird’s bass pounds on the back of a disco-beat as Sam Halliday’s jangly guitar echoes through the warehouse. Lead vocalist Alex Trimble caresses the crowd with a soothing voice reminiscent of Robert Smith but with a more calming tone. The band emerged out of the dance-punk and alternative dance scene of the mid to late 2000’s in the UK, along with bands like Foals and Klaxonswere, influenced by post-punk legends such as Gang of Four and Public Image Ltd. Their sound is fresh but one should always ask: “How long will it last?”. Each song gets more and more repetitive which is easy to dance to, but not musically challenging. It all inevitably leads up to the signature single ‘What You Know’ which solidifies their performance as “okay”.

But the real question remains in the air, why them? Why did a band with only one moderately successful album and two NME nominations come to South Africa? Only a handful of people had heard of Two Door Cinema Club before they came, and 10% of that handful actually liked or listened to them regularly. So what was the point of bringing them here? It obviously wasn’t an attempt to make money as the tickets were free. And if the tickets were sold, would people have reacted as crazy as they did all over Facebook? I guess it just goes to show the power of free internationals. After the first announcement people were quite aloof to the idea of Two Door Cinema Club. But after the free came around, people lost their shit. A slew of photos of girls with Two Door Cinema Club signs and messages proclaiming how they “Knew Two Door Cinema Club before they were popular”. A feeding frenzy ensued.

5 Gum - Two Door Ginger

The entire show was an exercise in effective cultural brand marketing. Bring out an act that acts as a catalyst for cool. Mix in the promise of exclusivity, coat it in trending anti-everything branding, and lo and behold – 5 Gum’s social media campaign to reach, and entertain, a disaffected‘technocentric-youth’ is a success. Well executed sirs.

5 Gum - TDCC Set Up

5 Gum - 5 Branded

5 Gum - Munch Munch

5 Gum - Hugs Not Drugs

5 Gum - Bam!

5 Gum - Smoke and Shadows

5 Gum - It's all about the Branding

5 Gum - pop rock

5 Gum - The 'Real' Fans

5 Gum - Viewing

5 Gum - Tank Top Fan

5 Gum - Press Conference Cinema Club

5 Gum - Purple

*All images © Charlie Sperring

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  1. Brr says:

    wow, nice picture of the internationals with Nelson Mandela behind them.


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  2. md says:

    don’t you have to ‘like’ mahala on facebook every time you want to enter a competition for free stuff?

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  3. Will says:

    I can’t believe you chose to bitch about the brand. Several thousand people had the chance to listen to an international band currently doing very well for themselves! For free. If they didn’t know the music, they do now.

    Maybe the booze and pizza was expensive because they had to make some money back? Did you see that venue??! Did you see how much organizational effort went into this event?

    I don’t really care about gum, but if a gum brand decides to support music in this country on that scale I think I’ll buy it the next time I buy gum.

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  4. Brr says:

    yes, thats a smart idea Will. Lets support something that did something for free even if its Mediocre.

    I cant wait for Wimpy to bring us Westlife!!! I will totally go to Wimpy then.

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  5. emma says:

    i think “Two Door Social Media Club” would have been a better headline.

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  6. dude says:

    people are dumb. its just the same as deadmau5. people hear others talking about it, and all of a sudden facebook goes mental everyone wanted to be there, even if they dont know the band/performer. this will lead them to post pics of themselves wearing the merch, just so it gets them a ticket. meh. anyway, the show was a cool experience, too many fucking hipsters though.

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  7. Will says:

    Hey Brr, I don’t know where you were, but that was an amazing party. Something out of the ordinary. Not another night at the Kimberly if you know what I mean.

    Also, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Mahala doesn’t tend to like much. I apologize for having a good time.

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  8. Andy says:

    hey I go to Wimpy already…

    Brands do culture these days. Let’s not diss and hate on them. Let’s implore them to do better.

    Unfortunately there’s no point arguing for a brand to bring Bruce Springsteen or Radiohead for free because people will pay good money to see those bands and that’s a better business model all round. So the realm of branded entertainment will always be cool, underground musicians… few people have heard of… which is not necessarily a bad thing.

    I just think a better act would have had more of an impact. So the problem really lies with the “tastemaker” who chose TDCC. How about we prepare a little wishlist below for the next 5 Gum experience?

    mine would look something like this

    Just a Band
    Manu Chao
    David Byrne
    Roots Manuva
    Tiken Jah Fakoly
    PJ Harvey

    On another note, I’d love to attend one of these things where the brand is secure enough to not feel the need to splash their logos all over the place. The free gum is fine. It’s actually quite good.

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  9. Andy says:

    hey Will, we really just trying to be relevant and constructive… and when we like something, we like the crap out of it!

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  10. Will says:

    True enough, Andy. It often seems quite destructive to me, but when you guys like stuff you really do like the crap out of it! Everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

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  11. gunston says:

    Okes need to chill out. Stop worrying about the hipsters around you and just enjoy the show. Don’t turn it into a judge-fest. Sure there were a few drunks on the bus, grow a pair. Sure there were a few hipsters and high heeled sweet sixteeners. Grow a pair. The venue was incredible. Incredible. It had space, intimacy and a great show all in the middle of Nyanga. Leave it at that and take it in.

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  12. Andy says:

    so how about that list then?

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  13. gunston says:

    James Blake
    PJ Harvey
    The Hurts
    The National

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  14. Glanskind says:

    …I walk past the bar and into the roofless warehouse…

    Idiot? Did you look at your own pictures?

    Pretty much think you should lay of what every you are taking…. it is making you see things that does not exist and certainly made you miss the whole party.

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  15. Will says:

    Fat Freddy’s drop
    The Hives
    Jurassic 5
    Cat Empire
    Roots Manuva and Manu Chao would be Lukka too!

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  16. Andy says:

    keep those lists going. We’ll make sure the organisers get a look see where your heads are at

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  17. Boets & Betties says:

    Real TDCC fans (fans from before a month ago) would not pout like the four betties in the front, nor would they colour-in with fluorescent highlighters.

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  18. thegirlwhofellasleep says:

    Brill pictures. The band however, meh.

    5 is Stimorol. Well, it’s the same 5 on their infinity packaging soooooo….

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  19. katzaarsol says:

    those pics piss me off. lucky i was at the joburg one. much better crowd.
    did Andrei wikipedia the guys names for more cred?

    whoever reads and accepts the articles for Mahala doesnt hold much value in words. always shit articles except for those from Max.

    saw them last year at Lollapalooza (running between them and Bloody Beetroots). they were good, but not unbelievable. this whole event has made me hate most of humanity, every dickhead posting a video of them they found on youtube, and stating how much they love them (1 song).

    as for a list:
    Cage the elephant
    Sleigh Bells
    The Joy Formidable
    DFA 1979
    The Lonely Forest

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  20. dedfrog says:

    This article is … really badly written.

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  21. Tyrion Lannister says:

    Shees no wonder we don;’t get better bands coming to visit down here with all this bitching going on. If I was in a band I would steer clear of you fuckers and your hate…

    YES we all would have other bands that we would preferred to have seen rather than TDCC but hey we got to see them for free in a kick ass venue (i mean seriously did you see that venue) I would not be surprised if 5gum decide not to do this again (which surprise surprise will be your lose!) due to all your moaning…

    As for my list;

    Death From Above 1979
    Roots Manuva
    The Refused (ha ha, highly unlikely!)

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  22. Tyrion Lannister says:

    oh and I have to say this even deserved a better writer to cover it – this was VERY badly written.

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  23. Jem says:

    That event on Saturday was in my opinion pretty ground breaking for Cape Town, the band the venue the vibe, i though was all worthy of a better mention.

    Oh and Andrei maybe you should actually watch the opening bands if you want to write about them. Instead of just guessing that band plays all the songs that they have videos for on MK.

    When did The Plastics play “Caroline”?

    What a piss poor review.

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  24. The Seldom Seen Kid says:

    “Their sound is fresh but one should always ask: “How long will it last?”. Each song gets more and more repetitive which is easy to dance to, but not musically challenging. It all inevitably leads up to the signature single ‘What You Know’ which solidifies their performance as “okay”.”

    Who the fuck uses this criteria to review a dance-pop gig? “How long will it last?”, “Musically challenging”? The article has a point to make on the social marketing aspects but it’s all undercut by the signature Mahala up-its-own-arse attitude to the show itself.

    Christ, Mahala, this is when the “too cool for everything” actually impedes your critical voice. Do Two Door Cinema Club succeed as a live act that plays fun, dancey electro-pop? Don’t go watch a dancey, electro-pop band and review them like they’re Sigur Ros or Mars Volta or whatever. You go to a gig, you review it on its own terms. This is Music Criticism 101.

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  25. Jizz says:

    Pretty cool article

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  26. Shadedjaded says:

    @Jem, they actually did play caroline. Even though it was pretty forgettable. I bet you found it that way too. Cool review

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  27. Iprefermetal says:

    The Plastics Suck

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  28. Jem says:

    @shadedjaded – they didnt play it dude, trust me they didnt.

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  29. katzaarsol says:

    Who taught Andrei his creatvie writing skills?
    Who continues to allow him near a keyboard?
    Who continues to publish his tedious drivel?

    3 questions that will never be answered.

    @Brr: unless you were saying it as a joke, or to get this response, why are they cocks for having a pic of Mandela behind them? you think they placed the table. we may soon have him on our money. are we all cocks? and considering the press conference was at the mandela rhodes place, dont you think it’d be hard for them to aviod his fisog (in fact being anywhere in SA makes that nigh on impossible).

    if only they’d had a pic of Cecil too, then they’d be cock’s with balls covered in guava juice.

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  30. katzaarsol says:


    shit, now i’m one of them

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  31. ickywoo says:

    I find it incredibly and increasingly worrying, yet, amusing, how the kids in Cape Town grab hold of the social events with both hands, without any, ANY indication of real, discerning taste and informed cultural opinion.

    It really is ridiculous and, judging by the absolutely baffling overload of bullshit authoritative “opinions” (vis-à-vis people like @lizetheunicorn on twitterland – what is that girl ON about???), most of the 17-28 market in this town, knows very, very little, about anything, yet feel the need for daily verbal diarrhea-ing all over the intersphere. When you really think about it.

    I know SA lacks a steady stream in terms of variety of good international acts, and that the ridiculous monotony of bands such as The Plastics (apt name, if there ever was one) might make your brain freeze to the extent of braindeadness, but geez, EVERY INTERNATIONAL BAND that plays in SA can really, really, not, be your favourite band, like, ever, and you did not know about them “before they got famous” – because you know what? They’re not famous…you just went to their gig, for free, like a sheep herded to the abattoir. The abattoir of taste.

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  32. George says:

    @katzaarsol, do you get more kicks out of trolling than you do jerking off?
    Cause that’s sad.

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  33. Mike says:

    Stupid Review from a Mahala Writer as usual..
    Im so cool because I have a negative slant.
    I think Im superior.
    Technichaly correct writing is the only reason I exist.
    I am sad and get no enjoyment out of things that other people spend months trying to put together, I just have to rock up and tear everything to shit… Get a life asshole.

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  34. Andy says:

    Hey Mike just a quick Q. Were you one of the people who spent “months trying to put it together”. Because that’d help us put your anger in context.

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  35. Anonymous says:

    It’s a bit sad that you only went to the concert to criticise it. You’re only one person and that is your opinion…can you sing? can you stand up on a stage and perform? or…is your only talent writing? The band are great and you can’t actually say that no one knew them until they got free tickets. Don’t kill the fun. Your negativity is so depressing…maybe you’re depressed. Who knows?

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  36. Anonymous says:

    well i’d hope his only talent isn’t writing, cause it’s pretty horrific

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  37. Someone who knows how to enjoy a concert says:

    I’m not sure what’s more sad…your crappy article or your negative attitude towards a bunch of people who were trying to enjoy themselves? Why be so judgemental…it won’t get you very far in life.

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  38. Tondo says:

    TDCC are so shit,indie schmindie music for people who hate decent music. Fuck all the cockmunchers who actually spent money on seeing these bland cunts.

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  39. Anonymous says:

    I very highly doubt you knew who Two Door Cinema Club was before you saw the hype on Facebook, and judging by your article, you’re just a low life cunt who and doesn’t know how to enjoy themselves.

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  40. Bob says:

    Andy, I love this site, especially that it calls out the bullshit in the music scene, but this review is so completely devoid of any sort of true expression or experience of the night. How anyone could go to that show and not enjoy themselves is beyond me. Sure The Plastics and Ashtray Electric are super average, but Two Door were class. Humble dudes that put on a tight as fuck show full of energy and genuine enjoyment by both them and the crowd. NME can suck a dick, but they’re right, TDCC put on one hell of a live show.

    Obviously it’s a fucking marketing tool. That’s pretty blatant. And so what if people weren’t too familiar with the band before, I pay to go watch bands I haven’t heard before so if it’s for free, and an international act, why wouldn’t you want to go? Plus the band gets to play to a new (and big) crowd that isn’t familiar with them. Honestly, where is the problem?

    But yeah, R20 beers and only one place to buy food did suck, but if the gig did cost R326, that’d be 16 beers I couldn’t have bought.

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  41. Brett says:

    Haha, when I was in high school none of those blonde girls would have listened to any bands, let alone live ones.

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  42. Anonymous says:

    This is a pretty shit article.

    And it’s obvious that you selected these few siff photos to support Mahala’s measly attempt at ripping well, just about everything.

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  43. Arturo says:

    At least Mahala is free. Otherwise I wouldn’t buy it. Just sayin.

    The concert was out of this world.

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  44. Rebecca says:

    “A couple of girls in the front. One: “What is a 5 Gum?”. The other: “It’s an event planning company… I think?”. ”
    “A slew of photos of girls with Two Door Cinema Club signs and messages proclaiming how they “Knew Two Door Cinema Club before they were popular”. A feeding frenzy ensued.”

    I don’t really care about most of this review, because most of it seemed really pretentious and a bit ungrateful. What does get to me though, as a girl who does love Two Door Cinema Club, is this little bits of sexism found in the article. Yes, there are always stupid sheep out there who follow this herd of Facebook trends. But it’s not only girls. How many guys did I see out there, wrestler bodies, fake tan, shaved heads, with non-prescription glasses on their faces? Are they not an equivalent of these ” ‘real’ fans” that you mention?

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  45. Humbug says:

    oh you’re a bunch of cock suckers!
    isn’t the point of mahala, to pose controversial questions at things?
    to turn things on top of their heads and look at them from another point of view?
    yeah… most of the time it is negative… but imagine a world where everything was perfect and things were taken for what they were… not what they stand for?
    hell, we’d have wars and racism and shit…
    oh wait, we already do.
    Mahala’s job is to make you look twice
    If you want a happy blog… read some shit from a 21 yr old who thinks they know life’s hippest and happy and beautiful secrets…
    and if you think that’s too upper class for you, we have a serious social issue at hand

    Andrei is not kaking the band out. What the fuck people? Chill. I was there and it was beyond mental… the venue, the band… and I didn’t even LOVE Two Door Cinema Club.
    Yet, at the same time i couldn’t help wonder that myself along with the others who don’t particularly ADORE TDCC, were just there cause we were lucky enough to win tickets. Makes you think don’t it, if it were a paid gig… would they have gotten so much hype or ‘fans’… mmmm?
    People just want free things.
    that’s all this article is asking… are people MINDLESS SHEEP who just take what they’re given, to look ‘cool’, to join your ‘bro’ who got free tickets to some jol with hot babes….
    yeah ne. you people need some controversy

    and don’t skell the kid out on his writing… he’s published no? And where you? marking matric english exams?
    maybe you sat in on Saturday night watching Notting Hill, who knows?
    Don’t get personal just cause you’re jealous…

    over and out.

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  46. Humbug says:

    to be honest… if it were a paid gig…
    i’d NOT have gone…

    cash is tight.

    not crazy enough to spend it on an international band, i tap my feet to.

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  47. Juice says:



    marketing ploy I TELL YOU!

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  48. Cam says:

    This is a sad piece of writing.

    Yes everyone is entitled to an opinion but at the very least tackle your argument with a little bit of intelligence and perception. So Cape Town and Jozi took to the social media campaign like Mahala to a thesaurus… like, duh… is that not possibly a strategists wet dream?

    As for the music reviews. Cool. We now know you can slate bands. Give yourself a high five reminiscent of that one time you made that one guy cry.

    As for the other bits of spittle that stain this review. Yes, they were free tickets. Who doesn’t love free tickets. So people went that are not die hard fans. Who really gives a shit. Oh wait. You. I’m sure people didn’t know who 5gum were before the event. Is that not the point of such an event? Interact with your stakeholders in unique and unforgettable way that will build your equity.

    Yes “the entire show was an exercise in effective cultural brand marketing”, but it was more than that. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see an international act that you may never get a chance to see again, for free, on some home turf, supported by great local talent, done with style and thought.

    The only things this review left me with was the undeniable urge to plonk my two cents here and wonder who hurt you as a child?

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  49. LOl says:

    You are such an ignorant Jouro, I cant understand why are even reporting on music events when you clearly know nothing about it. Seriously if you could look further that the little glass bottle you live in you would know that two door cinema club are one of the biggest Indie acts in the world. why don’t you go and write about things you know because music is not one of them, as for being upset about the drunk people on the bus….. that’s what happens when people go to concerts, you are clearly nothing more than a cynic and mahala should employ people that actually enjoy experiences like this.

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  50. Roger says:

    Not quite sure which direction this piece is going… social media? 5 Gum? TDCC? What? Anyway, I didnt know what 5 Gum was until the day they announced the concert and I Googled it (R19 a pack by the way!)
    The JHB concert was amazing, great supporting acts too, and as to why 5Gum chose TDCC and why they chose to have a free concert im not sure, I do hope however that it woked for them.

    Great pics by the way.

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  51. french says:

    Just to back the writer up… I was at the gig too also doing a bit of research myself, and I asked about 8 people in the crowd:
    “If this weren’t a free gig and tickets were charged at some R400 odd, would you have bought tickets and still have gone?”

    5 said “not worth my money on a band I don’t really love”

    2 said “no, quite steep for this kinda band”

    and one crazy fan said “YES!”

    so yes, you could come to the conclusion that people were just jumping on the band wagon of free shit.

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  52. Taylor says:


    “You are such an ignorant Jouro”

    firstly it’s spelt JOURNO, short for journalist
    and secondly who’s the ignorant, biased human being that makes a statement like

    “two door cinema club are one of the biggest Indie acts in the world”

    sorry but where’s your proof of that?

    don’t make statements you can’t justify
    it just makes you look far from intelligent and really,
    like a LaughOutLoud individual.

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  53. Lauren says:

    This writing is painful. Write something original for Gods sake.

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  54. Paul says:

    Hahaha i facebook stalked the writer.

    he works for YOU magazine hahahahhaha

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  55. Spong says:

    For anyone who’s butthurt about the author slagging off the event, two things

    – He’s a CRITIC.
    – This is Mahala.

    What did you really expect ?

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  56. Mikey says:

    I love Two Door Cinema Club and have loved their indie rock charm since they launched their first album around 2 years ago. I would have paid to go for sure had it not been a free gig.

    I think the band selection was epic and well thought out – Indie enough to be affordable enough for the brand to allow the giving away of the tickets. Unfortunately Andy, your band list aren’t going to be selected for the next event in fear that your journo’s may actually attend and rip the brand a new one, once again.

    Obviously it’s a marketing tactic but would you not rather be given an awesome experience with you best mate to listen to a band you may or may not know and have a great time? To be honest I really wish more brands would spend their marketing budget trying to make me smile than forcing me to watch or listen to their adverts.

    I’m sorry Mahala missed the point of the campaign, I honestly would have thought you guys would have applauded a brand that chose this type of ‘relationship / experiential’ marketing as opposed to the usual broadcast drivel.

    I know you believe an ideal world wont have any marketing or advertising but when you grow up and have to decide which dish washing liquid to buy to really give your wine glasses that extra sparkle, you’re going to want to know which is the better option and advertising gives you that (CPA & ASA now days makes sure no lies come out in a commercial).

    My point is that I’d rather opt in to hearing a marketing message via events like these as opposed to it being forced into my ears while driving in my car. I’m amazed that Mahala didn’t pick up on that.

    The event was one of the slickest set-up and smoothly organised that I have seen in a while. Does anyone know which event company organised it as it certainly wasn’t organised by the 5 Gum marketing department alone?

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  57. Mike says:

    This whole thing is a joke…
    @Andy: No I am not one of the people who spent months trying to put this together, just your average dude who loves TDCC and enjoyed the whole Cape Town event thoroughly ( Including The Plastics and Astray Electric).

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  58. Tam says:

    WTF???? Andrei is a copy intern at YOU Magazine?? Mahala you have lost all cred in regards to this article.
    It IS drivel!!

    I am amazed that someone can slate probably the best concert I have ever attended and then call themselves a journo who actually is a simple kid working as a copy editor for one of the most mainstream SHEEP HERDING magazines in the country.


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  59. Kinks. says:

    @tam (bitch)

    he is interning there because that’s what you do to become a journalist.
    and that kind of cred on ur CV means a helluva lot.
    (more than a shameless commenter on some blogging site just btw)

    so don’t point fingers just cause you don’t like the magazine
    so what.
    it’s being going on for years – hasn’t closed down.
    it gets turned out every week… read by the masses.
    working under that kind of deadline conditions, teaches you more experience than anything.

    you were probably expecting him to intern at One Small Seed? Why? just cause you read it and your mother doesn’t? just cause it talks about underground bands and not Die Hewels Fantasties?

    it’s about getting INTO the industry


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  60. Kinks. says:

    oh and @paul

    too busy stalking boys on facebook?

    uh oh… what will your friends say?

    get a life

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  61. Kinks. says:

    and he’s probably earning more than you too

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  62. Tam says:

    Actually I read YOU.

    I’m a sheep remember? I went to the concert because I’m a sheep. The jokes on Andrie for working for a sheep herder then complaining that he doesn’t like sheep.

    Name calling is very mature of you.

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  63. Tam says:

    @Kink – and you know Paul and I personally to know how much we earn and in my case what industry I am in?

    Careful ‘Kink’ you’re showing your immaturity

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  64. Andrei says:

    I win!!!!! hahahaha.

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  65. Greg says:

    This article is shit! That was an awesome concert!

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  66. Cait says:


    What I can take from this review is the following:

    – You don’t like the people who attended the event (ironically their high heels put them beneath you).

    – Drunk people at a concert is a totally new to you (???).

    – You don’t like corporate sponsors putting on huge events with international acts for free even though they were totally up font about their sponsorship (I suppose they thought that you would realise that it was a marketing exercise before you got there – agh some get there faster than others).

    – You don’t like any of the SA acts that played because fuck supporting local music.

    – You feel the headlining act were irrelevant to the SA crowd. Heaven forbid it exposes a new audience to music that may be out of their genre (hugely offensive).

    Look – no one has to like every aspect of a gig but I cannot pick up ANY positive comments in your review.

    Not one.

    This doesn’t seem like a review at all – more like a diatribe spat out over some beer no one else has heard of, in a venue that is only open for 47mins every leap year, in a location which no one has ever been to because as soon as more than three people know about implodes like a dying star.

    Seems to me like you need a hug mate.

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  67. kinks says:

    If you’re going to ‘name’ someone, get the spelling right, it’s A.N.D.R.E.I

    that’s for you, @ T.A.M

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  68. Kinks. says:


    obviously the industry of trolling.. no?

    (i do it cause it’s fun, not cause i wanna insult anyone, till they feel the need to get personal)

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  69. dave says:


    you say working for YOU is an EPIC FAIL? but you read YOU? a magazine put together by what you refer to as ‘EPIC FAILURES’. what does that say about your self respect?

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  70. Damn. This looked like a fun free party. I’ve liked the band since I heard their first single on the radio awhile back. Kicking myself that I wasn’t wide-awake enough to get a ticket.

    And thanks for clearing up that 5Gum is. Chewing gum! Who knew!

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  71. Tondo says:

    Dont any of you cunts have jobs?

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  72. John Snow says:

    You’re blatantly of the ‘any exposure is good exposure’ day-walker crowd. And completely ignorant of your hypocrisy. You are seeking attention by being the one person to criticise what was an awesome event it was… using social media. Durex campaign much?

    5Gum benefiting from the hype generated by having TDDC in SA is legit… why not, why is it a bad thing? Its a cool brand, they’re making an effort to provide SA with an international band…. they’ve gone to considerable expense, providing people with an opportunity to experience something different… FOR FREE. Since when would you piss off into the middle of Kayalitsha on Saturday night. NEVER. For that experience alone, I commend the out-of-the-box thinking of the organisers.

    Last thing I’ll say… The guys who organised the event are young South Africans, pretty much the same age as you. They pulled off a logistical operation flawlessly, gave us an incredible night of jol’ing…. it was a huge success….. what the fuck have you done other than sit behind a computer and bitch.

    … you know, if you’d reviewed the music and said it was kak… then fair one. Your opinion. But the tone of the article is just as they say ‘soeking for kak’. And you deserve the flak.


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  73. fred says:

    @ john snow – but isn’t ‘kak soeking’ what mahala is all about? changing the way things are looked at. he didn’t negatively crit the band, he asked: would you still have gone if you had to pay?

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  74. Lolzlolz says:

    Pretty smart work getting Andrei to write on this, since it appears he gets a shitload of reaction out of people which, you know, is always a good thing. Just a pity he still hasn’t figured out what he’s saying yet. But cool work Mahala. Shit, I read the whole article so I guess that says something.

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  75. Craic says:

    Apparently all the chewing gum that was given out at the concert was expired.
    Check your sample packs.
    And now you can all start complaining.

    ps. EXPIRED.

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  76. nizzl says:

    i love how this became a “look how awesome I am cos I can name 5 diverse indie groups or artists from different genres that make me look like im an individual” conversation. #wank

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  77. Tam says:

    @Dave I didn’t call YOU mag drivel or epic fail, I called the review these things.

    Please read properly

    Mahala, Andy, Andrei you guys are all hypocrites, but you’re too stuck in your own shoes to bother stepping into another’s in order to see that.

    have a nice day

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  78. fred says:

    @tam – You think mahala is filled with a bunch of hypocrites who are ‘stuck in their own shoes’ and yet you still find the time and energy to type http://www.mahala.co.za into your search bar…
    (why even bother)
    you laughed at those who work for YOU, yet you somehow support them by buying and reading the magazine
    (why even bother)
    next thing, you’re gonna say that people who comment on online articles deserve sad lives?
    dude. make up your mind.
    YOU’RE hypocrisy is beginning to show

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  79. Tam says:

    sigh… simply put, you didn’t read and missed the point

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  80. FACT. says:

    No one in this industry makes much money.

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  81. FACT. says:

    Two Door were fucking mighty.

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  82. Will says:

    Wow, this really just turned into a shit slinging contest.

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  83. ian says:

    summary of this article: “waah, waah”
    I had a rad time and the bands played well. the venue was visually mindblowing, and the journey there was pretty rad.
    “the drunks at the back” Who the fuck wrote this holier-than-thou, cynical, I-can’t-ignore-some-drunks-cuz-I’m-sad-they-didn’t-have-my-size-at-the-salvation-army, whiny bullshit?
    The drinks were overpriced cuz the tickets were free; cry me a fucking river.
    If you don’t want to buy overpriced food, don’t be a fucking moron, eat before you go out.
    If you don’t think the band is worth anything, don’t review their gigs.
    Who the fuck cares whether 5 gum deserves the new fandom, who the fuck cares that Two Door Cinema Club got a chance to break into a market that may never have taken an interest in them, who the fuck cares that a whole lot kids with internet connections got to go to a free show?
    Mahala, sort out your house, your reviews are whiny and cynical. Not what the amazing South African live music scene needs.

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  84. kredyt bez zaswiadczen says:

    yes, and a way to kill it and be passive poster.


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