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Check out Pretoria band, the Make-Overs and download their album, Mahala-style HERE.

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Even though the Make-Overs might have started off as some unidentifiable apparition lurking around the edges they have managed to methodically inch their way forward into the popular consciousness through intense self reliance, integrity, grit and determination.

With some highly regarded and influential past bands behind them, Andreas (Guitar/Vox) and Martinique (Drums/Vox) have come a long way together and for the last decade have released 30 full length albums in various projects. One of their previous projects of note was legendary local underground phenomena: Sticky Antlers, featured in Punk Rock in Africa (alongside the Make-Overs) as the Punk representative of Pretoria and voted “bright young thing 2009” in Art SA, as well as being mentioned in Mail and Guardian (Lloyd Gedey), Beeld, Sunday Times Magazine August 2012 (as part of Diane Coetzer’s article on great Rock Bands), The Weekender and having their debut self titled album released on Paul Riekert’s label One F Music. Unfortunately the Sticky Antlers had to disband after Damon Civin (Guitarist and general noise maker) was accepted on a full scholarship into Cambridge UK, and if you knew the Sticky Antlers you’d know not a single member could ever be replaced. The end of Sticky Antlers meant the beginning of something new and in June 2010, the couple realised that by stripping down to the bare elemental sonic needs they could create the full fledged sound that most 4 piece acts still can’t reach.

Any comparisons to other duo’s will be swiftly forgotten after seeing their fierce and frantic live shows, catapulting the audience into an unstoppable hypnotic state, with an electric stage presence that just can‘t be ignored and delivered with an unapologetic punk attitude. Initially seen as a garage rock/surf/punk band, but with the release of Centipede-sing-a-long and their recent live shows it’s clear that the Make-Overs have grown into more than just another “one trick pony“ creating a sonic template bursting with an endless stream of inventive possibilities that cut through you like a machete.

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