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THOTS Burning Rubber

by Roger Young / 11.09.2009

The reason the Durex Ultimate Battle Of The Bands Competition stands head and shoulders above the rest of competitions of this ilk is the fact that its system of choosing bands is not just based on how good the band is musically, but also how the band deals with promotion, management, backstage courtesies and all the other myriad things that make a succesful outfit.

There are awesome prizes to be won, all in different categories (Condoms! Money! Recording Time! Festival Dates! A Trailer!). The genre represented in this competition tends toward the heavier side of rock and it’s telling that most bands that perform in this genre are generally as rehearsed and professional as the jazz cats.

All that aside, the real reason we’re writing about this competition is that Tree Houses On The Sea are competing. They play Burn this Saturday night. Now we would hate to act in an impartial manner, but we have long held the opinion that this genre crossing hip hop, rock, jazz, skank band are one of the best things happening in new music right now. So even if you don’t wanna vote for them, and prefer one of the other bands on the many line-ups around the country for the next few months, you should at least head down and see them.

Here’s a link to the FB group for the competiton: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?src=fftb#/group.php?gid=2576246953&ref=ts

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