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Thor’s African Safari

by Devon Straticzuk, images by Simeon Simeonov / 12.11.2010

“What band is this?“, asks a voice to my left. “Warthane“, I reply with a bit of a shout – I forgot how loud you have to be at these events. It is late afternoon at the Black Dahlia in Boksburg and the place is packed to the rafters. It’s hot and sweaty and I’m literally choking from the air I’m breathing in. None of what I just pointed out seems to be bothering the many Warthane fans in front of the stage however. I had spent the first couple of bands fooling around so I didn’t really pay attention and earlier, after being evicted from our seats by Sathern – so they could set up that massive drum kit – I wasn’t in the mood for their mediocre music hammering against my eardrums, anyway. Not that I’m much of a Warthane fan either, but I was interested to see how Warthane would get on after losing their guitarist Nazar Berezovsky – who passed away in a tragic car accident last month – and as always they put on a good show. It was full of energy and Sean Gouws (the front man) does know how to get the crowd going. Although, at times it looks like he’s about to make sweet love to his instrument. Which is cool, I mean, whatever works. I’m still not a huge fan of the band’s music though.

After Warthane, Strident took to the stage with what I thought was the best performance of the night, besides Ensiferum. Obviously. “Epic South African Power Metal” is what it says under “genre” on their Facebook page and that’s what they are. Epic. Three guitars on one stage and not much ego floating about. Fast, energetic music with no compromise of melody whatsoever. Those duel solo’s tend to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Not forgetting the vocals of course, which are still ringing in my ears as I type this out. Maybe it was the whiskey but the best element for me was that you could see they were having just as much fun as their many fans in the crowd, and that’s what more metal bands should be aiming for – I reckon – have fun instead of being so serious all the time.

Agro were up next and I don’t have much to report on their set mostly due to the fact that I lost interest after what’s his face told the crowd that metalcore is the new punk and that it all sucks because it isn’t true metal. This coming from the band that had just slaughtered “Holy Diver“ by Dio. Not true metal? What kind of statement is that? It’s all friggen metal. Basically what I saw were a bunch of mostly overweight, old men trying to re-live the glory days, if there were any? They did dedicate a song to Nazar though, which was a notable gesture.


Much to my relief All Forlorn were soon onstage and I like this band simply because they are unrelenting, there is not a moment to catch your breath except for those brief moments between songs. Tom Hughes is undeniably one of the better drummers we have in this country and he adds that punch to the chest behind the heavy but precise guitars. The vocalist, Wade Sadler, was new for me; he was super energetic, almost to the point of jumping in with the crowd. After All Forlorn I decided to get some air and then wait in the huge clump of people at the bar for a drink, which meant that I missed most of Riddare Av Koden’s set. Great new name, but from what I heard I don’t like them anymore than I did when they were “Elegy”. It’s not that they are horrible musicians but they aren’t great musicians either and as a whole, I think it shows in the overall finished product. But again, maybe it was the whiskey.

After Riddare Av Koden had finished up I decided it was time to start pushing my way to the front of the crowd, which I managed with considerable ease, joining a couple friends right in the front.
After a quick sound check by Ensiferums crew and much chanting from all of us, on came four men and a girl, shirtless and painted with face paint. Well not the girl, sadly. They were finally on stage and into their first song.

Ensiferum are a melodic folk metal band from Finland and are made up of Petri Lindroos and Markus Toivonen on guitars, bassist Sami Hinkka, Janne Parviainen on drums and Emmi Silvennoinen on the keyboard with all the members doing vocals with the exception of the drummer. I’d only ever heard Ensiferum a few days earlier and had really enjoyed what I did hear and I was enjoying what was right in front of me even more and, judging by the pushing and shoving, I wasn’t the only one either. “Scream for me South Africa !”, and we scream. Petri replies, “That was pretty good but I know you can do better than that, let me hear you!”, and again and again we try. “That last one was worse than the one before, again!”, and again we scream, mercifully this time he was satisfied and they start off again.

This band is amazing to watch live, not one chord wrong, not one word sung out of key, song after song after song. But what would you expect from a band that’s been going since 1995 and toured all over the world? You expect them to be amazing and anything less would just be disappointing. The bassist, Sami Hinkka, was the highlight for me. Not just because he looks like a Viking but because he feeds off everyone in the crowd. Going in for high fives, getting us to chant along to songs and making us part of the show. Petri Lindroos is an incredible guitarist with a mean voice to match. He had this sort of look where he puts his leg up on the monitor and just stares at the crowd and you know he’s thinking “hell yeah, I am a metal god!”. They had a nice long set, and by the end of it all I was exhausted and some late night McDonalds was in order. All in all a good night and money well spent. The only down side was the three days of ringing in my right ear.


*All images © Simeon Simeonov.

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  1. TheRealMetalGuy says:

    You obviously have no clue, not liking Warthane, Sathern and Agro slaughtering holy diver, and being fat old men??? and All Forlorn being your relief?? Errr… mkay, Strident were great and so were Riddare av Koden IMO whos set was a very good “finished product”, and as for musicianship – i dont think any SA band can compare to these guys, that whiskey must have kicked pretttttttttty early man, either that or you’re a all kinda core/rock/pop/justin bieber lover…

    One thing i will agree with is that Ensiferum were amazing 🙂

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  2. crowkiller9 says:

    TheRealMetalGuy, I agree with you that those bands you mentioned are pretty good, you gotta remember that this is the reviewers opinion. I was there too and I loved the whole gig. Warthane, Sathern, Agro, and especially Riddare were great, but if he didn’t enjoy the bands thats his opinion. No need to bash him dude. That’s pretty lame.

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  3. RiaanP says:

    “hell yeah, I am a metal god!”
    Nice one! 😀

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  4. gaapkous says:


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  5. Angry Drunken Viking says:

    I stopped reading after the comments regarding Agro.

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  6. Corpse Painted Panda says:

    Just to clear a few things up: You start this review by saying “I reply with a bit of a shout – I forgot how loud you have to be at these events”. This proves you are not an avid metal follower so to write a review that completely disregards some of the supporting acts as worthy musicians is not your place. If you didnt like some of the bands, why not just write about the bands you did like? I dont think anyone cares for your negative opinionated views on what makes a good musician.
    “It’s hot and sweaty and I’m literally choking from the air I’m breathing in. None of what I just pointed out seems to be bothering the many Warthane fans in front of the stage however”. A few more words from you that prove you dont actually support the scene. What the f@#ck do you expect from a metal club??!! Ponies and rainbows and air that tastes like bubblegum??!!

    And might I just add that metal is an aggressive form of music so while it might look to you like the muso’s are trying to be all mean, if you actually understood real metal you would know that the emotion just comes over them naturally because of the sheer aggression and power of real metal. And even though you enjoyed Ensiferum, you failed to mention a big thank you to Riddare ov Koden ( the band you dissed) for bringing them to our country.

    And Sean looks like he’s making love to his instrument because he is doing something he is passionate about! Playing guitar!! Playing metal!! Feeling the music!! Not bouncing around like an idiot class clown with a big stoopid grin on his face like some of the bands I feel you might listen to.

    I thought I’d just point out that you sounded more like a whiney little bitch with not much else to say but complain than a worthy journalist with something worthwhile to say thus bringing me to the conclusion that inexperienced so called ‘metal’ kiddies ( such as yourself) should not support real metal events when they have sand in their vaginas.

    Because YOU SIR!! …. have a sandy vagina:)

    Good day!

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  7. :/ says:

    If you ask me, it would seem that the Panda guy put more effort into whinging in his comment, than the journalist did in putting his opinion down in writing. Who has the sandy vagina now?

    Lol, hypocrite

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  8. Corpse Painted Panda says:

    Just tired of know it all kids in the scene. and it was not whinging you berk. I was standing up for my friends, now go play in the traffic:) theres a good lad:D

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  9. Mediocre, at best says:

    Just out of interest, who gave you the misguided advice or impression that your writing skills are worth the paper you put them down on? This read more like an essay about a primary school pupil’s weekend at Aunty Jane’s than a gig comprising world-class homegorown and international talent.

    Your viewpoints are rarely objective and mostly negative about the whole evening. If they didn’t interest you, why not keep your uninformed jackass of an opinion to yourself? You are more interested to see “how Warthane would get on after losing their guitarist Nazar Berezovsky” than actually writing a decent review of their music. That’s f*&king morbid and macabre, man.

    No acknowledgement of the rich and diverse musicianship which drives our metal scene forward against all odds. Then again, you are obviously not that intimately involved with the scene to know all its in’s and out’s. This begs the question then: what qualifies you to write this “review”? Nothing, as far as I can see.

    Anyway, I hope your Mickey D’s made up for your ringing ears and that Mom tucked you in with your full little pot-belly after your “good night”.

    Keep up the “good work”, man. More mediocre cannon fodder such as this is exactly what the media and the brainless herds need.

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  10. Anonymous says:

    Sheesh, the guy gave his honest opinion – cut him some slack. I, personally, am sick of local gig reviews calling every single band that plays “brutal” and “awesome” and being too damn scared to criticise where they see fit. Where’s the objectivity? How is our scene supposed to grow and develop if everyone’s kissing everyone else’s ass the whole time? The Agro “overweight” comments were a little out of line, sure, but otherwise I think it’s refreshing to see some honesty.


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  11. Andy says:

    God, why are metal fans such anal bitches?

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  12. A Brainless Herd Member says:

    Metal is confusing. It’s dull, relentless, noisy, ugly and super technical but it’s made by the people who’s super technical dullness is responsible for the running of society; computer programmers, stock brokers, real esate agents. I don’t ever want to piss them off because they’re aggressive nitpicky people who basically have to to retreat into this world because otherwise they’d kill themselves. I feel sorry for them but I’m never going to tell them that their form of rebellion and fighting of the man is largely aimed at themselves, that they should just stop buying so many leather pants and glowing PC towers and rather spend the money on yoga and holidays because I need their lives to continue in the shitty ways that they are so that hopefully one day they’ll program some shit that makes it possible to be able order pizza from my computer at three am while I’m masturbating to pictures of their girlfriends posing as suicide girls in pseudo tuscan villa/cinderblock concertration camps in sunningdale.

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  13. Devon Straticzuk says:

    For the record, “TheRealMetalGuy”, “Corpse Painted Panda” and “Mediocre, at best” all your comments about how i don’t know anything about the scene or metal music or that i don’t understand it, are completely unfounded. You don’t know me, you don’t know that i was in a metal band for a number of years. You don’t know that i used to organise gigs all over Jhb with many different bands from all genres. So i think i know a fair amount about the scene, I’ve supported it for many many years. I love the music our country produces, not just the metal. My view of the evening was not a negative one, in fact i have nice things to say about half the bands i mentioned. If you didn’t like the review, fine, thats your opinion. But don’t start telling me i know nothing about your precious little metal scene, stop being so sensitive and get over yourselves. Shot for reading it though 🙂

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  14. Steven av Koden says:

    So, if you really have many positive things to say about half the bands you mentioned… Then why didn’t you? Why did you instead list the negative aspects of those bands with a fair amount of unnecessary reasoning?

    You’re involved and well aware of everything in the South African metal scene ‘ey? – ‘old men trying to re-live the glory days, if there were any?’ – You’ve made it very clear you aren’t well aware of Argo’s history and the fact that they actually saved the Metal scene in South Africa and have made it relatively far as a South African Metal band.

    And dude seriously if you were a real musician or a respectful one at least, why take a knock at Riddare av Koden’s Musicianship? I’m heavily involved in the industry (South African Music industry) and never have I come across a true musician who says or would say something like that. Yes they are tastefully critical about the music itself but not the musicianship… I have heard your music, and your guitar playing skills but I’m not going to throw mediocrity or insult at your musicianship… But anyway, thank you for your opinion.

    The Article was alright but you might possibly want to handle your criticism with more diplomacy and thought… And maturity (Mainly within reference to your Agro bitch fit).

    ~Steve~ R.a.K

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  15. Gladys Kravitz says:

    How dare you Devon! How dare you express your opinion on a website filled with opinion pieces! How dare you be so critical, you critic! How dare you deviate from all the 30 year old balding angry men of your genre and form a different opinion, you scoundrel! How dare you air out your perceptions! Don’t you know that any self respecting writer ONLY writes positively about everything? How dare you report the negative things! Thats right, this is the South African music scene, where people honestly believe that ‘if you having nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all’ and ‘there is no place for negative reviews amongst the hard working south african bands’ (no matter how shitty they may be).

    I hereby call for a Musicians Media Tribunal! These bloody agents need to stop being so mean about South African music! From now on, any article written about anyone, including everyone from Agro to Danny K, has to state only nice things. If they can’t play guitar, rather focus your comments on something nice about them like their pleasant smiles or healthy looking hair.

    This is the world that I would like to live in. Where i only have to read positive things. None of this opinion crap. I want all bands/musicians to get the same shiny, happy, positive review.

    Thank you.

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  16. Conformist says:

    wow…. I think ‘metal heads’ can be more petty and immature then J Bieber and twilight fans combined. It’s his opinion, if you don’t like it – don’t read it! And if you can do a better job, write your own damn review. :p
    p.s. just because you enjoy metal does not necessarily mean you enjoy listening to it surrounded by sweaty die hard fans.

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  17. Natas says:

    Im so glad that not everyone is a narrow minded metal elitist. I agree that as South Africans we cant lick the ass of every band purely because they are from here.

    One of the biggest problems with the metal scene here is that there is an over saturation of shit. I remember going to Roxy’s on a friday night years ago and you were guaranteed to see some decent bands. Nowadays, everywhere you go is shit. Crap bands playing crap shows to a crowd that knows crap because they are fed crap day in and day out.

    It is definately a weak display of journalistic integrity to slander the openning acts. Unless they were unbearable there’s no need to mention them at all. Rather avoid the whole negative issue.
    Bashing Agro?! Dude, they played Wacken Open Air. What have you ever done?

    As always there’s also the whole “If you dont like it your probably into core shit”. The inner elitist shinning through. 50% of all thrash music is influenced by hardcore. Go listen to Cro-Mags you noob. Crossover was one of the biggest genre’s of the 90’s and still has bands putting out solid solid albums.

    If you want to stereotype then please tell me why every band that plays “True metal \M/” sounds like Children of Bodom. Looks like Children of Bodom. Use the same onstage moves as COB. Stand on the monitors like Alexi and generally use white V guitars? I mean shit. Norther are pretty much blatant copies. For every rad band there are dousands of immitations. These are the bands worth slandering.

    Do you think satan gives a shit?

    Destroy everything. Fuck the mainstream. Stop complaining and start your own band.

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  18. Writer Hater says:

    I hope this site is called mahala because they don;t pay the writers. Because if they paid you, they just lost a bunch of cash that they could have used on something good.

    Focus on the the better aspects show, not shit you think everyone is.

    The point of a review is to give a well rounded sum up of the night, not hate on some bands and lick the others bums.

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  19. Anonymous says:

    hahaha, whats funny is agro ripped into other genres blatantly on stage and I bet all those true metal faqns raised some horns and cried ‘aye’ but then someone else rips on their little club and they’re all, ‘hey wait a second now buddy fuck you!!’

    god. i love the metal scene in this counry and i hate you idiots so much.

    Fresh constructive opinion is important. you can take more away from critical writing than sheep herd limp wristed reach arounds. aren’t you supposed to be about killing sheep and herd mentality anyway? you should be praising this response.
    and fuck, who is more critical than a metal fan anyway? it makes you look bad when you dish it out so willingly but then take it like a little bitch.

    also, wtf does riddare av koden even mean, exactly? you know, i’m just asking as a south african metal fan here. i feel like i can totally relate to your music.

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  20. Steven av Koden says:

    Anonymous – Not really sure if you’re talking to me or the entire board but anyway… Don’t read into things that aren’t there – also don’t try and relate emotion to text over the internet. I was fairly polite, highly amused and I was sharing my honest opinion – Rather read what I write with humour than aggression.

    Fresh constructive opinion is important and brilliant! Yes and that’s why I did thank the guy for it – even though there’s nothing I personally can take away from it – His direct critical stance that Riddare av Koden are ‘not horrible musicians but they aren’t great musicians either’ attacks each individual member of the band based on assumption and if he didn’t list anything about the actual performance (as music takes only a portion of it), what was the point of mentioning the band at all? The same goes for the Sathern comment… So what exactly should I personally praise? – The guy doesn’t like our music, he didn’t watch our set, he thinks we’re average – end of story, where’s the constructive criticism? What exactly is it that he doesn’t like? What are the defining aspects of the ‘unfinished product’ that makes him say… ‘meh…’ – These are factors that should’ve been included – Not an entire sentence with the conclusion of ‘I don’t like them hey, they’re average musicians making average music’… If you want to be a critic provide reason to back up that opinion, so that it could be something we could work on as a band. Obviously all musicians would love to see more diplomacy in critical reviews (Unfortunately the world of the critic, knows no diplomacy) but in this review I would say I care more for real reason and thought than diplomacy, in all honesty. I’m not arguing, I’m not bitching about it – I’m telling the guy what I think could make his review, an actual review… I have received more criticism from pop and jazz critics (Yes far more critical than metalheads, just by the way) in the South African music industry however that criticism was always enforced and relevant to the event – To notify the reader that they were paying attention and yes that they do know what they’re talking about… By Devon claiming that he’s been involved in the industry for many years (at the age of 21?) and that he was part of a band is irrelevant, frivolous and not enforcing.

    If someone writes how personally offended they were by an opinion about Metalcore shared on stage by Agro and then provided that reason to write a band off completely – How can you take anything seriously after that? That certainly isn’t something a critic does, it’s what a typical metalcore fan does. Furthermore the comment about Argo showed its worth with ‘re-live the glory days, if there were any?’ – Argo fans are diehard fans, they’re like Manowar fans, so yes expect the defence – questioning Agro’s ‘glory days’ clearly states how little you know of them. Which in the minds of Argo fans means you shouldn’t talk about them, at all.

    Riddare av Koden means ‘Knights (Riders) of the code’ in Swedish – You can make the connection with most Central and Northern Germanic languages as there are similarities in wording.

    ~Steve~ R.a.K

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  21. Anonymous says:

    agro suck and what a stupid name for a south african metal band – wtf swedish you fucking puppets. hey clone, whats up? not much bra just rocking some knights of the code. you can totally make the connection with most central and northern germanic languages.

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  22. Anonymous says:

    whoever wrote this is a POES

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  23. Natas says:

    So its fine for “Real metallers” to rip on any other bands or any other genre, but if people rip on you they’re a POES?

    Shit, i bet we’ve got another Children of Bodom fan over here!

    What would Tom Araya do?

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  24. Shay Av Koden says:


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  25. Shay Av Koden says:

    I love how the only comparison people can make is Children of Bodom.

    Norther, Bodom, Riddare, Kalmah. None ov those bands sound anything like. You should seriously start listening to more music. If you think those bands sound anything alike, your ears are made ov shit.

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  26. Steven av Koden says:


    Riddare (Riders) av (of) Koden (code) – If you’re so retarded that you don’t know English is a Germanic language and that you can’t make the connection, then that’s not my problem. Furthermore why take an aggressive stance because I answered to your comment?

    Oh and I, Steven wrote it, you see unlike you I have the balls to display my name – Why because I damn fucking proud of what I have to say. And please tell me why is it so common for your type to always reply with a comment with no point and no direction? You see Anonymous ‘it makes you look bad when you dish it out so willingly but then take it like a little bitch.’… Sound familiar? 🙂

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  27. Steven av Koden says:


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  28. Anonymous says:

    dude your bands name is totally faggot thats not fault buddy.
    You are a stereotype, from the music to the name. Cliche. Boring. Your envelope remains unpushed. your benchmark was set years ago and your stubborn insecurities wont let you branch away from it. you’ve modeled yourself on imported ideals. your music taste, skill and song writing is built around a text book. no boundaries will fall beneath your sword. no adventure lies in your creative future.

    and yes, i speak english, and so i am not supposed to be able to translate germanic lord of the rings band names at the drop of a hat. forgive me for being so stupid that i dont masturbate to pictures of thor making out with hitler.
    in case you hadn’t noticed, we’re in south africa. not sweden.
    i’m just pointing that out to you in case you missed it with your crappy band and shitty name and boring taste in music.
    Cause you know: your bands name is called Riddare Av Koden. And you’re from Secunda.

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  29. Shay Av Koden says:

    “Cause you know: your bands name is called Riddare Av Koden. And you’re from Secunda.”

    And damn fucking Proud ov it.

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  30. Anonymous says:

    i think you mean ‘damn fucking proud AV it’.

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  31. Natas says:

    COB, Kalmah, Norther, Riddare:

    Aleksi Sihvonen (Norther) is doing everything he can to be like Alexi Laiho. He just needs to tweak his surname.

    Want to join the crew?

    Get yourself *Camo pants
    *A hair straightener (If your not European)
    * A white V guitar (any other V shape will do) [make sure its worn low]
    * The Lord of the Rings Box set

    Is it possible for South Africans to play Swedish Death Metal?

    Metallers are just like punks. Replace the leather jacket with camo pants and you’ve got the same narrow minded person.

    Do you guys know that Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir also plays in a hard rock/biker vibe band? Shit! I cant listen to Dimmu anymore!

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  32. Steven av Koden says:

    I never asked if you could speak English, I said it’s clear you don’t know it’s a Germanic Language – And now it’s clear you don’t understand English either. Have some fucking respect for the language you speak and learn the history. What did I say in my first comment – Don’t read into things that aren’t there… And that’s something you’re doing. Now you want to talk about insecurities? 1. Anonymous 2. Your level of English 3. Your unnecessary aggressive stance 4. Your constant references to Riddare av Koden being this and being that – exemplifying Jealousy, etc.

    You have no clear concept of what my taste is in music… So don’t assume… I wouldn’t actually expect you to know anything about taste, skill or song writing – So don’t push your flaws onto me. And don’t stereotype me because you’re a stereotype formed out of your own insecurities and lack of intellect– And because you’re limited to bitching about things you shouldn’t really care about.

    If you were actually following the movements of Riddare av Koden – You would know I’m its newest member and that I’m not from Secunda, and not South African. And even if I was from Secunda, who cares – You don’t have to be Swedish to have a Swedish name – So who’s really setting boundaries here? Only you my friend… Have you maybe thought to yourself possibly our influences lie deep within Scandinavian History? Yes we are in South Africa and yes we have a Swedish name, who cares? Only you apparently… You do realise how sad that is? Do you? Have you considered killing yourself because it bothers you so much? If not, I think you should. You want to talk about being a great South African Metal fan? So then surely you must know there’s nothing South African about Metal – So again what’s the point of your comment? You’re just sounding more and more retarded every time you reply…

    *sigh… Again a comment with no purpose and no direction, you’re one of those ‘get the last word in’ people as well. hahahaha… Oh and it is both acceptable to use av and ov, just by the way. If you can’t speak the language… DONT TRY!!!! tsk tsk tsk. 🙂

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  33. Steven av Koden says:

    Natas I get what you’re saying but I personally am by no means a COB, Kalmah or Norther fan, and I definitely don’t look up to Alexi. I rarely wear camo, my head is shaved and V shaped guitars are horrible to play on because of the shape, must admit I have the lords of the rings box set though, ;). I rather look like a blues musician on stage – than a metal one. So based on that I personally don’t see a fashionable culture connection.

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  34. YsterHart says:

    I can’t really understand why anyones getting all worked up about this review. Most of the metalheads I know dont give much of a shit about anyones opinion, and if you really feel the music, niether should you. Dont like the music I like? Whatever, doesnt make me like it any less. Its not like one persons opinion is going to make the amps explode, or guitars not work, or the albums suddenly stop sounding good. Shake it off, man, and keep on playing. Besides, do you really want everyone to like your music? How shit would it be if metal became popular, BAM, there goes the fun out of any of it.

    As for people moaning about South Africans naming their bands with swedish names, come on, these are songs about goblins and dragons and swords and shit. We left relevance and reality behind a long time ago., and we do not miss it.

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  35. Anonymous says:

    do goblins and dragons speak swedish too?

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  36. YsterHart says:

    Why not? Although probably Draconic, common, and orkish. According to the D&D Players Handbook 2nd edition 😉

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  37. Jeff Thomson says:

    Look at that Dev! 36, no 37 comments now! Nice one.

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  38. Jim says:

    Gotta love the SA ‘scene’. A review comes up and everybody starts hating. Read any live gig review in any international magazine and it will be the same as this. The reviewer digs some bands and slags others, it’s always going to be like that. International artists don’t really give a shit about critics, they do what they do because they play for the fans and not the critics.

    I’m not the biggest fan of Ensiferum or some of the bands that played in Durban, which gig I went to, yet I went to support the music and the guys putting everything into it. But give credit where credit is due, Riddare Av Koden brought these guys over and planned it professionaly. In the end I was massively suprised by Ensiferum and these gigs pave the way for other bands to come along.

    Kataklysm are coming next year (so far) and All Shall Perish are seriously looking at coming here too, let’s not fuck it up now with all this bullshit. That’s all I gotta say.

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  39. Starscream says:

    I don’t know Norther. I don’t know Ensiferum that well or COB. I love Korpiklaani, Eluveite and Sotahuuto. I also love Riddare av Koden. R.a.K. are the best metal band this country has seen, they are passionate, they are driven and they are relentless. They are true Defenders of the Faith. Whether you like them or not, support them because they are flying our flag.
    They are tribal, European tribal even tho they are freshblood South Africans.
    This is not about what bands you may or may not like, this is about metal, metal is the only thing that counts. Stick together, and, as Max would say: Fuck shit up!
    Bring on the Kataklysm!

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  40. Anonymous says:

    HORSE the band already came to SA.
    We dont need anyone else.

    I bet you metal purists loved that shit.

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  41. Reverend Steel says:

    keep metal pure! any band that has ‘core’ at the end of their title are usualy a bunch of short haired jocks that cant commit to the heavy metal culture.
    yes!!!! metal-core IS the new punk!! and bands like B.M.T.H. and WE BUTTER OUR BREAD WITH BUTTER know as much about metal culture as BLINK 182 Knew about punk culture…..nothing!!! because they are ……..poserrrrs!!! R.AV Koden, warthane, sathern etc live and bleed for their music and while you are singing ‘dance all night till you cant feel your leeeeeegs’ at the nearest metal-core party where parkway drive, eminem and the latest hardstyle trance are the new rage… the above mentioned are keeping it real and are hard at work mastering their trade for a genre that has stood the test of time and long out lived all the kiddie core trends that fizzle out and are never even remembered!
    HAIL Riddare av koden for a triumphant night of heavy metal.
    and Devon….er…shame…but if you would like a lesson in metal, give me a call.

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  42. Reverend Steel says:

    by the way, i am whats his face from Agro…and the song dedicated to Naz WAS holy diver.
    and im so not surprised that you only heard of ensiferum a few days earlier as if you actually gave a shit about metal you would have noticed that they have been huge in the metal underground for a decade now.
    now go away and listen to your copied version of 30 seconds to mars… and leave the metal to the metalheads.

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  43. Starscream says:

    I stand up for Punk.
    Punk is brilliant, and it has its place in Metal.
    What I am sying is, stop using Punk in a derogatory sense.
    Don’t taint Punk with Core.

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  44. Anonymous says:

    My God. ” Metalheads ” are such snobs

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  45. Reverend Steel says:

    srarscream, did you not cringe in the mid 90’s when sugar punk was the rage and every sa band jumped on the band wagon? totally fucked it up for those that always believed in it!!!

    punk was raped in the 90s by commertial fags! metal is being raped now by core bands!!!

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  46. Natas says:

    Huh? Your the narrow minded box jumper. Punk in the 90’s was’nt sugar coated. Powerage and Wild Youth, which moved into the early Vendetta Cartel, Evil Eddies and Kiddie Fidlers. Are you so shalow in the underground culture that your take on it is influenced by the mainstream? Sure there was Tweak and the Finkelsteins, but why would you even consider that punk? Much like you, yourself are attaching crappy “Deathcore” under a metal label. No one said it was metal, you did.

    The metal scene is being raped by every shit head who thinks he can play music. Now im taking a pot shot because you seem to be able to slander every genre, but if someone says shit about “Reeeeallll meeeetaaaaal!!!” then you take offence. Ridarre Av Koden, for example, BLATANTLY imitate the Swedish/ Norwegian battle metal style. On a completely average level. Is it not detrimental to the metal scene when bands get up and give it a bad name by playing crap? Its sacriledge if you see someone playing “Core” music with metal influences, just as much as it is to see someone go up and take a shit on the whole genre of metal itself.

    Im so proud of Warthane. They have not once, seperated themselves from the metal community. Not once have they told other people their genre/music is shit. They have stuck to what they do and now its paying off. No need for crappy cover albums or anything.

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  47. Reverend Steel says:

    for the record, i was/am a big fan of ‘fiddlers, ‘eddies, dismissed etc and if you think for one minute that the god awful finklestiens did not taint the reputation of punk….then i guess its safe to say that marilyn manson is a great representitive of true metal.

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  48. samesame says:

    @ Shay – Norther, Bodom, Riddare, Kalmah don’t sound alike? C’mon seriously, there’s only so much a band can do with that style, it’s really quite specific.

    And at Natas/Satan (wow, it’s an anagram), by calling other bands elitist, what does that make you hmm? Can someone say errrr… hypocrite?

    That’s the problem with heavy genres; there’s too much testosterone/aggression which forces anyone’s opinions into the elitist trap.

    Yeah..and sorry to say, Riddare have all the right attitude, but none of the talent.
    Bands like this seem to get stuck in an adolescent fixation with an idolized band which borders on the homo-erotic.Seriously…Shay, from the baggy camo pants to the white V to the Alexi-hair-flick-just-before-you-‘solo’..can you seriously say that you aren’t copying him?

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  49. TheGreatGazoo says:

    TheGreatGazoo thinks Riddare AV(ril Lavigne) Kodden rock my pumpkin!!!!!!!

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  50. Anonymous says:

    OMG!!! Devon Straticzuk i want your babies!!!! WOW!

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  51. chearleader... says:

    I think the people who are being so poes to the wrighter needs to get laid and get a life. He’s expressing his opinion! And i rate you all need to find better things to do….you can form groups and play little chess games and let the big boys do there job!!!
    Thats all…bye

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  52. Anonymous says:

    @ chearleader

    Learn how to spell because if the big boys can, I’m sure you can too. And work on your disses because that up there^^^ was fucking pathetic. AND! Yes he is expressing his opinion, thanks for stating the obvious (retard), it doesn’t mean everybody has to agree with it. What would be the point of Devon writing the article opinionatedly if people weren’t going to disagree, comment, bitch and moan? Do you think writers review events to get comments from dirty scene whores commenting ‘i want your babies’ or two-faced overly friendly people too scared to publicly admit their differences? Come on ‘chearleader’ L! O! G! I! C! LOGIC!!!! Try and use it. 🙂

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  53. Anonymous says:

    Oh and @samesame

    There’s only so much any band can do with any style and styles become far more limited when we talk about the majority of metal bands in SA, who follow the Metalcore and Death metal route and 90% of SA metal bands are 110% mimics. All I know is that I’m fucking proud of Riddare av Koden for doing something different in the SA scene and the fact that they’re actually far more patriotic than most South Africans, makes me even happier. Whether or not you believe they have talent doesn’t actually matter, the fact that it appears they’re going somewhere with their music means so much more than your shit little comment primarily attacking shay.

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