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This is Oorlog

This is it boys. This is Oorlog!

by Roger Young / 30.10.2009

The Groupies are all about PH van Pletzen. While Yesterdays Pupil is on stage waving his techno bits around the front row is a solid row of plaid and GHD hair writhing and panting. The second row is made up of guys talking about how unfair this is. Now I don’t know what was going on at Klein Libertas Wednesday night, like someone spiked the water or something but half way through Mr. Sakitumi’s jazzy head bobbing set there was some kind of sea change in the audience (or I had had one drink too many) and the room filled up, where expectations flowed away, and people just accepted that they were being taken on a musical jaunt with electric double bass, turntables and electronics.


Then Yesterday’s Pupil steps up on stage and launches into his Ian Curtis on MDMA guesting with a dépêche mode jazz cover band brand of electro funkness. Morphing from one bit of electronic gizmo to another to the drums, I mean it’s Yesterday’s Pupil you know the score. I would say things got messy at that point, a short announcement from Peach stating that he was, “fokken dronk”, a falling microphone stand and then tight musical skill and awesome rocking outness, somehow its like the guy is the music, or at least its part of him and he can do no wrong, it would be one thing if it was all coming from his machine, but it’s laptop synths, guitar, funny pad thing, and drums and very little room for error. There was a sort of enthusiastic highness to the performance and a jazzy joy that was bolstered by the surprise guest stars that kept coming. First that crazy Catwalk Trash chick got up on stage and did a just short of Flashdance routine during the drum solo. That was the only moment when Peach nearly missed a beat. Sakitumi jumped on board and took over on the drums for a bit and then the whole evening started turning into an inbred musical playground on keytar shaped LSD.

Jack Parow

Yesterday’s Pupil says, “and now ladies and gentlemen, we are Oolog Frankenstein!” And is joined on stage by Francois Van Coke who delivers a rambling speech about his penis and sings along and then they launch into a song whose lyrics I vaguely remember as being something like “Penis. Penis. Penis. Penis is my lewe.” I say vaguely remember because there was such chaos on the dance floor by that point that it was hard to concentrate. François then scolded those in the crowd with, “the men here who didn’t sing along don’t deserve to have a penis.” Then they went into their last song, yes Oorlog Frankenstein has only two songs, so Francois says, “we’re gonna play it twice.” He then proceeds to prance around the stage, his inner faggot possessing him occasionally, grinning like a mad person. There was something in his performance that was like a liberation and I have totally developed a new respect for the man, standing on the speakers singing: “Dans Dans Dans, Ek Wil Fokken Fokken Dans!”

This is Oorlog

They start the track again and Jack Parow gets on stage and they do a totally different version with Peach on “harmonies” and a general beaming smile of a performance oozing off the stage. Yesterday’s Pupil and Oorlog with Sakitumi was a freestyling, tight, jazzy, uncomplicated, technically superb, unapologetic celebration filled with sly references and totally lacking in self-consciousness. In some weird way it made me feel special for just having seen it. The end.

*Yesterday’s Pupil and Mr. Sakitumi are playing at the Mercury in Cape Town tonight (Friday 30 October 2009).

Images © and courtesy Annie Klopper

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  1. Tecla says:

    Roger, you’re a frikkin fantastic writer dude. I get very bored very quickly with most reviews/features but you did the gig epic justice.

    I’m off to the gig at Mercury tonight and after reading this, I’m so stoked to finally see what all the hype is about.


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