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The Soil Acapellas

by Tseliso Monaheng / 31.03.2014

It’s an exciting time for live music in Johannesburg at the moment. Whether independently or through the assistance of a record label, bands are making important strides in their careers while also ensuring that their followers stay clued up at every turn.

One of these is the acapella group The Soil, who are still riding the wave of their eponymous debut release. They announced that they’re working on a new set of songs during an appearance at Skyroomlive recently. It’ll be interesting to hear what they’ll sound like without Samkelo Mdolomba (alias Samthing Soweto), the vocalist who parted ways with The Soil shortly after work on their album was completed. The audience took in every moment of their well-oiled live show, a spectacle which adds another dimension to the rather monotone nature of the album songs.

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