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Kings of the Indie Footstomp

The Kings Of The Indie Footstomp

by Roger Young / 19.10.2009

Looking like the bastard child of some Polynesian god and Magnum P.I. Marty is all smiles and screams as he, chin cocked, posing swagger, foot on monitor, screams the end of one of the City Bowl Mizers tracks. The kids in front hardly stop moving in time to erupt in cheers before the next frenetically paced song is pumping out all guitar and drums and keys, the crowd is surfing constantly and jumping and behaving like punk rockers on MDMA. They’re here for the party, they’re in the party pit receiving fellow Mizer friends from the sky as they climb the speaker stacks and somersault and rally the stage to take the mic and sing the words along with Marty, the ring leader, sometimes 3 extra at a time.

City Bowl Mizers

A Mizers party is a Mizers party; you might as well accept that. And the Good Tmes album launch at Jubilee Hall is a Super Mizers Gig, five hundred faithful at least, packed into a hall that sometimes gets only four hundred for five times that many bands. It has all the elements that this very young crowd always bring with them. Mostly early twenties, divided between those that dance all night and those that don’t have the stamina. And here is the thing, those that do have the stamina are fueled directly by the Mizers themselves, by the open invitation to climb on stage and dive, by the manic frenetic energy of the songs and by the good natured openness washing off stage.

The sound is always loud at a Mizers gig sometimes making it seem like all their songs are the same song, a great song, but all the same one, sometimes a little slow at the beginning sometimes a little slow at the end, but always that fast tempo shouting wailing middle bit that drives a crowd mad.

City Bowl Mizers

And I’m standing there with a friend watching all this and he says to me pointing at the speaker stacks, “I’d never let my kids do that” and we get into a grumbling conversation about the pacing of the set and how the songs all sound the same and how no one is here for the music, that no one is listening and this is an album that will not sell. But over the course of the next day I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of people I bump into who are listening to Good Tmes and loving it and, yes, recorded there is definitely more of a difference between songs.

Marty is on stage trying to open a bottle of cheap champagne and failing (“Those pictures are going on failblog he announces after”) the kids in the crowd so lost in the surf that they hardly notice until he gets it open and sprays it onto them. There is a vitality and an undeniable joy at a Mizers gig. Sometimes to me it seems like they are more concerned with the party than the music, but then again all the kids know the words if Marty goes off key or blanks out. I wonder how they will be when they start getting bigger crowds, playing at venues that separate them slightly from the audience. Will the energy cross that small gap, or will they have to start bringing nuance and pacing to their sets? Until then I am happy to be the bearded guy at the back who doesn’t quite know what the fuck he’s missing out on.

All images © and courtesy Mark Reitz

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  1. The Dude says:

    Is it just me, or did Martin have longer hair and a moustache at the show?

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  2. Roger Young says:

    Its not you, its not me, its them, I’ve been trying to get pictures of the gig for 2 days. But the Mizers are sleeping it off.

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  3. Jo says:

    The Mizers gave us a gift that night.
    An example of the the Dirtbin we have been dreaming of.

    A true reflection of the amalgamation of scenes that define and drive our little city’s musical heart, where kids dive emotionally and physically headfirst into the chords beats and harmonies of the songs.

    I was filled with an incredible sense of pride that night.
    It was a perfect example of the Durban I love the most.

    The Mizers raised the bar, and Durban was up to the task.


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  4. Killer Kane says:

    People, that was rock’n roll stripped BARE !!! Nothing pretentious, no posing, a basic essence that is missed by most emerging bands be they local or foreign. What am I missing or was I the only one not smoking something or ballsed out on booze? A 21 song set (yes, I counted …. and FO Green day) including encores. The beauty is that every Mizers song connects the hipbone to the feet – no way do they sound the same. These are melodies crafted in the true tradition of rock-meets-pop. What got to me the most was the seamless connection between the band and fans/audience – that is a rocking horse poo chemistry that bands would sell their soul for. I am hooked – roll on the Mizer juggernaut.

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  5. Ally says:

    I had fun.

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  6. Dannyboy says:

    Mizers are crap. They are undoubtedly the jocks of the alternative world. Their songs all blend into eachother to form 1 giant ball of try hard audio. Their following is relatively big, but the crowd always consists of the same people. Little school girls who want to say they,re alternative and dont know better music, and guys in checkered shirts who shout at the band to make sure everyone there knows that they know the band. Its chick rock at best. It saddens me that this is pretty much the best durban has to offer. For shame

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  7. Ally says:

    I agree.
    Douchebag jocks.

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  8. MarkR says:

    I named my hamster Ally.

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  9. Nich says:

    Yeah dude. I agree with Dannyboy too.
    City Bowl’s music and performances are as bad as this website is completely perfect and its commenters are rational, articulate and correct all the damn time.

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  10. xALT_GIRLx says:

    I <3 CBM!

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  11. xALT_GIRLx says:

    I <3 CBM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  12. Fannyboy says:


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  13. Annie says:

    Who says dannyboy’s comment is rational ??sorry dude you are a real music snob !!!they are light hearted indie and who may I ask are you comparing them 2?

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  14. Danny pack says:

    whats wrong with being a jock?

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  15. Danny Pack says:

    DANNY, I reckon you must hate Jocks cuz your younger brother gave you so many wedgies as kid, maybe you’re just a fat poes who’s never quite got along with anybody or maybe you sweat so much in bed it makes sex unpleasant for you partner.

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  16. Dannyboy says:

    Hahahahahaha thanks to[alt_girl] for proving my point.(no offence to you though).ok so its fine to say they\’re soft indie rock, but then why are all the shows orchestrated in a way that lends itself to more hard music? Ah yes because once again the people just dont know any better.of course this is subject to criticism and CBM fans are going to stay that way. Also, im not going to put down who im comparing them to, because my music tastes wont necessarily match yours. My problem isnt so much with the music (though for me its just unoriginal), as it is with the performers\’ attitudes on stage. If youre not a girl or a friend of the band then Fuck Off. Its like seeing Backstreet boys, but without the mega douchey hair and clothes (well, thats not entirely true). Oh, and haha ya i dont have a brother so ya, nor am I fat and sweaty.

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  17. Ally says:

    City Bowl Mizers try too hard to sound like Minor Threat, and the piano player just wishes he was in Slayer. His haircut makes this obvious. What a loser.

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  18. Adriaan Louw says:

    So danny boy, you want CBM to start singing in Afrikaans and start singing about how angry they are at the culture they’ve grown up in, in a punk rock way? the guys ARE doing something original tit…

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  19. Dannyboy says:

    Hmmm,ok id love to know exactly what the fuck youre talkin about adriaan? That comment made no sense. Songs that sing about anger towards a broken culture are fucking lame. And like i said, although i dont necessarily like their music,who gives a shit? If i had to diss all the music in the world that i hate, well then i would be dead! Read my words. Performances are so stuck up, and theres this feeling of hate for anyone who has no personal connections with the band

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  20. Dannyboy says:

    Oh and punk rock is the shit that the alternative scene spews out

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  21. Ally says:

    Do you actually know the band? Personally? What gives you the idea that the mizers hate everyone? If you\’d actually ever met, or shared a beer with any of us, you\’d be quick to find that we\’re the kind of dudes who stick up for little dweebs like you – who find themselves in shitty, confrontational situations on account of them opening their gigantic douche-scented mouths and spitting out clueless yet over-opinionated statements and false accusations. Cos we\’re exactly the fucking same. Shit, I did the same thing last night, and feel tremendously embarrassed about it. Dudes are ripping you here, cos you\’re being a dumb and senseless asshole. Chill out, think about what you\’re saying, and realize that it\’s completely unjustified. If you don\’t dig the songs, that is too chilled – you don\’t like what you don\’t like, and if you wanna talk about it on the internet; fair enough. But don\’t shred dudes you don\’t know – including the guys diving and having fun at a show.

    Also, you don\’t know what we listen to. We\’ve been in this scene for a lot longer you might – again, unknowingly – assume.
    \’Alternative\’ is a bullshit umbrella under which uncool dudes hide and convince themselves that they\’re different to everyone, and that they – and only they – have good taste in music.

    There you go. Not tuning you, just talking.

    A super wise man once said,
    \’No fighting. It doesn\’t look good\’…


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  22. RedRum says:

    So Dannyboy, your hatred of the band is more personal then actual musical criticism. You say they’re stuck up yet you admit that they have huge crowds in which they know most of the people. How is that stuck up? They are really friendly guys and where ever they play they make alot of friends…Hmm. And yet you say they show hatred for those they don’t know…I really don’t know how you get that feeling from their on stage party persona. Dude, I’m wondering what did CBM do to you??! This sounds alot more to it then music. Have you actually hung out with one of the them? You say they’re jocks yet you are the one who is being judgemental and basically condemning everyone who goes to city bowl shows as not being ‘scene’ enough for you. How does that work O’Sultan of this miscontrued Alternative Scene you’ve dreamt up? You dont like their clothes, look, sound, fans or onstage persona. Hmm. Did one of them rape you?

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  23. Jess says:

    Dannyboy, go live in Camden town if you want ”alternative.”
    Why don’t you get off the internet and go make some insane fucking music yourself instead of bitching about other bands who actually bother. Where’s your contribution to the Durban music?

    And who gives a shit about the band’s personality? Do you think Davey Havok would want to be your best bud? No, he’s probably think you’re a whiney little bitch.

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  24. Dannyboy says:

    Well, I don’t live in Durban anymore, but that’s not the issue.

    Anyways to reply to Ally, he actually makes a good point.

    Only thing I’m saying is that I, and alot of people I know, Have stopped being fans of the band for the simple fact that after a show you would feel embarrased about having been at the show.

    This wasn’t meant to be a personal attack at CBM, I do apologize for that. They’ve never actually “done” anything to me. It’s not personal CBM aren’t the only band that I’ve seen this happen with. In Joburg Desmond and the Tutu’s (who make incredible music) have lost alot of fans for the same reason, because you feel ashamed of seeing them after because they look down on the crowd (metaphorically).

    Plus what the fuck does alternative have to do with anything? Alternative is just any alternate culture. Camden Town is not where you go to live alternative. You can live alternative anywhere. And alternative isn’t a state of mind, or a zen of just “wanting to be different”, that’s just a bullshit lie. Alternative is just for people who don’t like the regular club, dance music vibe, and go to seek more underground music.

    Anyone who can make it in the music scene, I commend you. I just feel that Durban can do alot better. They only have one single crowd that goes to any music event (I’ve been to quite alot in Durban to know), because that’s it, all that Durban has to cater for its musical needs is CBM.

    Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, there’s mine.

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  25. WHAT a Cunt! says:

    Shame, Danny boy is just a Cub journalist with big dreams.

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  26. RedRum says:

    Dannyboy you have some serious issues. CBM for a whole host of people are the opposite of “one of those bands who look down on people”. They engage the audience and in turn everyone has a party. Except people like you. All you want to be is “different”, and in turn you attack a band like CBM who are liked by a whole host of different people, including jocks and girls. Your view is shown by your description of what you think Alternative music is, underground music or bands that are mostly crap and because of that STAY underground. CBM have been around for years and just because they’re starting to get a big following you think their ego’s have grown and they hate poor little ‘individuals’ like yourself. Its all good if you dont like the band for their music. But you’ve created in your head some strange world where CBM hate you and ignore people like, so you in turn hate them. Dude, WTF?

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  27. Ally says:

    We just want people to have fun. It would feel so unnatural to us to be seperated from the kids at our shows. A terrible show is a show where kids don\’t dive, and stomp some motherfucking heads, and just do whatever they wanna do to have a good time. And yeah, the kids in the front row high-fiving us are our friends – because we made them our friends. If you\’d noticed that, then you should\’ve noticed that the group grows with every subsequent show; the high-fives become more frequent; the more stoked we get to actually be there with those people. Okay, fuck, this is sounding contrived and lame. We are a sentimental group of kids though, and our friends – usually every fucking attendee – are important to us. But yeah. Whatever. It\’d just be cool if you actually knew how we felt and would actually allow yourself to believe that we aren\’t raging dickheads. But again, whatever.

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  28. Licious says:

    If a mizers show is ever not pure party. It’s not a mizers show.

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  29. Licious says:

    ITT: jealousy making dannyboy nasty. Your band will make it. One day.

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  30. Rugged Bathory says:

    Yo! I reckon the Mizers are pretty good, i can see how they don’t appeal to everyone, but hey, they never claimed to be alternative or metal, or anything actually except for afro pop… Well the point is this, you’re fuct off because you’re either not liked by the Mizers, you have a petty grudge against them, or you’re just a loser… I’ve come across alot of people that like, love and also hate the Mizers – their music is good, its filled with love, soul, passion and fun… they work hard and they play hard… But one thing they are the furtherest from are Jocks… No one’s forcing you to like this band just like no ones forcing you to carry on commenting, but dannyboy, your ego gets stroked on the internet by your cyber pals who you’re probably having cyber sex with right now, cause as i see it, you aren’t capable of being the person you want to be in real life, your limited by weakness(it all comes out in your lame comments) you’re brave, and “scary”, intellectual or witty, but wake the fuck up, this is the internet and all those cyber wacko’s, such as yourself, who convince people of being something that they clearly are not; are weird little freaky hermit kids who have no friends in reality, have nothing to look forward to,not articulate and plain and simply lie about something they know nothing about, to make themselves seem credible… …So danny boy, fuck you, cause i know you won’t say this to them in person, you obviously do not know what you’re talking about…. and for once a band comes out of Durban, filled with talent and potential, and are in the process of making it as muscians, unfortunately don’t have the LOCAL SUPPORT that they deserve from everyone – it would’ve been fine if their music was absolute trash, but its not, its top quality and they’ve worked too damn hard to have a 13 year old who doesn’t know shit about CBM trash them like this… They ain’t Divas, they ain’t premodonna’s… they ain’t jocks… vthey normal dudes, leading normal lives, doing normal things like every other person thats viewed this site(except for you Dannyboy, you’re a cyber stalker)……… i ain’t one to preach, but if you don’t got nothing nice to say, rather shut the fuck up or kill yourself if you have the urge to spit nonsense about nice people…. FUCK YOU DANNY BOY…… FUCK….

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  31. Rugged Bathory says:

    P.S. Mother fucker… If you look at any musician or artist, they all look down on everyone in the crowd once they on the stage – metaphorically and literally… People don’t go to a CBM show to socialize with the Mizers, sure its cool when it happens; but the last time i checked, normally people go to gigs to see an ACT; a PERFORMANCE…. An artist has a persona, and i feel sorry for you that your ego gets hurt because an artist is being professional on stage, trying to give the BEST performance they can with out taking away from the crowds experience…. Pick up an Instrument Dannyboy, form a band, make it this far and let us critisize you about how you perform on stage…. Leave the critique to the people who know how to be a critic…

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  32. Rugged Bathory says:

    P.P.S. Dannyboy you never knew what you were going on about or trying to achieve in anyway, you just wanna be a cool kid…

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  33. Dannyboy says:

    Listen Roggedfloppitycock or what ever your name is, this is just getting boring now. It’s gone from honest, genuine criticism to personal attacks. Honest to God that comment you made about leaving the critique to the proper critics is one of the stupidest fucking thngs I’ve ever heard. The critics of bands are the listeners! If bands were critiqued be music journalists only then no one would decide whether they thought a band was good or not. The criticism should come straight from the fans, and no one else. All bands WILL face criticism in their life. Oh and also don’t contradict yourself you salty, ignorant prick. I’m not 13, get your facts straight, I have plenty friends, get your facts straight, so don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about and then do the exact same thing as you’re criticising me for. And ya, thats exactly what I wanna be, a cool kid, or maybe, just maybe I’m saying this criticism because from where I stand alot of people feel the same way about the band. I’m not trying to tell the band to change, because they really shouldn’t (provided with the fact that they could most likely get laid by any school school girl at the drop of a hat, which to be honest is pretty fucking cool). Oh and if I let the opinion of small, second rate South African bands affect me, well then that would be pretty fucking sad. CBM has never done anything personally to offend me, it’s just the way that the shows always seemed to go for me, where everyone minus the school girls and personal friends feels alienated from this amazing “Party” that people seem to be referring to. Oh and there are plenty of other sites I can find where I can stroke my ego on the internet, so why would I do stuff like this to stroke my ego. I just don’t agree with some of the stuff that the band does, and that’s my viewpoint. So ya, once you’ve sifted through your pile of shit that you call a comment, maybe you will realise how fucking dumb it was.

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  34. RedRum says:

    “Oh and if I let the opinion of small, second rate South African bands affect me, well then that would be pretty fucking sad.”

    Thats what your whole argument is about! You dont like them because you view them as arrogant and in turn not liking you.What you consider as their ‘Opinion” of you, means that you dont like them. Damn dude you are “sad”.Reread what you wrote.

    As for “honest criticism”, you started out not only personally attacking the Mizer guys but also their fans. It seems that you are more concerned with your perception of the band then the music so dont start that shit about “honest criticism”. You keep on refering to “people”, who are these pathetic “people” who think going to a gig is more to do with “whether the band likes me or not” then the actual music. You and these “people” are whats wrong with South African music which is finally emerging and everyone is having a party. You want to remain in these little “scene” groups where anyone different, or a band with a different sound cant intefere.The reason you feel alienated is not the bands fault, its yours, you want to hide in your “scene” and be a judgemental little prick. What the hell is wrong with “Jocks” and “Little Girls” enjoying music, why the hell dont you join in? There is no barrier. I repeat there is no fucking barrier. Next time you go to a CBM show, introduce yourself to the band, or go dance around up front. That’s the party everyone is refering to, no matter who the fuck you are everyone joins together and rocks out.

    By the way, you can have a viewpoint, cool, but if its as bullshit as the one you gave dont be surprised when people tune you for it.

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  35. Dannyboy says:

    Love it like its’s your own chlild

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  36. RedRum says:

    Should have expected that kind of response because you now know your a jackass.

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  37. Licious says:

    Dannyboy, have you listened to the album? Have you read the lyrics? Have you listened to the musicianship and song writing? Have you witnessed the sheer honesty, and literal blood, sweat, vomit and tears that those boys have gone through to put on a show for whoever the fuck is willing to listen? You don’t have to like them. But you’re a disrespectful little prick who, ironically enough needs to check his facts because your misguided opinion isn’t worth shit.

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  38. Licious says:

    Looking back at old compilations, the music that we loved was never played on local radio stations, oh who’d ever play a song for me, the music that’s living is the line that’s make it live and not on tv, started with the wrong foot in the door, if that’s what makes you feel bedtes about yourself, more and more, I’m getting over it in time, visual representations overtaking talent and making the trends are so close to fooling me, but every thing’s been done before, yet sex still sells and that the way it’s gonna be, every time you turn on the mtv, we’re all stuck in a have while they’re living the dream, hanging around picking up stories here and there, it’s the same old story in the end.

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  39. Dannyboy says:

    Cool. Because there is so much pain and anger and hard work for chillin on a beach in cancun. Bands that dont make it onto tv are aces in my book. So whatever that was, who cares. Im just bored of this now. Half assed attempts at trying to make me feel shit about what ive said are wasted on me. As all CBM fans are set in their ways, so am I. Its good to see some true dedication though, that is rare. But hey, to each his own. May the shitty music scene gods smile down on you

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  40. Rugged Bathory says:

    Dannyboy, if you and your friends cant come to a show, enjoy the music and then form your own party because you feel \"alienated\" due to your own low self esteem, how do you expect the members of CBM to spot you, and immediately assume that its them that are causing you to feel alienated or withdrawn – that would be very egotistical; secondly, aren\’t you expecting a bit too much from the band to constantly high five everyone through out the whole crowd while playing their set, after all they aren\’t holding beginner chords or playing simple beats, if it looks or sounds easy, its because practice makes perfect – and you don\’t get as good as them by fluke. No i\’m not a CBM fan boy, i have my own opinions about them and their music, but i foot need to tell anyone to make them think i\’m special or cultured… Speaking of being cultured, how can you be on a website intended for cultured members with bigotry like yours – being cultured and being someone with a valid opinion, has the ability to note the negative points, but admire the positive points, absolutely any dim witted Joe Soap can point out the negative in something, its really not that hard to see whats wrong with something, hell our society is driven by it. Now before you slam my opinion, think a bit about how little your mind has expanded, you\’re still limited to something like genre… You\’re loyal to something, only to be loyal to it, when you could be experiencing other great music – but you do this already, its your little guilty pleasure you just won\’t admit to doing your late night MSN chats while blasting some 50 cent album or some cheesy 80\’s pop. Kid, people try fit in every day, and then people try stand out from the crowd but it really isn\’t that hard to see when it happens. Nothing at all you have stated tonight, and yes a post on the internet is a statement and a legal transcript, has been credible, all have been fabrications and lies and half truths, any one can interpret a situation negatively if they allow themselves to. Wake up Dannyboy, your opinion is only as valid as you are credible – and right now you have no credibility what so ever, no support on this page nor any evidence to back up your statements. Another thing, How can one find facts about the person with the alias \"Dannyboy\" on the internet? Do i appear to be a computer hacker? Must i some how just find the facts that magically appear in front of me? One can only judge from what one see\’s, its called perception, i don\’t need to know you, your friends or family to formulate my own opinion, from your opinions. You are just a bored dude that has devalued himself, even though its online you just showed you\’re media junkie trying to be some unique snowflake. Grow up.
    I will now carry on with my life.

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  41. This monkey's gone to hell says:

    What DannyBoy is trying to say is that he’s down for weiner fests, he clearly doesn’t like the sight of girls at a party (And dont come with that teenage bull shit, they’re like from 16-18b years old they stiill getting boozed off their tits, dont you remember going to gigs in high school to have a rad time and get wasted? Dont you reckon those “teenage” girls are gonna turn into rad people because they didn’t focus on being a trendy snob bigot like yourself.

    You fucking need a wedgy son, you clearly are a little twat! Go back and read your comments, you’re the stubborn child that throws a tantrem when kids dont want to hang out with you… cuz you’re too much of a kill joy.

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  42. Killer Kane says:

    WTF Dannyboy ?!? This brand of bile belongs in the dustbin of the bereft 70’s (this curmudgeon is showing his age). I distinctly recall reading an article scribed by a ‘cub reporter’ publsihed in the NME that was supposedly a review of a live gig by the Spear of Destiny – for two pages he discoursed on the unnaturally large ears of Kirk Brandon (frontman). It is not difficult to connect your posting with this drivel. Needless to say, I cancelled my NME subscription wef. On a dewy-eyed note, I have enormous respect for your generation; The fringe gigs that I have been attending over the past dozen years have been noteworthy; joyous kids partaking in the joys of rock ‘n roll with nary a drop of blood spilt; a brother/sisterhood of kids just aiming for a good time. I sleep easy knowing that the future is in safe, intelligent hands. Your unfounded ‘hate’ speech is so out of place with my experiences and thoroughly deserves the mauling at the hands of your fellow cyber-scribes. Trash the music, yes. That is your democratic right, but not the personalities – you don’t know them from jacks**t. If you are so anti- the Mizers why were you there in the first place (perhaps your ‘schoolgirls’ mention provides a clue). Focus on the music and forget the ‘coolness’. Announcing that you listen to (for example) Kid Cudi alongside He is Legend is surprisingly liberating. Pull yourself together man (sic JS).

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  43. Licious says:

    Dannyboy, those lyrics were written by CBM.
    Once again though, your opinion ain’t worth shit since you haven’t been able to back any of it up with facts. Just misguided teen angst. You need a girl in your lap and your hand on a beer and learn to just chill.

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  44. BiGBirD01 says:

    lets jus put it this way if i find out who you are (refering to dannyboy) im gonna smash your face… end of story.
    as for tryin to be smart with your comments which your mom must be super proud of… you jus been an irratating know-it-all and that jus makes me wanna smash your face even more… so keep pushin lightie…

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  45. Dannyboy says:

    OK, so Listen. To all those who I have offended I apologise profusely. This has very quickly gotten dull and pointless. I’ve got my opinions, and you have yours. Keep them to yourself; that’s what I’ve learnt. Don’t let the opinion of one person who says something you don’t like shake your world, and I won’t either.

    As a wise man once quoted a wise man for saying
    “\’No fighting. It doesn\’t look good\’”
    This has been fun (by fun i mean pointless)

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  46. Andy says:

    Dannyboy – At Mahala we value your opinions even if others don’t. Thanks for sharing. Keep commenting. It keeps debate alive. And that’s what we need

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  47. Lucas says:

    Arguing on the internet is like taking part in the special olympics –
    even if you win, you’re still retarded.

    I love the City Bowl Mizers.


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  48. chris says:

    hey dannyboy. you should write for that magazine the bandwagon

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  49. Lights Outs says:

    the new album is pretty disappointing

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  50. TalkisCheap says:

    Oh Danny, here’s some tips from someone who actually is a music journalist and exists in a music scene bigger than that of South Africa’s.

    1. “Oh and punk rock is the shit that the alternative scene spews out”
    By asserting such a hostile opinion you immediately marginalized a portion of your readers and discredited yourself, turning your blog from supposedly an insight into your views on the music scene and more into a personal rant.

    2. When I visited South Africa last year I had the good opportunity to see Desmond and the Tutus. And it was fun. But besides that the majority of bands I came across were sub-par emo outfits from Cape Town or super-Christian hardcore from all over SA. Spending a couple hours at a City Bowl Mizer show felt like a beach party (something you don’t get a lot of in the UK) and you can hardly fault a band if their friends turn up to support them.

    3. If you have such a problem with the scene, then do something about. Start a band, write a zine, create your own DIY record label or an ethical show promoter. But you won’t change anything by whining on a website, except for alienate readers, musicians and music-listeners you might otherwise connect with and make something happen with in the real world.

    4. As a music journalist you may criticize the music but never, ever criticize the people in the band personally unless you know them personally or had a one-on-one encounter that had sufficient impact to warrant a personal attack. This kind of thing will get you sued for libel and defamation of character in a real publication.

    I hope this helps.

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  51. Andy says:

    I take offense to the notion that you think Mahala is not a real publication. Everything else you say is pretty spot on.

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  52. Francesca says:

    um. . .well I think their music rockx

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  53. Kyle says:


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