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The Exterminator

The Exterminator

by Brendon Bosworth / 28.12.2009

Only the strong survive the Cape Flats. If you make the wrong choices, the place will eat you alive. Rattex (aka Rah), but Thabo Twetwa to his moms, has risen from the ghetto to give voice to the challenges of kasi life. Spitting his rugged rhymes in a combination of isiXhosa, English and Cape Flats slang, he raps from the heart, laying down tracks that grab the South African reality by the neck. Like the vermin poison from which he takes his name, he is quick to act and deadly on the mic. He’s also dangerous to the careers of any MCs fool enough to take him on in a battle. Rattex lives the music. He is a product of the township and will always stay true to his roots. His solo album, Bread and Butter, grabbed the attention of heads across the country and is testament to exactly what he is capable of.


Where were you born?
I was born in the township called Nyanga, but I moved to Khayelitsha when I was 10, both Cape Town.

Why do you still live here?
I live in Cape Town because I was born here. My whole family is here and I love it.

How does this place influence or inspire your work?
It influences me in a way that its artists are original. Some people would go as far as to say by that Cape Town is like LA ‘cause our artists all about real music rather than material stuff like bling.

What was your first “rap” sentence?
Hahahahahaha! Damn I can’t remember that, I can’t even remember my first kiss.

Tell us about the hip-hop scene in Khayelitsha…
The scene in Khayelitsha is huge my man. We have all types of rappers here, from crunk, gangster, and boombap to conscious types too. We get new rappers everyday ‘coz we inspire all day.

Which hip-hop heavies inspire you?
I listen to a lot of KRS-One, Last Emperor and here in SA it must be Prokid.

What are the everyday challenges you have to deal with?
I’m from the townships, so I must always watch my back as people see me as a celebrity… some might wanna take advantage of that.

Which places, spaces and landmarks in Cape Town inspire you?
Townships will always be my inspiration. I love everything about township life and they made me who and what I am today.

Find out more about Rattex and the other Nike IAM1 Revolutionaries here.

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    Rah how can I get an access of downloading your songs?

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