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Good Times

by Mahala High Five Brigade / 07.11.2012

We’ve said it before and it’s worth repeating. The Brother Moves On are pulling it off! All in one go they’re making the most relevant and the most catchy South African ‘pop’ music. They’ve just dropped their new EP, Estimated Time of Arrival or ETA (if you like acronyms) and are about to embark on a nationwide tour to promote it. But don’t take our word for it, listen to the debut single ‘Good Times’ right here and see for yourself.

Good times tells the story of a rural miner’s first visit to the tavern and the subsequent robbery that follows. It’s a lament on how our own sons are the cause of the nightly violence which we all endure told from the perspective of a miner’s complaint about the loneliness of the Golden city. The recording of this song could not have come at a more difficult time in relation to this countries mining sector, Marikana anyone, whose good times are rumoured to be over.

This song was written after Nkushburnslow, Zwash and Siya had been mugged on their way home from a rehearsal in Witpooitjie with the original cast of the Brother Moves On (Gugu Bodibe , Cosmic and Legae Blak). The threesome had just gotten off a train at Birchleigh station (Kempton Park) and we’re turning the last blind corner before five guys came rushing at them. Two of the guys were carrying knives and the other three all had guns. The guys were taken to a nearby bush where 4 other victims had been tied up and gagged. The bridge of the song is what the muggers kept saying to the guys, that this was their form of employment, their means of getting food on the table. On surviving this ordeal the guys wrote the song which did not see the light of day until recently when the current crew (Raytheon Moorvan, Ayanda Zalekile, Simphiwe Tshabalala) revitalized the need for this ode in sound to Sankomota – the original soothesayers of a difficult socio-economic time.

You can buy the EP here for just $5 bucks!

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