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The Big Idea

by Nathan Zeno / 06.08.2009

The idea was simple. There are all these great bands we like that nobody really knows about, so I thought if you have one big gig and have seven bands play in a night, then it’s not people coming out to hear a new band, but one long night of uninterrupted live music party.
Matt from Sibling Rivalry tells Purity from Fruit n Veg to stop going out of tune.

A mini festival, sorta. So we did it this last weekend at Jubilee concert hall near UKZN. There were eight bands in total; Yesterday’s Pupil, Wrestlerish, Fruit n Veg, Manuvah to Land, Dr Fly & the Nurses, Avatar, Car Boot Vendors, Heels over Head and they carried a hefty guest list, so before we started the venue was full.

Blantant product placement from people we let in for free.

Then a whole lot of other people arrived, I was so awash in the joy of seeing all these bands together that we were lax on security, many people snuck in, snuck drinks in. Financially it was a wash, but as a party it was just out of control.

Yesterday’s Pupils stance is the antithesis of the sound he produces.

Yesterday’s Pupil and Dr Fly were the crowd favorites, Fruit n Veg played rock stars and broke shit, Wreslterish surprised a few people with their country vibes.

Wreslterish channels strangled Japanese women who love Country

Manuvah had everyone skanking and so on. I spent the evening veering between elation and frustration.

Audience throws hand shapes, Jason from Manuvah to Land reciprocates.

For me to critically assess it in anyway would just be wrong. But two moments stood out for me, the way the disparate crowd all coalesced during Yesterday’s Pupil’s set and the way the crowd split apart when Creepy Steve threw a giant polystyrene Krishna off stage during Fruit n Veg’s set.

Creepy Steve?

In the final analysis, it was probably a good idea, but there is no way to really know. We simply do not have enough empirical evidence. We’ll have to do it again. Say same place, around end September, maybe early October?

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All pics by Kevin Goss-Ross

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