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Sweet Revelation

Sweet Revelation

by Teci Peci, images by Danielle Clough / 26.05.2010

Recently named by Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse as his preferred South African venue, Mercury Live & Lounge rarely disappoints when it comes to throwing cracking gigs. With three relatively new bands on the bill for a Saturday night, the turnout was surprisingly good, post-rugby celebrations, owing mainly to the launch of The Revelators debut album, We’ll make them like new.

Mercury virgins, The Bone Collectors, were first up with their special brand of experimental “acoustic boogie”. The last time I saw these guys, the showing was poor and front man Rol Hunter looked increasingly uncomfortable holding the reigns as their pseudo-poster-boy. Fast forward a few months and we were treated to a performance worthy of their experimental musicality. But it’s saxophonist Rob Scher who provides an interesting dynamic to this fivesome, distinct from your average bluesy-rock act. In addition, his suggestive dance movements in front of my buddy/photographer sent her scrambling for solace at the bar – my kind of man. They also did an impressive cover of Paul Simon’s “You can call me Al”, putting a nice up-tempo spin on it, complete with a tall tinbox-like contraption that was beat systematically.

Next up were three-piece Machineri Blues. Now this performance confused the hell out of me purely because of front woman Sannie Fox’s inaudible lyrics. 90% of the crowd looked mesmerised, as if her personal brand of heroin chic had transported them to a plane where obviously, they knew what she was on about. Granted, this girl has talent (her vocals have a gorgeously gritty, haunting quality to them) however I suppose I haven’t really cottoned onto the hype. I did like the interplay between her and guitarist Andre Geldenhuys though, who broke out into gorgeous solo bouts on every other track.

Now not since the days of Loedi and Taxi Violence have I been this excited about a headlining band. You can agree or disagree, but if you’ve been fortunate enough to attend a gig thrown by The Revelators you cannot ignore the instant appeal inherent in their tunes. Like a bastard love child of The White Stripes and The Strokes, this threesome is devoid of airs and graces. No mess, no fuss – just stripped down guitar chords and fervent punk-esque bass playing courtesy of Heino Retief, that launched most into a hip-swinging frenzy. With a solid foundation provided by Dan Unt Man’s drum lines, The Revelators present themselves as musically air-tight and their short, snappy tracks demand your attention, as does Johnny Tex’s vocal twang and furious guitar playing.

With only 1000 copies of their debut CD We’ll make them like new produced, packaged and distributed, this threesome have emerged as the garage punk darlings of the Cape. And even though calls for an encore were not granted (no repeat tracks here, thank you) I doubt there was anyone who was left wanting. To expect anything less than epic from this threesome in the near future would be your loss.

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  1. Jess M says:

    Whoopwhoop. Nice to see you making an appearance here Teci. Agree with you about Machineri (as you know)- gorgeous vocals, not a fucking clue what she was saying. Which made it rather difficult for me to engage with the performance

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  2. Andy says:

    Sannie is a fox

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  3. Cait says:

    I’m with Andy on that one. Haha!

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  4. sarah f says:

    Check out the article on machineri in the June one small seed … in store soon!

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  5. Jem says:

    I wasnt there, but it sounds, from reading this like Machineri was the real deal and the headliner was pop.

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  6. Anonymous says:

    Forget Sannie… I agree with the photog on the sax player!!!!

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  7. Innocent Bystander says:

    Sannie might have the look, but she ain’t got the personality or the people skills.

    She kicked up such a fuss because Machineri were supposed to perform before the Bone Collectors that they let the pre madonna have her way and play second. The Cape Town music scene is too small for her to start ripping relationships to shreds like that. I’ve also heard better singing…

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  8. jay says:

    Jem, not sure what article you were reading. How did you gather from reading the above that Machineri were the real deal and the Revelators were pop? All the bands on the night were great and I think the crowd had an awesome time in general. Well done to all, especially The Revelators – they deserve great success!

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  9. y-aaaa-w-nnn says:

    Yo ‘Innocent’ Bystander, is Sannie that old that she hit the scene before Ms Ciccone? Maybe even ancient enough to predate the Virgin Mary? Hint: Google ‘prima donna’ or translate it online from the Italian. We’ll take your opinion more seriously when you up yourself in the literacy stakes.

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  10. Jess M says:

    @ y-aaa-w-nn: Y’know…words change in meaning and evolve over time. Don’t be so ridiculously petty:

    Main Entry: pri·ma don·na
    Pronunciation: \ˌpri-mə-ˈdä-nə, ˌprē-\
    Function: noun
    Inflected Form(s): plural prima donnas
    Etymology: Italian, literally, first lady
    Date: 1782

    1 : a principal female singer in an opera or concert organization
    2 : a vain or undisciplined person who finds it difficult to work under direction or as part of a team

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  11. mario antonio says:

    i would also change my name to teci peci and jess m ,if i was a b grade uneducated small town “writer” who has no clue about music,and probably never left cape town ever,cowards

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  12. mr smith says:

    innocent bystander aint so innocent
    look at that big chip on your shoulder

    bitter bitter bitter and you ugly and yo writing aint that great either
    ag shame you should spend time writing about other things, like how to do your make up properly

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  13. mario antonio says:

    sorri,i meant innocent bystander,not jess m,ur lovely

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  14. mario antonio says:

    mahala come on,u guys are really proving how small time you are,go travel some,ur a small fish in a small pond,si ciaro

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  15. Jess M says:

    Haha mario, here i was, wiping tears from my eyes 😉

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  16. Roger Young says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and presume that mario antonio is also a pseudonym but no matter, the real issue I want to raise here is the “small fish in a small pond” comment.

    What the fuck do you mean?

    Are you saying that unless it’s Beyonce in New York it’s not worth writing about?

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  17. I'm on a losing strike says:

    The Bone Collectors were goddamn excellent (I’ve seen them quite a few times, and they are always consistent) – by far the most original band around.
    Machineri were utterly pretentious and boring. All their songs sounded the same. I think there is way too much hype over the front woman. Good god woman, either clear your throat or just don’t bother writing lyrics.
    The Revelators were impossible not to dance to – fantastic close

    It was an excellent start and finish, but at least Machineri gave me a chance to go to the bar and step outside for a cigarette. Silver linings.

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  18. Anonymous says:

    @ everyone, for Christs sake can you all just grow up and enjoy the fucking music for what it is. I agree with what Jay says, all the bands on the evening were fantastic, each brought their own flavor. All this band bashing is pretty fucking petty and childish.

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  19. klatsuhiro black says:

    the whole evening was fantastic – never had a chance to see the bone collectors – however…machineri totally rocked the project and snow patrol …oops I mean the revelators sounded super original…

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  20. jay says:

    snow patrol?

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