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by Ella Grimwade / 10.12.2013

Hello Beautiful is the name of the new electronic music project of Cape Town producer Matthieu Auriacombe. Starting out as the guitarist for Pity the Fool during his high school and college years, he is also the bassist for Beach Party and Kidofdoom. His first EP Supernova Love features some of his favourite musical friends. We had a chat to Matthieu about his new sound.

MAHALA: You’ve been playing in bands since high school, but can you remember the first time you picked up an instrument? What was it and how did it feel?

HELLO BEAUTIFUL: I started out as a drummer, shortly after that my older brother Johan Auriacombe gave me his acoustic guitar and took the drum kit for himself, so I stuck with guitar. Wasn’t long before I got a electric guitar.

Even just in the past 5 years you’ve played in bands from various different music genres: pop with Kidofdoom, rock n roll with Pity the Fool, and the particularly unique “Afro Disco Surf Punk” band Beach Party; do you just like a range of music or have they all been steps towards playing electro?

I like all sorts of music, love the genres I play with the bands I’m in, I’m always open to something new so it gradually turned into a electro project. Ideally I would like to form a band with time and who knows where the genre would go. I’m up for anything.

Do you write the music and then choose an artist who you think fits with the sound you want to make? How does the relationship between the two of you work?

I wrote all the music on Supernova Love and the vocalist wrote the lyrics and vocal melodies. I wanted to do tracks with them because I’m a big fan of their music and love what they do! I’d like to produce the track with the vocalist in the future, make it more of a collaboration.

You write, record, and produce all your own material, but who influences and inspires you?

I’ve been writing and producing my own music for about 6 or 7 years now, I just never released anything. My brother, friends and band members inspired me to start releasing my stuff online. In a sense I thank them all.

Are there any artists out there at the moment who are on your agenda for future collaborations?

Yes, there are some artists in the pipeline… and other things, but I’ll leave that for another time.

Where are you happiest playing music in a club? At a festival? Or jamming at home?

I love being at home in my studio producing and writing, but I really love rocking the fuck out at a show and getting people amped on having a good time, you know.

Some electro artists tend to produce a great sound, but kak lyrics. How important are the lyrics to your tracks?

The vocalists wrote all the lyrics to the tracks.

Whenever a type of music becomes popular, you get a lot of wannabe artists mimicking the sound. How do you keep your sound unique?

Well, I pretty much write music that I’ve always wanted to hear, so I write for myself and hope others will enjoy it as much as I do.


If you hadn’t ended up in the music industry, what do you think you would be doing now?

Hmmm..a cat tamer, or a farmer right outside Amsterdam, you know.. Farmer, Amsterdam. Haha.

You have a very interesting individual pseudonym “Hello Beautiful”, can you tell us the story behind the name choice?

I just thought of a bunch of names and that one stuck by me, so it stayed. I quite like it I must say.

Do you have a favourite track of your own? Which one and why?

It always changes, they are all my favourite.

Where do you want to go with your music? Do you have any world tours lined up in the future?

As far as I possibly can. I’m playing a few DJ sets along with some really awesome bands on the Puma Happy Holiday Summer Tour in December.

If you could play any gig, anywhere in the world, where and with what other artist?

I would like to jam out with Snoop Digidy Dowg on a ice cliff somewhere up in the mountains.

Hello Beautiful

You can download Supernova Love free here.

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