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Strung Like A Compound Eye

by Roger Young / 24.06.2009

Righard Kapp’s new album, Strung Like A Compound Eye veers between irritating and haunting. Thankfully it stays, mostly, on the side of haunting. Sparsely instrumented but by no means sparse, it is, at times, a dense layer of acoustic strumming, keyboard, drums and vocals. At other times it is merely one of any of the former.

At no point in the production does anything about any of the instrumental performance feel spare. There is even something mysterious about the way SLACE gets a hold on you and then, getting lost in its technical intellectual moments, loses you. It feels like those few moments when it shifts from feeling into blind strumming are designed consciously to make sure you do not fall into the lushness of the guitar.

SLACE builds and falls, often surprising in the choices Kapp has made. Lush and insular, never imposing, he asserts a presence without forcing the same on the listener. It is in fact the surety of the compositions, in their easy way, that pulls you to play SLACE again and again. It’s a pacey, ambient, real world album that channels many voices into a harmonious journey that is intoxicating and out of reach. While hardly an album that will find mainstream play, it is certainly a collection of songs that will not fit easily into the background once played once.

Available for sale at – http://www.righardkapp.co.za/jauntedhaunts/

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