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Skirts, Jocks and Rockers

by Duncan Collins / 23.03.2010

Never has a band come to Grahamstown and caused so much chaos and commotion as the Dirty Skirts. It was literally a battle to get into the Union, where they were playing. This battle saw many disappointed fans being turned away, and walking back down the stairs of defeat. Braver fans tried to take on the bouncer at the door, which did not end well for them either, meaning that they too, had to follow their battered comrades. Finally in desperation fans took on each other. It was like a lunch line at high school on pizza day.

From the inside the mood changed. The faces behind the gates only made the lucky fans feel guilty for a second. That sentiment was quickly lost as smoke started to fill the stage. The anticipation felt by a more than full Union, was increased by the actual temperature of the room, it was scorching. There was enough sweat dripping off all the heated bodies to fill a salt pan.

The fighting, sweating and drinking were worth it. The Dirty Skirts came onto the tiny stage to be welcomed by the most enthusiastic Rhodes audience ever seen. For the first time, jocks and rockers united. Granted there were some very funny dances as a result. Trying to watch the jocks head bang and mosh was worthy of a YouTube viral hit. On the other hand the rockers were not so great at the pop-your-collar and brush-off-your shoulder dance either. At the end of the night though none of this mattered, as everyone was involved in showing their appreciation and devotion to a rocking performance.

It is no surprise that the Dirty Skirts are famous for their live gigs. Drummer Mark De Menezes admitted that he did not expect such a response from the Rodents. Skirts leader/singer Jeremy De Tolly was equally impressed and said that playing at Rhodes is awesome, “because it’s ok to be spastic”.

Eventually the only thing that could take the band off stage was a bottle of Jose Cuervo Black and shitty drinking laws oppressing the Rhodes Students. That spoiler of a law shuts drinking down at 12, meaning that fans could not shower their hero’s with shots and draughts.
No worries though, it was a big bottle of tequila.

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