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Sexy, Dark and Twisted

by Yolande Botha / Images by Paris Brummer / 21.02.2013

So there I was at the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival, surrounded by more people under 30 than I’ve seen in one place, in a long time. I was just waiting for a dirty-haired baseball-cap-wearing prankster to come up to me and ask: “Like, yo, dude… How old ARE you?” The fact that I was shaking my bones Han Solo didn’t matter either. Lark was about to play and I’d endure much more to see them live.

I’ve said this since the day I first saw Lark at the Assembly, way back in the days they released Razbliuto, and I’ll say it again. These people should be world famous. Their command of the musical structure, electric sound, lyrical weight, Paul Ressel’s instrumentation and Inge Beckmann’s haunting, often operatic, voice, is in my humble, little opinion of the best SA has ever produced. But it doesn’t stop there, because their understanding of the visual aspect of a performance proves that they are true artists.


On top of the V&A Waterfront’s Breakwater rooftop parking, Lark showed me and all those 20-somethings that they are more than ever a force to be reckoned with. From their 2012 album Gong is Struck they performed tracks like ‘We are Growing’, ‘He Not a Man’ and, if my memory serves me well, they also pleasured our ears with the extra sexy, dark and twisted ‘Two Wolves’. From their album V they performed the powerful ‘Brave’, ending their show with the track that made us fall in love with them in the first place, ‘Tricksy’.

As for the eye candy, besides watching Inge do that thing she does, we were treated to a stream of poetic and provocative imagery, at times overlaid with graphic cultish symbols. It all oozed sensuality, intelligence and artistry.

Do I sound like a groupie? Maybe. I don’t care. If your heart beats for electro or anything that resembles Massive Attack or The Knife, listen and decide for yourself. In case you missed it the first time, Lark should be world famous.


*Images © Paris Brummer.

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