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Origins of a Dogbox Story

by Eve Rakow, Dylan Muhlenberg, Dominique Gawlowski, Roger Young, Luca Vincenzo / 06.09.2010

Eve Rakow Dude seriously. Best photos evs. Lets do something. Hott.
September 2 at 1:35pm · Like

Dylan Muhlenberg very nice. is anyone writing about the party, where?
September 2 at 1:54pm · Like

Justin McGee there was suppose to be someone…but i dont know what happened to journo!
September 2 at 1:56pm · Like

Justin McGee Eve ..lets meet up this weekend at dirty secret!!!
September 2 at 1:57pm · Like

Roger Young Roger Young was going to do it but he’s too fat and old. We thought about sending Dylan Mulenberg but he’s married, boring and bitter.
September 2 at 2:54pm · Like

Dylan Muhlenberg What about Max? He’s at least got a sense of humour?
September 2 at 3:01pm · Like

Dominique Gawlowski don;t party did a feature….
September 2 at 3:13pm · Like

Roger Young Hey Mulenburg. I didn’t “mean” it. Where’s your sense of humor now, beyatch?
September 2 at 4:10pm · Like

Dylan Muhlenberg Thank you for the link, Dom, but I think that Roger Young’s grocery list would provide more entertainment. So, Rodge, seeing as we both didn’t go to this, why doesn’t McGee post a slideshow of his very beautiful pics on Mahala and we can both take a stab at writing an accompanying piece. Like a rap battle for grumpy old men. Either that or a fist fight. Lemmknow.
September 2 at 4:24pm · Like

Roger Young Rumour has it that you back out of fist fights because you’re afraid of causing mortal harm (Yes, I know about your training). I think your grumpy old men wish i was there voyueristic rap battle is an awesome idea. I’ll speak to mcgee and andy forthwith.
September 2 at 4:27pm · Like

Dominique Gawlowski ok, so two journalists writing an article about an event that they were not at is the better idea here??
September 2 at 4:33pm · Like

Dylan Muhlenberg I was hoping for the fight Dom, but this way you and your party get more publicity, which is a good thing, right?
September 2 at 4:39pm · Like

Luca Vincenzo this is entertaining. who needs tv?
September 2 at 4:43pm · Like

Image © Justin McGee.

Read Mahala’s old man battle here: Dylan Muhlenberg vs Roger Young.

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