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Once more unto the Breach...

Once more unto the Breach

by Max Barashenkov, images by Kevin Goss-Ross / 07.08.2010

Oppikoppi. Scraps of the slaughter, part 1, written under extreme duress.

On the road, I see an American Indian driving a Mazda 2, he bares his teeth at me, and, with a howl ‘Opppppiiii’, cuts us off violently from the left. The crazies are all along the three-hour drive from Jo’burg, gathering for the slaughter – Boere freaks, already dirty jocks with buzz-cuts, acid-heads dropping tabs on the way to arrive in style, car-loads of pretty girls. Good people. This crowd knows no creed, no clique, no pretentiousness and that alone is refreshing…

Inside, amid the dust and bush, people camp where they can – in trees, in the road – and get down to what they came here to do. Drinking. Here it’s more than a form of entertainment, it’s a glorious and ugly institution. A guy with a Japanese-style back piece stands near a half-pitched tent and funnels a bottle of tequila, it goes down quick, he breathes out and screeches “Neeeeext”, his friends crack another Cuervo and load the funnel. My bet – he is sleeping on the ground tonight, out by 6pm. Fucking ninja…

The bands commence and begin to suck, same shit different name, indie-flavoured soft-cock rock, the people love it. Son of a Thousand Blues tear their throats and wail and wah their guitars with gusto, but it’s all just a shit version of what we heard from the 70s. What follows is a plethora of mediocrity that goes down to a general drunk roar. The first decent band plays at eleven, and they’re not even South African. Philadelphia Grand Jury offer basically the same sound as the local bands, but their stage presence, un-tinged by self-importance, is honest and full of soul – and the audience picks up on it, cheering for the never-before heard of Australian band with abandon. The cocksuckers from Southern Gypsy Queen played in waistcoats and strutted like the rockstars that they’re not, Grand Jury frontman plays in a dirty white t-shirt and jams harder than some of these locals ever will. Taxi Violence taking the stage next is a real downer, the girls squeal in rapture at the bassist and I’m thinking “yeah, cunt, you look fucking hot, now would you care to play some bass?” He doesn’t oblige…

There is a girl with a plastic doll on her head, intricately weaved into her hair. The doll looks at me and says “mamma”, I reply “I’m not your mother” and both the girl and the doll give me a look of such hate and loathing that I take it as the cue to go try find a place to sleep. On the way back, in the dark, three separate couples tell me they love each other, people fuck in the bush all around, I drift off to the sounds of raucous love.

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  1. josh says:

    “What follows is a plethora of mediocrity that goes down to a general drunk roar”
    haha, Thats the best line I’ve heard in a while. nice one.

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  2. ouch says:

    i can’t wait to see how this one goes down with the taxi violence fans.

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  3. missravingblog says:

    @ Max Barashenkov, if there is anyone a CUNT, then I suppose it is you! I guess you have consumed too much crap last night, which lead you to neglect the simple fact that racism isn’t funny, but rather disrespectful and makes this publication untrustworthy. Your writing is shocking and you should seriously look for a new profession (McDonalds is still looking for service agents, so I have heard). If any artist or band doesn’t live up to your fucked up expectations, I have got news for you, no-one is interested in what you have to say! Obviously you have never heard nor practiced constructive journalism, so it might have been a good thought to attended a few writing courses before harassing others with your verbal diarrhea. @ mahala, I respect the fact of freedom of speech, but in all honesty you should be ashamed of publishing such bullshit and allowing this moron to write for you. Simply embarrassing and I sincerely hope that you are going to rectify this situation!

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  4. Aleks says:

    Shame on you for smiting the local music industry!
    Jason Ling is the best South African bassist I have seen in a while!
    If you can come up with any better, then why aren’t you playing bass in an established rock band?
    Oh wait, that’s right. You can’t. You’re a nobody that writes articles for a nobody.
    Taxi Violence is more popular than your mag and there’s a reason that they’re at Oppikoppi and that they’re Billy Talent’s opening band.
    I find your use of the words “Asian Cunt” slightly offensive as I don’t find it necessary to tell us that he is Asian. I didn’t know that ethnicity played any significant role in musical talent or the lack thereof.
    You obviously had a few too many drinks/joints/pills/injections by the time that you saw Taxi Violence, because honestly they are one of the few local bands I even like.
    Their singer is the most energetic white guy I ever saw on stage! (see what I did there? Called him white, lol, unbiased journalism ftw).
    And I think that means a LOT cause I saw Muse and Korn and Uriah Heep…
    If you don’t have anything constructive to say about our local talent then shut your mouth, because I’m sure I’m not the only one that wouldn’t mind shutting it for you.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    south park makes parodies about dicks like you! cheer up emo-fabricated unconventionalist-‘i try to be different, but not myself’-purposefully non conformist-kid

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  6. Kayo says:

    Writers are such cunts, but never hot!

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  7. Anonymous says:

    I love when bands do a general ‘call for arms’ and their fans round up and try make a stand / point / fool of themselves.
    I especially like people who express themselves poorly criticising someone for being a poor writer (their chosen profession) because a band told them to, and not cause they have any input of value beyond their blind ‘loyalties’.
    The comment wasn’t racial. It was obviously laced with intended jealousy at Jasons edge in the pussy department. And hey, he is asian. If you start getting preachy about max using the description you’ll imply that Jason should feel some shame about it, which in turn, is projecting your own understanding of the word and your own negative context of it.
    Cunt was the derogatory word, and it was done tongue in cheek.
    The real insult was Jasons bass playing. And hey, not everyone is on point every gig, and in a big festival mix the bottom end of the bass sound can get washed out a bit.
    Big deal.
    But now you have 17 year old chumps on here threatening violence to poor Max and then running to report back to Taxi that they ‘grilled that bastard XD’.
    Making the band look worse all on your own, ‘fans’.

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  8. Anonymous says:

    There is nothing wrong with Jason’s bass playing…
    The journalist is the problem
    Taxi Violence is a decent local band and you can not blame their fans for taking offense at Mahala’s unprofessional conduct.
    Even ouch said
    “i can’t wait to see how this one goes down with the taxi violence fans”
    And of course Taxi Violence would get their fans to “Grill” this blog if the blog “grills” them.
    It’s all a matter of principal.
    My opinion : Very unprofessional article…

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  9. Anonymous says:

    i think beyond the fact that the racial slur is more than obvious, the fact that south african music in general is so ‘grilled’ is pure bull shit, this guy should be lucky the review isn’t about steve hofmeyer. And i don’t think this band looks worse, that doesn’t even make sense?

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  10. Anonymous says:

    So lets see, in an effort to disprove Max’s credibilty we have:
    Bastard, cock, on crack, corrupt with a questionable degree, cunt, consumer of too much crap, Nobody who writes for a nobody, drug addled, in need of a ‘mouth shutting’, dick, emo, purposefully non conformist (oxymoron?), and again; a cunt.

    Plus, one of the champions of the cause claims that his opinion ‘means a lot’ because he watched uriah heap and korn and muse (a true supporter of the SA live music scene, he pulled himself out to Coke Fest and then harped on about the SA music industry).

    So, thats Max: 1 x cunt, 1 x asian.
    ‘Fans’: 2 x cunt, 1 x cock, 1 x dick, and much more.


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  11. Anonymous says:

    and what does ‘fans’ mean? do you think we are doing this because we are ‘fans’ and we are actual playing taxi violence the fool, by acting as some online hacks who are part of the world wide federation proclamation organization put in place to make Taxi Violence look bad?

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  12. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry, I’m having trouble following here, give me a moment to try work out what you were meaning to say.

    Lets go, first off, Anonymous number 1:
    I like this bit:
    “Even ouch said
    “i can’t wait to see how this one goes down with the taxi violence fans” ”

    EVEN OUCH SAID IT? Holy shit, you have got Ouch on your side, how could I doubt it.
    Jasons bass playing is entirely up for opinion and debate. You calling into question the authors writing is perhaps even less relevant than the journalist calling into question Jasons playing (at this one gig, and not over all). Since you know, thats what he does: Reviews bands, with his (apparently corrupt) masters degree in writing. Are you qualified to be a whiny 17 year old with opinions and a keyboard on the internet? If so, I’m sorry, I may be mistaken.

    Calling someone Asian is not racist.
    I dont know how it works where you’re from. I would take as much offence being called African as Jason should take for being called Asian. It’s really quite simple.

    Anonymous number 2:

    ” this guy should be lucky the review isn’t about steve hofmeyer. And i don’t think this band looks worse, that doesn’t even make sense?”
    No, not remotely.
    But, to argue a small bit of it: I think you’re saying Max should feel grateful he is not reviewing Steve hofmeyer? I disagree entirely. Your argument is flawed in lots of ways, but to start: it discounts max’s personal benchmark or taste in music, encourages people to be satisfied with something even if they deem it mediocre, and have no desire for anything more or different.

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  13. Taxi Violence says:

    Thanks for the publicity push Mahala, nothing beats a bit of publicity. We really aren’t that concerned with a bit of controversy, but choose not to rise the debate and we hope our fans do the same. Debate for the sake of antagonizing, doesn’t seem worth the effort. We truly hope that Max has a better Oppikoppi and finds at least two other bands that he likes, we couldn’t imagine anything worse than being stuck at a festival and hating all the music.

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  14. Anonymous says:

    “and what does ‘fans’ mean? do you think we are doing this because we are ‘fans’ and we are actual playing taxi violence the fool, by acting as some online hacks who are part of the world wide federation proclamation organization put in place to make Taxi Violence look bad?”

    Ease up there tiger, lets try that again.
    I think, to put it bluntly: You are coming across as ignorant bunts, and by deciding to champion the Taxi cause (as ignorant bunts) you are making them look bad by association (with ignorant bunts) and you should probably do them the favour of shutting up now.

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  15. Anonymous says:

    yes and oxymoron. I try.

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  16. Anonymous says:

    “…but choose not to rise the debate and we hope our fans do the same.”

    See? Taxi agree. Be quiet now heathens!

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  17. Anonymous says:

    I feel entitled to claiming to be an ignorant bunt. so?

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  18. Anonymous says:

    well i don’t care if they agree, they professionals, it makes sense. Yet, I’m max’s antagonist. Deal with it.

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  19. Doll says:

    Ha ha . . . I totally agree dude. . . NOT!DUDE!YOU’RE A FUCKING LOSER!lol,you call this journalism?gee!what the hell!Jason is freaking epic!TAXI VIOLENCE is freaking epic! . . Wow!you’re such a monumental loser!gosh,dig yourself a freaking hole and jump into it!lol.dumb ass!

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  20. Anonymous says:

    DOLL’s tone resembles ‘a cooool dude’ voice on one of those low budget american teen college movies

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  21. Anonymous says:

    See what Doll did there guys? When you have the drooling retard kid whose adult diaper peeks through their trousers shouting profanities from your side of the pitch, then ‘confident of your obvious dominance’ is now how i would be describing your team.

    And Max is currently probably over indulging in some form of intoxicant at oppikopi, and hardly antagonised by your comments here I’m sure. He’s had to deal with might heavier fire than yours, good sir.

    You may have heard of a certain ‘sex whale cult’ that shook the boat round these parts a little while ago.

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  22. tamara says:

    why is it that anyone who has a voice that doesnt stand side by side with the commercialism that people click to in order to stay safe, then an attack on the person arises?
    fuck that shit. we laugh when die antwoord and jack parrow poes the zefness out of all of us, but act like little girls when max mentions cunt or provides awareness to the look or image of a human being. yes people, remember, we are ALL human. no pedestals included.. i am a white female with bleached blonde hair and big boobs. tahts not all i am, but guess what? thats what people see..
    black man wants some white woman
    white woman wants some dark dick.
    when the fuck did we start caring about being politically correct. fuck that. its the 21st century..
    am i supposed to tip toe around my closest friends, one is asian, the other black. do i walk around the idea of who they are? no. i talk about his chocolate bum, or his loss of sight due to slits as eyes. thats what we do. we become aware. we get familiar. if anything, max is just making it clear, what he sees and feels is what he writes about, with no intention to piss people off(it seems).
    when the fuck will people stop being so self righteous?
    just because you keep your thoughts and judgements to yourself doesnt mean shit. props to those who are vocal, loud and stay true to their mind.
    the others are following what we call a trend, or society as a whole. bunch of fuckers!
    good for you that you think you know what music is about, but sorry-its us journalists that research and form an opinion because we choose to. you have something to say, say it!

    ‘you’re a nobody that writes articles for a nobody’
    what a tosser you are. you are the nobody who is reading your nobody comment about nobody.
    tell you what, get off mahala and open a new tab- sounds like ur pussy braincells need an elle/cosmo/marie claire feeding.
    girl or boy, what ever you are- grow a pair !
    or go on tour with iron maiden for three months.. maybe then this nobody might be somebody..

    max took too much drugs and booze to get that opinion huh?
    um, maybe the problem is that you havent taken anything and your mind looks something like a fried egg would feed on

    muse, korn, uriah heep.. really?
    gee, well now that you have name dropped what your daddy and friends probably told you to listen to.. you can go home and read a book.
    maybe start with scar tissue- you might learn something about the music world

    to those tossers who are narrow minded,and the others who feel their input provokes journalists in any way, i say up yours and goodbye!
    go find a new hobby

    rant over. im out

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  23. Gladys Kravitz says:

    I just couldn’t help but grab my ankles in a comment induced giggle fit after reading the above statements.

    @missravingblog…just because you don’t have the same opinion as this journalist, it does not mean that “nobody wants to read” Max’s opinion. I happen to think that Southern Gypsy Queen are thoroughly boring and overblown and pompous and therefore relished in Max’s well observed and detailed opinion. I mean who wears
    waistcoats these days anyway? Who are you, Maroon 5?

    @Aleks…Your counter argument to a journalists negative opinion of a local band is “well i bet YOU couldn’t do any better”. Really? Reeeally?! I bet your dad is bigger than his dad, too. So basically what you’re trying to say, and please correct me if I misunderstood you, is that in order to qualify for an opinion these days, journalists need to acquire the skills that they are assessing and be better than the assessee? A sports journalist therefore needs
    to have a better boot than Jonny Wilkinson before he
    can refer to his performance during a match as below average? A music journalist needs to be able to reach ear
    drum-melting decibels before they can be of
    the opinion that Mariah Carey is shit?

    My second round of giggles came around when you compared said frontman to Korn, Muse and Uriah Heap as if they are the benchmark for amazing frontmen…
    i agree, the lead singer of Taxi violence DOES have a stage personality as good as those mentioned…so pretty fucking crap then.

    You both say that Max isn’t constructive enough which gave me the biggest giggle of them all. You are the two least constructive posters that I jolly well have ever seen.

    Thanks for the lolz.
    Back to my knitting then…

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  24. Anonymous says:

    fuck how awesome is the movie almost famous

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  25. Mick Jagger says:

    mmmmmm max does it again but this time we are armed with knowledge. Does this drivel smack of a failed musician who hates all the other musicians who are way better than him? Yes it’s true max is a failed musician and ex member of a mediocre band and now he wreaks havoc on his betters as he disses SA Music with a simplistic flick of his wrist. Shame on you max you should go work for the Voice and let Mahala be what it should be fair and even in it’s criticism of the entertainment scene. Your writing is good but what you write is drivel.

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  26. Sean says:

    @Tamara – Scar Tissue was a shit book. If you want to read about the music world you can do alot better than Anthony’s self-indulgent diatribe on how he did lank drugs. Look further than what Heat tells you to read and ye shall discover. Ok, you can go back to your homework now…

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  27. Andy says:

    Taxi Violence, kudos for a sanguine response. Just so you know we respect your opinions just as much as we respect Max’s rights to express his. It’s not a panacea, one-size-fits all criticism of the band that should be seen as Mahala’s “position”. It’s just Max’s opinion. I happen to enjoy your rock n roll. You know that. I’m not saying it’s beyond criticism, but I doubt i would’ve been as harsh as Max. People take this kak way too seriously and blow it out of proportion. The comments need to be seen in the context of a daily oppikoppi diary that is more a “reaction” than a “review”. You can’t please all of the people all of the time. Max didn’t dig your show, and he mentioned that. While taking a significant dig at your bassist Jason, who I gather, he feels, is a bit of a pretty boy poser. Respect for understanding that by putting yourself on stage and performing you’re going to open yourselves up to all kinds of criticism. And that’s Max’s brief – Go to Oppikoppi watch the shows, think critically and be totally honest about what you see.

    And yes, I too, really hope Max listens and sees something that pleases him at Oppikoppi this year… otherwise these daily reviews are going to be a litany of disappointment (something I cannot conceive happening at Oppikoppi). And all the action will remain in the comments section – which is not where I want it.

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  28. tamlin says:

    rad photos….

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  29. Artur Pereira says:

    Hello all. I just want to say that everyone on here, as well as the douche who wrote this article, are a bunch of morons. I never liked Mahala and now I never will.

    I must say that I am a long time and personal friend to Mr. Jason Ling and only his fellow members and I are allowed to called him an Asian Cunt!

    So I take offence in that remark because you have no ground to stand on and I definitely do not ever see you been on a friendship level with Mr. Jason Ling to call him a cunt. So stop being a poser and thinking you are cool.

    But I do ask that comments like that get thought through before publishing because racial slurs are generally a sensitive issue, even if it was not racially charged to begin with or not. If he was a white guy, none of this would happen because you would just call him a cunt anyway, but since he is anything but white, you have to make it known. Hence singling him out by race, which makes it a BAD IDEA!

    Food for thought.

    Cheers people. Stop arguing and enjoy Oppi!

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  30. Anonymous says:

    asian cunt? is that necessary?

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  31. tampopo says:

    Jason is a cunt. He’s done things. He’s said things. Anyone who knows him knows. Plus he owes Max like R400 and an Ally McBeal boxset.

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  32. Andy says:

    As for the “racial slur” I’ve been mulling this over since I posted this story earlier today… and I think it was ill-advised. Even though I don’t feel the comment itself was racially charged – enough people have reacted and received it in that light and that’s reason enough for me to edit it and issue an unreserved apology for any offense caused.

    Now, let’s try and keep this focussed on Oppikoppi and the music.

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  33. Anonymous says:

    as someone who doesn’t know the band well enough to know who plays which instrument, having the bass player described as asian did help me out.

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  34. I wish i was there now! says:


    I’m unfortunately not at Koppi this year and find it hard to believe that the whole Taxi set was a ‘Downer’. I mean, fair enough you didn’t like the bass playing ability of Jason to the point that you called him a cunt but was there anything positive about their performance? I know this was not an article aimed at reviewing only the Taxi slot but did you like anything about their set? I’m just keen to find out more.

    All you mentioned of this band was the bass player’s looks and ability. Is the word “downer” the only word you can say about this good rock band? How was the ability of the other band members? Were there any songs you liked? Do you actually know some Taxi Violence songs? How did Devil n Pistol go down? Was it as epic as the video for that song? Have you seen them live before and if yes, was it just this time that they were downers or are they just not your cup of tea in general?

    I respect your opinion that you thought that they were a downer…… NOT that asian C*nt remark though (remember, I am a neutral here just trying to find out more about their show but still found it offensive to read and eventhough you prolly didn’t mean it that way, it did come across as a racist remark……sorry Mahala, just my opinion) and sure the onlookers were drunk and licking the vibe up…..it’s the first night of Oppikoppi after all. To be honest, I’m glad not everyone has your musical knowledge cos then no one would be having fun. Can you imagine an Oppikoppi without the “general drunk roar” and instead the 10000+ onlookers were critics like you MAX and just stared blankly at the bands thinking “You f*ckers, start playing your instruments properly or get off stage!!!”. It would make for a weird festival.

    I do wish I was there to see them, regardless if they were as bad as you say they were and of course for the mad Oppi party . I so wish I could be part of the Drunken Roaring this year

    Um, I appreciate you opinion but truth be told, I did give this article of yours a “KAK” solely based on that remark you made. Sure if you were buddies with him and you knew him and joked about stuff like that when you hung out then that would be different (once again just my opinion and not lecturing you). Maybe it’s just the way I am, meaning I don’t know you from a bar of soap and therefore don’t have the right to call you a C*nt based on the way you do your job. It’s just not cricket mate 🙂

    Let me know if you remember anything good about their performance. The honesty is great but something positive for a change might be nice.

    ……….I just find it hard to believe that a Taxi performance would be a complete downer for anyone.

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  35. Artur Pereira says:

    Iam so BORED of this! That last comment was too long and pointless. Who cares if he liked the bands or not?! Or if he thinks some musicians can’t play!
    Thanks for editing it, much appreciated. Now the article is worth giving a read.

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  36. Luke D says:

    Max, I love you.

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  37. CB says:

    Not really interested in the larger debate, I just liked the writing. Great piece in the gonzo-journalism style of Hunter S. Thompson. If he’s getting involved in the chemicals and other fun then he’s channeling this style even more. Being an opinion piece, people will always agree or disagree, its not a personal attack.

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  38. hunter fan says:

    you cannot compare this gonzo wannabe to hunter s.

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  39. Don says:

    Hey Max.

    Good luck with the rest of the festival ,sounds like you’re having one of worst time of your life.I hate attending stuff that I don’t like,waste of time no matter how much they’re not paying me.I’m sure you won’t be attending again,would be great!!

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  40. Max says:

    the line-up on Saturday was MILES ahead of the Friday night rubbish. putting it together now.
    and now I see that ultra offensive word – ‘asian’ – has been deleted. oh the editing powers.

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  41. Max says:

    oh and by the way – fuck Gonzo

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  42. Darren says:

    Funny thing that, when I started reading the article I thought, hmmmm this cocksucker smacks of Hunter S Thompson, The Article commences and begins to suck, same writing different name. Put your laptop in your boot and try go enjoy the festival.

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  43. brandon edmonds says:


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  44. Max says:

    yeah, brandon, I’m getting cut like a motherfucker 😀

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  45. josh says:

    haha! jesus, all the “hater’s” came out for this one- ironically they are defending a bands performance that they prob didn’t even watch. just cos u have a computer doesnt mean your oppinion is worth anything. Take a lesson from Taxi Violence and handle criticism like adults.

    If you dont like the style of writing- then by all means tell him.
    If you dont like his media personality then ur not gonna like his article, so dont read it.

    And this whole racism thing is so 94. i like to think we’ve gotten over the need for tip-toeing around what colour a person is.

    but what do i know, im just a nerd with a computer.

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  46. Anonymous says:

    when’s part 2 coming?

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  47. yes but says:

    Mahala back-pedals on a contentious phrase. Andy, was this due to the strength of the argument against it or the strength of the number of people who complained? Are your journalistic principles guided by a sense of populism or a more personal sense of conviction regarding what is fair and just? And if it’s the latter, surely you could have reached that decision much earlier?

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  48. Andy says:

    Yes but… it was guided by a feeling I couldn’t shake… that the words “Asian cunt” – in their absolute simplicity were ambiguous and open to a range of interpretations – one of them being a racist slur, which i am certain was unintended. If Max had written:

    “I’m thinking ‘yeah, you the Asian guy, cunt, you look fucking hot, now would you care to play some bass?” He doesn’t oblige…’

    There would have been hardly any reaction at all. It’s the simplicity that opens it up to ambiguity.

    As for the lateness of the reaction… I blame Saturday.

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  49. Jef says:

    The photo’s are rad. Las the next article Max, Just put more pics up.

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  50. Anonymous says:

    Max’s slanderous insults are just his style, go read any of his other articles and don’t take it personally. He has a point, journo’s are way too ‘nice’ to SA musicians, if people were more critical the standard might rise. I’ve only seen Taxi Violence once, I’ve met them, their great guys, but personally I’d agree with Max that their music is a bit dull.

    People seem to be a bit sensative still hey… If you don’t like it, don’t read it. It’s just one man’s well written opinion, not a personal attack. You can be the biggest band in the world and there’ll still be millions of people who don’t like you or even hate your music. So What?

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  51. Anonymous says:

    Stop whining about this article, and then feeling proud of yourself, thinking you’ve managed to insult Max with your petty language (that is mostly sub-par, might I add.)

    He is loving every second of this, so stop feeling smug.

    And Cunt? Really? Are we getting upset about the word cunt?

    This stupid music ‘scene’ pretends to be so transgressive and subversive, but really. Conservative as fuck.

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  52. Jason G says:

    Guys max is just writing words like “Asian cunt” so everyone comments on the piece and it gets way more attention than the article deserves.

    its all just about him seeking attention, and at the moment we are all give him it

    he is just another one of these writers that think they deserve to be famous or something


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  53. Anonymous says:

    Sensationalist crap

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  54. Renee says:

    ooh this is a bit nasty Max…nasty, nasty, nasty XXX

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  55. Anonymous says:

    “Yes but… it was guided by a feeling I couldn’t shake… that the words “Asian cunt” – in their absolute simplicity were ambiguous and open to a range of interpretations – one of them being a racist slur, which i am certain was unintended. If Max had written:

    “I’m thinking ‘yeah, you the Asian guy, cunt, you look fucking hot, now would you care to play some bass?” He doesn’t oblige…’

    There would have been hardly any reaction at all. It’s the simplicity that opens it up to ambiguity.”

    ‘Asian cunt’ is ambiguous? Open to interpretations? No it’s not. Grow a pair and admit that your writer is a racist cunt.

    What disingenuous, spineless nonsense.

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  56. Andy says:

    Nonsense Anonymous. The ambiguity is the problem. Max is not saying that the guy is a cunt because he’s Asian. He’s describing him as Asian and saying he’s a cunt because, Max thinks, he’s more of a pretty boy poser than a serious musician. There is a very big difference… and that’s why I edited it.

    There I have given you two different interpretations. Stop being such a sanctimonious ponce.

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  57. my thought says:

    OK this article was meant to be a description about the first day of Oppikoppi. It was meant to let people know what happened.

    Instead we all end up talking and focusing on 2 words.

    Why are people not saying, oh I wish i was there , or thank you max for letting me know I didn’t miss anything good on the first day?

    Answer is, Max has failed to carry through with a good article about the first day of Koppi.

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  58. 123 says:

    OK if Jason was black and Max said something like,

    …there i was thinking , get off the stage you Black F*ck…

    I bet this would be regarded as racism and would have been edited before being published
    sure he might have been Black, and sure max might have thought he is a c*nt. etc etc.

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  59. Andy says:

    Black is a lot more loaded term than Asian… Just saying.

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  60. Anonymous says:

    @ Andy. Coming from a non Asian, I bet that’s easy for you to say!

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  61. Andy says:

    Get a grip… Asian is not a swear word. It’s a continent. Black refers, rather poorly, to skin colour and is therefore a far more loaded term. And as a Jew who grew up during apartheid I’ve experienced a fair amount of prejudice.

    I’ve had my say. It’s pretty clear what I think. I’m ruling a line under this.

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  62. Anonymous says:

    so if Jason was Jewish and Max called him a Jewish C*nt, would Mahala have published it?

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  63. K says:

    Despite the late reaction, it was still a good call Andy. No need to get hypothetical & hysterical, what’s done is done peops.

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  64. The Atheist says:

    hahaha I find this whole article so funny from top to bottom. Here is my comment….

    …..I’m thinking “yeah, Jewish cunt, stop defending this knob of a writer and just admit it was a shit comment to start off with” He doesn’t oblige…

    NOTE: To all the Jews reading this, according to Mahala it is ok for me to write this based on the fact that I think Andy is a cunt for defending Max and according to him, he is Jewish.

    Maybe, depending on how many people find this offensive, I might take it back in 12 hours time and apologise!!!

    ok yes, and I think Max is a knob

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  65. Anonymous says:

    This is not reportage – it is merely a stream-of-conscience piece. If Max’s thoughts are bothering you, take that into account – just because his thoughts are written here, doesn’t make them the truth…more like one opinion out of the thousands of people who were at Oppikoppi, just more eloquently phrased.

    It’s true though, South African bands generally lack on a larger stage. The sound, playing and production is inferior to their recording. They stand on stage and play, they don’t entertain. If you know the songs well and have seen the band before, what are you getting juice from? For a festival performance a band should take time in working on their sound, AV and lighting, and stage demeanor to compliment their performance and therefore make it more memorable.

    Articles on Mahala provoke thought and often controversy, but for God’s sake who wants to read an argument about the author. Max has a university qualification, and is generally a good guy. On the worst of days we can talk shit about whoever we want – we can’t breed culture on mediocrity.

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  66. Anonymous says:

    “Get a grip… Asian is not a swear word. It’s a continent. Black refers, rather poorly, to skin colour and is therefore a far more loaded term. And as a Jew who grew up during apartheid I’ve experienced a fair amount of prejudice.”

    I would find this almost endearingly naive if it wasn’t so dishonest. You know, as well as I do, that any time someone’s race or ethnicity or even nationality prefaces an insult, it is loaded.

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  67. Sven says:

    Your reviews are WACK!!! Max. You clearly have no ear for music. Never too late to change your career path little man! You want to keep slamming SA talent, Fcuk off back to Kazakhstan or whatever hole you crept out of….little man 🙂

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  68. Mike says:

    Hey Max, I think you are a very talented writer with a way with words but on Friday night all your sight, hearing and writing skills must have left you because I was there and Taxi Violence kicked ass. Their set flowed from start to finish and the whole band put on a great performance. So yes, I was part on the general drunken roar on Friday, enjoying not only Taxi but everything Koppi is about, and you must have been the only lonely loser on the side moaning about everything.

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  69. Adam says:

    Anonymous August 9, 2010 at 7:23 pm

    “a band should take time in working on their sound, AV and lighting, and stage demeanor to compliment their performance and therefore make it more memorable.”

    If you didn’t know, SA is one of the hardest places for a musician to make a living for many reasons, that is why most have day jobs as well outside of music. To travel with their own dedicated sound engineer, Lighting and AV crew as well as their own equipment such as amps and full drum kits, all to give you the memorable production you are looking for, is a great idea and you are right in saying that it would improve the performances of all bands. Question is ,who is going pay all the extra expenses? The bands certainly don’t earn enough around here to afford luxuries like these.

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  70. FTW says:

    Agreeing on – cant breed a culture of mediocrity.
    Was listening to the BlkJks album for the 10th time last night – they are Okay, not great or good, Okay … Only – same for most SA bands. Cant understand how some acts get the reviews they do – all someones humble opinion i guess … i value some peoples opinion more than others, Max’s is one that i value!
    The writing is good, but re: Taxi Violence – i didnt stand far from you while Taxi was playing and i thought they where really good – as a band overall they have good Rock&Roll going and i hope they stick around for ever, if the Bass didt have a good day (i didnt pick up on it), so be it, from where i was standing it was a good experience that i’d recomend to anyone.
    The sound at Koppi was especially good – But unfortunately most bands Not.

    As far as people shouting racist! – fuck you for falling into the propaganda that Any reference to race or colour or origin is racist. It’s just media cultivating a bunch of pussies that is oversensitive to not refering to culture or colour – we are all different – nobody is better, just different.

    Start thinking for yourself.


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  71. react says:

    this doesn’t do the festival justice

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  72. Max says:

    Ok. ok ok ok.
    Sadly my first paragraph was cut out from this where I explicitly say that this is not an attempt at any coherent reportage. None of the three ‘updates’ are. For all of those of you who are having a trembling fit over this issue – a proper feature is coming up.

    Sensational? Pulp? Yellow press? you are all absolutely right, my writing is angry, I write from the aspect of hate in this realm (which if you think is the only one i dwell in…too bad for you) – and all the filth that is piled on me – well it’s music to my ears, it means that i have touched some stones that haven’t been touched in a long time. Thin skins all around. Please keep hating.

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  73. Somnambulist says:

    Well at least now we’re clear on what your definition of “music” is.

    You cannot hide behind ‘this is not a review’ and ‘this isn’t supposed to be coherent’. The smart thing to do would be to wait until you’ve had time to prepare properly for an article and only then publish it – otherwise you look like a hack.

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  74. Max says:

    @somnambulist – you have this distaste for something different hey? dozens of other people will write great features post-Oppi (go read Dave’s sick article). What is published here, are direct notes that were taken DURING the band sets.

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  75. Max says:

    @somnambulist, also didn’t quite catch how you know what my definition of music is…?

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  76. Somnambulist says:

    Then stop justifying [read: making excuses].

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  77. Somnambulist says:

    Max have you not had your coffee yet?

    Quote: “Well it’s music to my ears”.

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  78. Max says:

    dude, now you just getting annoying.

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  79. Max says:

    this is what I really like about the people who comment on these boards – their utter attention to detail 🙂

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  80. Somnambulist says:

    I see your sense of humour has been negatively affected by all this hate. Pity.

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  81. Max says:

    yes, hate dulls some senses, sharpens others. keep reading man, you are one of the people I like seeing throw stuff at me. really. thank you.

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  82. Sean says:

    Max, I don’t get it. You deliberately set out to be a cunt and then get bummed when people call you a cunt. At least stick to your guns mate.

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  83. Max says:

    @sean, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha – i love being called a cunt. really. its a juicy word. not bummed in the slightest.

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  84. Doll says:

    First of all for the Doll haters, like, you guys should fuck yourselves but you’re probably so unattractive that you couldn’t even bear to do so. My tone was just the mood I was in or state rather, ahem. I totally understand that some people are somewhat challenged but don’t go around calling people retarded and dissing American college kids,hey,who cares/ . . . As for the writing in the article, I think it is fantastic, well-written, unique, it has a sort of numb grit that I yearn for in South African journalism. It’s a pity though that such good writing is being used to mock the South African music scene instead of simply highlight the best of it. All the best man . . . And the Doll haters, I love me enough for all of you!!!!

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  85. Doll says:

    Oh hold on, ever heard of tautology? ” The bands COMMENCE and BEGIN to suck” that was shit English.


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  86. Anonymous says:

    Of all the bands I enjoyed Flash Republic and Southern Gypsy Queen the most.. I can honestly say the line up, apart from the aforementioned bands and 3 others.. sucked.. Billy Talent was good, but I’m not a huge fan so I shot the 3 song pit-limit and left with Duncan and Jo to th
    (Do you think these two writers were at the same festival….just shows everyone has different taste ) It would be interesting to know how he enjoyed Taxi Violence

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